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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ah...Those Pesky Questions!

You see? I did remember that I still have many questions left to answer...many wonderful ones that you, my dear blog friends, sent in. I hang my head in shame that I still have not answered them, so, without any fan fare, here they are!
Dear Janet asked:
1) what is your favorite HGTV show currently in production?
2) what is your favorite HGTV show no longer on the air?
I love to watch Candace Olson on Divine Design. Even if the room is wildly contemporary (which I am decidedly not), I know I will love what she did with it. I have never seen a room she designed that I did not think was stunning. And she is a breath of fresh air on HGTV.
I have been watching Myles of Style and am enjoying her very much.
I do look forward to seeing the new Rate My Space when it premieres.
Oh how I miss Kitty Bartholomew. I miss This Small Space...I miss Country Style very much. I also liked watching Debbie Travis' Painted House.
There are so many how to sell or de-clutter your home now and I don't get much from them. House Hunters was a must see for Bill and me at one time. Now? I get a little queasy watching
people tromp through enormous homes complaining how they are "too small". Beautiful spaces they those same folks deem "outdated". When did people get so greedy or to lazy to paint and re-do a home to their liking? They want it all THEIR way today! Okay, that is a story for another day!
I think the HGTV viewer dynamic passed me by a while ago...*sigh*
Now I spend more time with the Food Network. I am in love with Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives! We have found a place to eat while on our trip to Minneapolis next month!
Sweet Rue asked:
What is the most precious object in your home, no matter what it cost? People and animals don't count ;)
My bible. It sits on my little secretary in my tiny study. It was given to me by my late Grandmother the year I turned 20. She wrote in the first pages and that note means so much to me. It also holds many pieces of family ephemera. There is a favor from my grandparent's wedding, Grandma's handkerchief that she carried during the wedding is tucked inside the pages..
There is the letter from Buckingham Palace that was sent to all the US troops who fought in
WW I. It was sent to my Grandpa upon his return from France.
I have my Grandfather's high school graduation announcement, Mom's HS and college announcements in that bible as well.
There are several items from Bill's Grandfather that have to do with his farm during the 30s and 40s. There are some little treasures from my paternal Grandfather's days as a farmer too.
There are a few letters from Bill to me written during the Gulf War, from my Grandparents, my Mother and my Father all written to me. My Dad was not a big letter writer so when he did, it was special. he wrote things that I will cherish all of my days.
There are also letters from Grandpa to Grandma that are so sweet it brings tears to my eyes thinking about them.
This bible probably means more to me than any other item in our home...
From the lovely Andi:
If you were to purchase one silly frivolous thing that you really didn't need but wanted...and money were no object...what would you buy? Just 1 now!
Oh wow. THIS is tough! I love frivolous! I am the Queen of frivolous fun!
Do not laugh...okay, go ahead and laugh. I probably should be laughed at for saying this.
A movie warehouse in LA is having an auction of wardrobe and props tomorrow.
My buddy in LA sent me the info about it...and yes. They have a Dennehy item. Well, actually, items would be more exact. His police uniform from from Assault on precinct 13. Jacket, short, pants, belt, badge...yup. The whole shebang. Is that frivolous enough? *laugh*
I know it is but I can not help wishing I could have it, just because. Now, go ahead and laugh at this silly, silly woman.
Andi also asked:
I know your beautiful daughter is artistic but I also understand you do some painting. When are you going to show us your artwork and do a post about it? And if you've done one and I missed it...please advise me of the date so I can read about it.
I have never posted any of my drawings...someday I will. I have not done much for awhile and most I did were given away. I should get back to this I think. I always enjoyed it. I am not really so gifted at it but I love it.
Dear Teresa queried:
How did you meet your sweet hubbin? We want the entire "scoop" ...when, where, how, what you were wearing...what he was wearing...what was said, when was the second date long did you know him before you KNEW???? this is a post I have been planning. You see? Our 30th anniversary is this coming August and I will address these questions and more. I will also get some wedding photos scanned and up as well.
Here's a quick tidbit. I actually met him in an I 75 rest stop. I think I told this once early on...
he was headed to Gatlinburg, TN with 2 friends and I was headed there with 3 friends.
One of his buddies knew one of mine...we met, we talked, we agreed to meet up in Gatlinburg.
The rest will be shared soon I promise!
Sweet Gretchen asked:
What's your best, no fail mothering tip, and what have you learned to do differently (not just based on gender) between your son and your daughter?
I doubt that I am the best woman to offer any tips. I have made more than my share of mistakes believe me. I am much calmer with Grace than I was with Dan. Of course, part of that is our life is much more settled now. I was so new at mothering and here I was with an almost 8 year old who spoke no English. On top of that, Bill left just after Dan's arrival and was at sea for
9 months. It sounds trite but I learned to pray. I learned to trust and believe and to hold onto my faith that all would work out. It usually does.
I believe that I must be the mother first and foremost, not their buddy and pal. Dan says I was always his most trusted friend but never a *pal*. He knew what lines he could not cross and they were set in stone. He also knew he was loved unconditionally but that I did not always *like* him. I know that is the same for all Moms right?
My only real tip, and I bet you all are good at this, is to listen, really listen to what your kids say.
Read between the lines if you can but listen and listen hard. It often surprises people how much their children will tell them if they know they are heard.
Respect them as people...they have ideas and desires and thoughts in those heads! I hate to hear parents callously dismiss their children's questions, their input. What happens in the family, the home, your life, does affect them as well.
As touched on earlier, I am calmer with Grace. I am calmer with everything in general I suppose. I am tough on many things but probably lax on others. I pick my battles...*smile*
I am older now, that has helped too!
Then my friend Andi asked one more thing:
I would love to see a post of your "favorites". As much as I know you dislike posting a "list". It should include things like your favorite song, movie, movie we have to guess at that one, game, sport, book, color, ballet, Broadway show...that you've seen, restaurant, auto, get the idea. can only name "1" thing for each 1st, 2nd and 3rd rules.Then...once you create the "favorites game" you have to get 5 more bloggers to do the same thing. I love making rules!!!And you have to create a cute little "I played Susie Q's Game" icon that we can post on our blogs when we play.
I would love to do this! Not that I love lists or anything...but I will do it!
Need to work on that logo and get the questions up. How about next week? Are you all up to that?
I might have to skip the Favorite Star question. Is there anyone left in the free world that does NOT know what my answer would be? *laugh*
So, be here next week and I will introduce that new exciting blog game that is sweeping the nation. Okay, so it is only sweeping around on my dirty kitchen floor but hey.
Have a sweet weekend and stay well. Smile often and know you are loved!
Susie Q


