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Friday, June 20, 2008

More Images Of A Sweet Week

DC by day...
DC by night...
DC by day...oh what a sight.
And then there were our wonderful evenings in Old Town.
Old Town Alexandria is truly a treat for visitors. History abounds on every corner but so does the delicious smells and lovely treasures calling your name as you stroll past the many shops.
Despite the heat, it WAS a sweet week. This week has been business as usual, albeit, busier than it often is. With Grace home, there are classes to run to and the occasionally picnic in the park.
We ferry my nephew, the Boo Man, to and from his school and spend time with my mother.
Grace is a huge help in the garden and around the house. The girl just LOVES it. In fact, she is rather pushy about it! "Come on Mom! Let's get to it!" *sigh* Oh my aching back!
We have a weekend of yard work, ice skating lessons, dinner with friends, a birthday party and a wedding shower. The weather has been just as perfect as one could imagine Summer should be. Soft and warm...low humidity, warm, not hot, temperatures with just enough rain at night to keep us from watering each day. The greens are lush and the bright colors are brilliant. All in all, a lovely June.
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Oh! Guess who is at my favorite book seller's on Monday evening? Gene Hackman! He has co-written a book on the Civil War so my brother and I will be heading over to see him. There was a time, before I discovered one Mr. Dennehy, that Mr. Hackman was IT for me. Other girls my age were pining over the 20 something actors but me? It was Gene in The French Connection baby.
Now, he also appeared in a film, Twice In A Lifetime in which Mr. D played his best friend. Forget that French Connection...he has a Dennehy Connection!
I had yet to make mention of this, but one week ago, we lost someone in the news media in whom I trusted and admired. When I was asked who I would love to run into in DC (I have always run into someone while visiting...once it was Congressman Sonny Bono!), I quickly responded with his name. Sadly, that was not to be. Farewell Timothy J. Russert. Yours was a life well lived.
Well, I must run. Grace is a tough taskmaster and duty calls!
Stay well and be good to yourselves. You are loved.
Susie Q


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh Sue, I missed those shops when I went to DC, looks like a good reason to go back!

Pat said...

All your photos ahve made me miss DC even more! We ahven't been down since my son moved away.

I was so saddened to hear about Tim Russet too! I loved his "Meet The Press" show and never missed it. Did you hear about the rainbows that appeared in the sky in DC the day of his memorial service? Surely a message from Tim!
Hugs, Pat

-Jennifer said...

love your pics!!

wendster said...

Such incredible photos.

When I was in DC I was with a guy I was dating ... and though he encouraged walks and window shopping, we somehow missed that street. You do find the cutest shops.