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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned...

...or, at least that is what I told Bill! I mean, Coldwater Creek was having a 70% off sale! They are practically giving this stuff away people! Okay, so that is a bit of an over statement but who is with me on this? Anyone? ANYONE? After all, I took 6...6 count 'em...6 bags of clothes to Goodwill this week. The fact that some were Grace's, some Dan's, some Bill's should not dissuade you from the over all picture right? Many donated items were mine! And I DID do all the weeding out and sorting and schlepping was my buddy *T's* idea to go. Okay, hers and my Mom's. I just drove. Really. It was *T's* last day of Christmas vacation so we all went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. We dined on Blackened Caesar Salad and Corn Chowder and then headed over to Coldwater Creek where they had that 70% off sale. See? Practically GIVING the stuff away I tell ya... Oh I was good. I bought two really simple but pretty sweaters. One in red to wear on Valentine's Day, one in Kelly Green to wear on St. Patrick's Day. I was almost frugal in my restraint. I swear. We picked up Grace at school and ran a few errands. After all, between the colds we all have been fighting and the snow, none of us had been out much since New Year's Eve. The sun was shining and it was nice to be out among the living...or, at least, to not be in a closet sorting clothes. Grace and I visited with *T* and Mom back at Mom's (*T* lives just around the corner in the same development) and then headed home. We took a little side trip into one of our city parks and I snapped a few photos. My camera had almost forgotten how to focus from lack of use! Sad really. Poor thing just sat there rusting while I sniffled and snorted and honked. And NO. I did not think a photo of me with drippy sinuses and weepy eyes was appropriate. This IS a family friendly blog you know. The sun set, Grace and I came home and made baked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Bill and Dan came in about 6 and we all had a nice dinner together. Then we, and by WE I mean me, hit the storage room. Literally. With my head as I was going through the door. I recovered quickly and moved a box here and a box there. I am no fool. Just fiddle around long enough and the men in the family will appear and ask, "What can WE do?" So Grace and I left them to the storage room and we took the tree down. Ah, it is all put away neatly and in some semblance of order. At least until the next person goes down to look for something and starts moving all those boxes around... I hope your weekend will be a sweet one. Do something nice for yourself okay? And, if you see a 70% off sale, remember that a penny saved is...well...
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Pamela said...

just two sweaters? no ear rings or matching doo dahs?
You were very well behaved I must say.

wendster said...

70 percent!?!? That's only 30 cents on the dollar. That's like some crazy person going through the whole United States and turning the dollar stores into 30 cent stores! Can you imagine the pandemonium? Led by Brian Dennehy? (He's be the first one into the stores in his area.) Followed by every person who had a pulse! And it would be RACING! 30 cent stores!!! They'd be wiped clean! THAT'S how good a price 70 percent off is! Really, deary, I am amazed and proud that you were able to show so much restraint. I look forward to seeing a photo of you and your honey in your red sweater at Valentine's Day. Both of you. In the same sweater. At the same time. Be creative. ha.

Cherdecor said...

I must go on-line and check out this sale because the nearest Coldwater Creek is across the river in York. There is one coming to our mall soon.

I received in the mail a credit card bonus from them of $20 if I spend $80. (and I thought that was a good deal! I may have to take a trip across the river.

Hope your baked chicken was simply divine. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Susie, your photos are beautiful!

Sheila said...

You got some great deals there! I've been shopping a lot lately too, every day I'm hitting one of the stores at the mall, or Target or Kohls, or whatever. I can't resist some of these 60%, 70%, or 80% off sales!

Rose Mary said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Susie! Who can resist a 70% off sale??? Your pictures are so pretty~love the sunset!

Happy New Year to you and your family.


Sugar Bear said...

Well hey - you could have gone when everything was full price so you done good!

Gretchen said...

Don't you know that it's a sin to leave something if it's practically free?!!! You were merely being obedient. LOL

Also, don't take my enthusiasm the wrong way, but: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PUBLISH A COFFEE TABLE BOOK????

Gretchen said...

Well, I wasn't even finished, but got so excited writing in all caps that I must've hit the enter key! At any rate...your pictures are gorgeous, Sue!

And...if you have any leftovers, I love me some baked chicken, mashers and green beans.


Southern Heart said...

Why is it that men never understand the "sale" concept? ;) I'm glad that you found some goodies. And, I love the snow photos, and your new header, too!

Valerie said...

sheesh. with a sale as good as that, i also would've expected some matching accessories.

BittersweetPunkin said...

The New Year does bring about the urge to deep clean and purge...I know!
I love Mimi's...we used to live right near one in CO and I don't think there's one around here in WA!!

Tammy said...

I've never owned anything from Coldwater Creek. I hear tell by (Rosie) that the sale you hit is the best time to go!

Your snow pictures are gorgeous!!

Sheila said...

I checked out Coldwater Creek online, and they have some scrumptious things...I wish we had that store here..!
Your pictures in the park are lovely..the sunset one is so colourful..!
Thank you again for the parcel, I loved everything in it. Especially the chocolate soldiers..! Yummers..!
I hope your cold is almost gone, I'm still coughing but it isn't as much..

CresceNet said...

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justabeachkat said...

Thanks for the tip. We have a store here, but I haven't been lately. Hmmmm...when can I go?

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Hugs sweet friend!

Andi said...

Oh my gosh...what a sale...70% off!!! I wonder if they're having it at the Coldwater Creek store here...hmmm. I don't have a thing to wear for Valentine's Day!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh, I love Coldwater Creek! You really were good to only by two sweaters!

I absolutely love those photos! The play of shadow is amazing!

Anonymous said...

You got a great barain there, that store sounds great, 70% off is is unimaginable to us!! Love your photos, rusty or not!! Beautiful shadows in the snow. And you have had a culinary feast, yumm, you are making us hungry reading about all this yummy food! Have a wonderful weekend Sue :) Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Susie Q. The picture of the flag needs to be framed. It melted my heart. AWSOME!

Rosemary said...

Don't you just love sales like that?
I love Mimi's corn chowder!!
My favorite salad there is the blue cheese and walnut.
Well I'm sure Brian will love you in your new sweaters!!

regina barnett said...

Oh! You are so lucky. I would had a ball. I love Bargins.

Mary Isabella said...

The pictures are so beautiful Mary

Indigo Robe said...

I just love reading your blogs! So conversational! Reminds me of a well known author native to our area - Byrd Baylor.

Nice sunset! :-)

And you have figured out my secret. I literally whisper it in the stores to my husband at the after Christmas sales - "Don't say this outloud but you know, you can buy red things for Valentine's Day and green things for St. Patrick's Day at 75 % off!!!"

He always just smiles and holds out his hands so I can place my new found treasures in his grasp. Hehe....

Have a wonderful Sunday!


robin c. said...

My Mom hit the Coldwater Creek sale too! She found an awesome cat sweater..of course. I love Coldwater Creek and missed the whole sale...what was I thinking???

Your baked chicken sounds so is the perfect comfort food, especially with the mashed potatoes!
hugs to you,

Splaneyo said...

You take the best pictures!

Terri said...

I absolutely LOVE Coldwater Creek. But I plan on losing this weight in the next few months and will wait until then before I "go shopping". Good for you, though. And good for you getting the Christmas tree down! Now that I can do today no matter what I weigh! LOL
God bless.

*Jennifer* said...

oh yeah Coldwater Creek had that sale going on online too

Melissa said...

You sound like my mother - cleaning out just so she has the excuse to buy more!

And, 70% is one heck of a sale!