Janet said...

Well that will certainly be a fun game and I do believe I might even participate.

I agree with you about Kitty B, she was my favorite and Country Style too. I always loved Decorating Sense, especially when they had "homes decorated on a budget". I went to Minneapolis once and made a point of going to Art and Architecture, but alas no Rob Whitleff. I did buy a Tee shirt for my friend Martha who was a big Rob fan. Now that show isn't even on anymore. You are right, we are no longer the HGTV demographic.

Keep up the fun Miss Susie Q.

Susie said...

Hi Susie Q,
I always love learning a bit more about my blogging buddies. Your family bible sounds like such a precious treasure filled with keepsakes.
I'll be watching for your fun meme next week.

justabeachkat said...

What a fun post to read!


Rosemary said...

I loved Kitty B. She was my favorite!!
Then I loved Decorating Cents!!!
They always take off my favorites.
I guess my all time favorite was Weekend Warriors, since I was on it.
Have a great weekend,

Andi said...

Oh I'm so excited to play the blog game thats been sweeping the nation!!!

Great post Sue...I loved reading your answers.

I like Kitty B as well and Decorating Sense when they do an interior "re-design" using items the homeowner already has but put it all together in a more stylish way.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok Miss Susie, THIS is what I love about you. You are SO honest and SO...REAL! How cool of you to honestly answer questions such as these. Not that they are SUPER personal. But you'd have every right NOT to want to answer. I'm sure I speak for all of your readers when I say that your honesty and realism (is that a word?) are so refreshing.

Thanks for sharing. Love ya bunches!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I miss Kitty and Country Style, too. They were my favorites.

My daughter has a degree in Interior Design and since she doesn't have a TV (except to be used for DVDs), she loves to watch Design On a Dime when she gets a chance.

Gretchen said...

Thank you for answering my question--for answering all of them. I'll keep my listening ears on, because I suspect you're exactly right on that score.


bj said...

I pretty much quit watching HGTV when they took Kitty AND Country Style both off. Candice is great but, boy, money is no object with her decorating. You can still pick up some good ideas, I think, but I use more ideas from bloggers now than any where else.
I DO like Myles of Style...Kim is cute and knows her stuff.....
xo bj

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

I LOVED your answer to my question! That is so sweet and I love that you are as sentimental as I am :)

This is really fun!


-Jennifer said...

30th anniversary? How awesome Sue!!

FHL said...

Love these types of posts and being able to learn more about my blogland friends :o)

Look forward to reading your anniversary post!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I don't watch HGTV near as much as I used to. Some of the shows they have on nowadays just leave me shaking my head. I saw one the other day that was called Design by Sign or something like that and it was based on your astrological sign. Say what???? Goofy stuff. I miss the "good old days". I loved Trading Spaces, back before they got so into the DRAMA crap, I've always loved Decorating Cents, Design on a Dime used to be a favorite, although sometimes they get on my nerves a bit. I miss Debbie Travis, too. I still watch Designed to Sell occasionally and I loved watching Get Color! but haven't seen any new episodes lately.

As to parenting...I think I've gotten better at it with my younger kids. I was too harsh with my older ones. Always on them about this that and the other. I, too, have learned to "pick my battles". Maybe I'm just too old for the fight, but this way seems so much easier to me. lol


wendster said...


You don't know that our gal Sue loves Brian Dennehy?