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Monday, June 02, 2008

With Heartfelt Thank Yous...

I have been so remiss in thanking so many of you, my wonderful blogging friends, for the words of encouragement, happy thoughts and smiles you offer me each day. So, please accept this very warm, and most sincere, thank you. I adore you you all. I also want to thank several of you who have been so extra sweet of late. I seem to be moving backwards many days and have yet to get all the photos processed and posted, SO, I am going to say thank you to YOU anyhoo. Okay? To Rosemary...Wow. How can I tell you just how much I adore this crown? Rosemary makes some of the most enchanting treasures you have ever seen! I recently asked about ordering a tiny crown for one of my rabbits...she did not allow me to order it, rather, she gifted me with this precious, original piece of art. I will get those photos up soon but I did so want to say my thanks to all of you who have offered such gifts to me. Thank you Rosemary...thank you so much...from the bottom of my heart. To Rosie...I have purchased a few delightful items from this talented lady and she always includes something delicious as a surprise. Grace, even as I type, is wearing the adorable belt Rosie crafted. There have been other sweet gifts for Grace and I want you to know Rosie, that each one is treasured. The lovely Rosie is creative and talented and ever so generous. To Robin...I bought a wonderful vintage bunny cake form from Robin but she also included one very extra special surprise inside the box. A sand dollar from the beaches of Oregon. Robin? You can not know how much it meant to me. Just a few days before your box arrived, one of the cats had knocked over my bowl of shells and my well loved sand dollar (From a beach in North Carolina) was shattered. You can guess how tickled I was to receive this gift from sweet Robin. Thank you SO much! To Mary...One day, one of those dreary, early Spring Mondays, a box arrived at Rabbit Run Cottage. Such precious delights were safely tucked inside the pretty tissue...delicious goodies, pretty treasures and, oh yes, the most wonderful framed vintage rabbit picture! Old Peter himself and oh what a smile he put on my face! A *Just Because* gift from the charming Mary. Now, how sweet is that? Thank you so much Mary! To Kathy...Talented Kathy makes the most enchanting hearts and birds and I am lucky to have a few of those. Inside each box, Kathy included, as gifts, some of her sweet tags or Pom Poms. Each box is so sweetly packed and pure pleasure to open! Thank you to dear Kathy! To Cassie...I have been blessed to receive treasures from Cassie in the past. I was lucky to win one of her *fantabulous* (and yes, I have deemed this to be a real word) giveaways last Fall. Oh my. You can not imagine the goodies packed inside the most artfully decorated box! I can not wait until October rolls around this year just so I can have fun playing! More recently, Cassie sent me a most glorious vintage tin just because I had admired it! Is that sweet or what? Not too long ago I ordered a lovely French Girl print and a flag banner from Cassie. They are wonderful of course but, also enclosed, was a sweet gift for our Grace. A notepad to hang on her bedroom door! She LOVED it Cassie and sat down straight away and wrote away. "Brothers Stay Out!" I do believe was the first message! Thank you for everything! I have also received the most glorious pieces of wonder from Jennifer at the Painted Cottage, Penny and Becky. Each one of these ladies has a shop that will treat each of your senses to wonder and home is far more beautiful thanks to your shops! To Andi...Have I ever truly said thank you for your handmade, and oh so pretty, cards? You have a gift for this and I have saved each one. Small treasures, creative works of art! I hope you know how much I love them. And last but not least, to Mama P...You coy little devil! Grace loved the papers and folders and wow. She was so tickled. You knew her so well didn't you? It was so unexpected and so sweet. Thank you, you, wonderful you! Each one of these ladies is creative and talented. I am always inspired when I see their art forms... All, save for Andi (and she could if she had time but wow is she busy!) & Mama P. (and she should have a site to sell that book she MUST write someday!) have etsy or ebay shops and/or *right on their blog* links to purchase their fancies and finery! Yes, I NEED to write thank you notes, as does Grace. Till we get off our tushies and do what we should, please know that we appreciate each loving thought and gift. I appreciate each one of you who actually takes the time to visit me here and read my silly drivel. It still surprises me that anyone does but I am so, so glad you do. I feel honored to know each one of you, to call you my friends. I think of you all so often, pray for you, keep each of you in my heart. Blogging has enriched my life more that I can ever express. Bless you all...thank you all.
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Pat said...

What a sweet, heartfelt post Susie Q! Blog friends have added so much to my life too!

