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Friday, September 11, 2009

On This Day...

...I remember all of those who lost their lives but, as the proud daughter of a professional fire fighter, I am remembering all those brave men who rushed into the flames...
...the brave men, who with no thought to their own safety, ran into this Hell in the attempt to save their fellow man. They faced a situation for which no one could have planned, a horror for which there was no drill. An evil no one dared imagine.
None of them would have wanted to be called a hero. They were just guys doing their jobs. Yet, heroes the are. Heroes they will always be. Rest in peace knowing we will never forget your sacrifice.
If you see a first responder today, a fire fighter, a police officer, a and say thank you.
And, as the wife of a 27 year veteran of the US military, thank a soldier, a sailor, an airman or a marine as well. They are out there for all of us.
Honor those who would lay down their life for you.


Rue said...

What amazes me is that it seems most have forgotten or at the very least don't want to remember. What people need to understand is that ignoring it, won't make it go away and won't make it not happen again. Thank YOU Sue for remembering and for this beautiful post.

God Bless America.


Connie said...

Even one was one too many for that day, honey. I'm so sad for their loved ones. I pray for our soldiers frequently. I so admire them for protecting me and my country, sugar!

Tell Kipper I got snacks for 'im!

salmagundi said...

Thanks for the reminder - everyone can at least give a smile and a thank you to a first responder when we see them on the street, in the store, church, wherever!!! Sally

Sue said...

A very poignant post, my friend. We must not forget, ever. I make it a point to thank a serviceman/woman when I see them. ( see my post from earlier today.)
After reading Libby's post, I decided I have to extend that courtesy to others besides the military. And with my own child choosing law enforcement as a career, I am doubly aware of the dangers that these brave men and women face everyday in the workforce. We must thank them in some way or the other, and sooner not later.
big hugs, Sue

Sue said...

Hi Sue....I saw the massive devastation in person one week later....Something I will never forget the site of it and the smell of the lingering smoke...I hated to leave daughter alone back in the city and go wasn't long after that she moved out to New Jersey and still will not fly.....

Cottage Rose said...

My hubby is a former Marine and a nephew in the Army with two tours already,, when I see them I make sure I thank then and shake hands,,,, what a great post you wrote,, and to your husband the firefighter a thank you to him as well... God Bless;


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Amen, Sweet Bunny Lady. God Bless the USA and all those brave men and women who give their all for us. They are true American Heroes! xxoo

Kathleen Grace said...

I fly my flag every day in honor and gratitude for the many who lay down their lives and risk their safety for our freedom. Thank your husband for me, will you Sue?

Melanie said...

Thank you, Sue for the beautiful post!

The French Nest said...

A beautiful post, Susie. May we never forget.

xo Kate

Sheila said...

A date that will stay in our memories forever.
Thanks for the timely reminder to thank all those who protect us.

Anonymous said...