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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Little Time...

...and so much to do! The laundry pile threatens a coup, the garden sprouted weeds that are taunting me, name calling and spitting. It is horribly rude out there. Grace has ice skating lessons (Yes, I have the ER on speed dial!)) and reading tutoring and Boo is back in his school for the Summer session which means Auntie Sue is on the run again.
This coupled with 2 wedding gifts and shower gifts to purchase...all means that I may not be able to visit you all as I love to do. I have much blogging to catch up on and am anxious to see what you have been up to while I was away. I will, I promise...even if it means reading and running, a crime I know. Comments will come soon I promise. I adore you give my life color and joy. That is a priceless gift I can never repay. I still have questions aplenty to answer and more photos of our behind can one woman get? NO....Not how BIG a behind I have! I mean really! I am surprised at you all....
I will post and visit over the next week. I just may be slow...well, slower than usual *ahem*, so please forgive me!
I want to send another special thank you and warm hug to of Hermione's crown are forthcoming...and to Penny. Penny did something so amazing and generous and loving this week that I will ask if I can share with you all. Just know that I am rendered speechless and that is almost impossible to do.
Words will never fully express my affection and admiration for all of you. I can not imagine *not* blogging and not having you all in my life. You have meant more to me than you will ever know.
Blessings to you all...
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Sheila said...

Yes, summers can be a very busy time! Especially when you just come back from a vacation, like you did! There's always something to catch up on. Glad you had such a nice time, and all of your pictures are just wonderful!

justabeachkat said...

It's always so hard when you first get home from a trip. Everything...and I mean everything...wants your attention. We'll be here when you get caught up. Take some deep breaths and just do one thing at a time.


Janet said...

Right back at ya!


Mary said...

Hi Sue,
So glad you had fun in DC. Your pictures are wonderful! Take your time, and come visit when you are feeling a little less stressed -- we'll still be here! :)

Simply Heart And Home said...


I am behind as well. I've lost track of time completely. I've a new little one on the way (a new puppy). She'll be here Saturday. I've so much to get ready for her arrival that I've barely time to sit and think.

Taking deep breaths with you! In and out, in and out......


Pat said...

So glad you're back Susie Q! I know how hard it is to catch up after being away. I hope when you have a chance you'll come by my blog for a chance at my little 100 post give away. Thanks!

Hugs, Pat