You bring joy to me, as many of the others that you've mentioned.
HUgs, Pat

Mary said...

Well, I would say that so many wonderful gifts says something about the type of person YOU are -- a genuine sweetie and a terrific bloggy friend!

Connie said...

Silly drivel you say??? NOT!!br/>Smoochies,

justabeachkat said...

So many blessings! You are loved for sure. I'm thankful to call you friend.


Simply Heart And Home said...


What a lovely post. Blogging does bring hearts together.

Sweet dreams!


Janet said...

You are so easy to love Susie Q! Thank *you* for being a part of my life:)


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Susie..I enjoyed your post..I am catching up and wanted to pop in and give a cheery hello...and see what you had to eat...

Alison Boon said...

Nice to hear about all the good things that have arrived on your doorstep.

Lisa said...

That was a nice post Susie Q! You're the best!!

wendster said...

I just got caught up again. How dare anyone say that my Susie Q spent her money poorly on adopting instead of redecorating? Don't worry. I have people. I'll send them right over. Well ... they're just me and Tristan. But we are quite effective. LOL! Besides, how could anyone NOT love your decorating? I love it. And I love your photos. And most of all I love your INSIDES. You are sweet and loving and kind. You rock in my book. I appreciate you! I loves me my Susie Q. I am so glad that I met you through blogging.
Great shout out to all of the creative giving people in your life. We love people like that, and love to know about their shops. Thanks for sharing the hot tips!


CIELO said...

Hi cute Susie Q! Blogging provide us many friends.. and bring hearts together.



Sandi McBride said...

Aren't all our Blogging friends just so special? We are lucky to know such kind and generous people. Loved your thank yous, Susie...

Sugar Bear said...

Blog friends really are the best! The kindness touches my heart everyday!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Jaydens little fat feet. I wanna just pinch them.
since he was new born Nana kissed his toes.=)

smilnsigh said...

Thank you Susie-Q, for leaving a hug-comment on this entry of mine. Thank you so much!

I really needed people to do this... leave a supporting comment on this. I admit it. I needed hugs.

I did not 'fold' to any of the *demands* made, in that awful email to me. I am proud of myself, for this.

But I also did need hugs {comments} from those in Pretty Blog land, whom I had considered my friends. It took guts for people to leave comments there. And for this reason, those who did, are all the more important to me.

Again, thank you so much.


Rosemary said...

Thank you too Susie!!
We love your blog!
Can't wait to see pictures of the rabbit with the crown on.

Mary Isabella said...

What a grand thankful post....Where would be without all our sweet blog friends...Mary

BittersweetPunkin said...

I didn't mention in my comment...I am so happy that the lil sand dollar meant so much to you!! You are absolutely welcome..and I have many more where THAT one came from!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, I am going to have to go check out some of these gals' creations!!!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

SusieQ, a very nice Thank You to your blogging pals. Blogging is a wonderful thing (mostly) where you get to meet some very generous & lovely ladies. We all have a blogging life to share.
Hugs, DebraK
PS, you deserved all those wonderful gifts cuz you're just so sweet!

bj said...

Dearest Susie are such a sweetheart!
I posted your most precious kitchen today and am sorry I didn't get to it before my computer got so sick and I had to go 4, yes, FOUR whole days without!! Poor, spoiled me !!
hugs to you this morning, bj

Jeanne said...

Sue, I am new to blogging and trying hard to get to know as many bloggers as I can. Your sweet thank you post just shows me how wonderful it is to meet such terrific people. What a great support system.

Take care and many blessings to at this time, Jeanne

I almost forgot to tell how much I love youy charming kitchen. So sweet in every corner. And the baked goods! Mmmmmmmmm. I came over here from BJ's kitchen show.


Jeanne said...

Sue, sorry for the typos, I don't know how to correct them. (smile)

Jeanne, again!

Brown English Muffin said...

you really are one of the sweetest people I have ever come across...I am pleasured to have met you!

Andi said...

It's such an honor to have my name included on this lovely post Sue. My life too has been enriched by being a part of the blog world. Sometimes I feel I'm neglecting my special friends when I post something rather my "this day in history" but I want all my blog friends to know I'm out here thinking of them.
Love and Hugs to you, Andi

-Jennifer said...

boo hoo you forgot me :)

Kathleen Grace said...

You are so welcome Sue! You give so much to everyone, you should be thanked yourself!