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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oops, I Did It Again...

...or, should I say, I am GOING to do it again. Yes folks, I am going to rant a little. Alright, so my rant will be more like a fuss really, but fuss I shall. As a reward for putting up with me, I offer up these photos of the neighborhood geese. The sun was so bright this afternoon and these lords and ladies had no trouble enjoying it. Ah, sweet, blissful peace... But peace is fleeting so fasten your safety belts. I am about to raise a bit of fuss. In the tradition of a good old fashioned, no one can do it better than her, wonderful Kari rant, I want to complain! I can hear you asking one another, "What do WE look like? The freaking complaint department?" Aha, no! But you are here and you are my friends so I hope you will tolerate a little vent. I am so lucky to have all of you here... After all, 10s of thousands of people read this blog each day. No? Oh, it's more like 10s of hundreds? Of 10s? 7? Okay, OKAY! So it is just my brother and HE only reads it every other Thursday, except during the month of February. Ah, but I am delusional so off we go... Sympathy. It is a simple word. The fact or power of sharing the feelings of another. To understand their sorrow or trouble; compassion, or commiseration. Sympathy is a social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding her or his feelings. Sympathy exists when the feelings or emotions of one person are deeply understood and even appreciated by another person. I was recently told that I am a cruel person, a person whose heart holds no sympathy for her fellow man. And why was I told this? WHY you ask? Okay, you probably didn't ask but I will tell you anyway. I am a cruel unsympathetic person because I do not feel sorry for Britney Spears. Hm, I suppose that is not exactly true. I do have sympathy for her if, and only if, she has a true mental illness that has caused her erratic behaviors...her many, multiple and persistent erratic behaviors. Do I feel sorry for her sons? Oh yes, very much so. Those poor little things are the innocent pawns in a very sick game. But beyond that I really do not care what is going on in Ms. Spears life. Do I feel any real sympathy for her because the paparazzi pesters her? Heck, they pester George Clooney too and he has yet to flash them his pantie less bum. Dag nab it all to heck. Um...where was I? Oh, but do I have sympathy for someone who blew through more money in a year than most hard working people will see their entire lives? Someone who, when nearing each proverbial fork in the road of life, made the incorrect choice as to which direction to take? Nope. Oh, but Susie Q. She did all of those things because of her *baggage*. Now, what the heck do suitcases have to do with this? No, B.A.G.G.A.G.E. The emotional kind. Uh, SHE has baggage? The last time I checked, most of us have some sort of baggage. Some have more, some less, some much more serious than others but whether we drag our emotional stuff around in Louis Vuitton or a plastic sack from Walgreen's, we ALL have emotional *stuff* to deal with. So, now one can make any sort of bad decision and never have to take one iota of responsibility for those decisions? Wow. Oh, but of course, it does not work that way with those of us out here in middle America or middle Zambia, Finland or Thailand either. We non-celebrities are held to a much more stringent set of rules. Sympathy? Pity? I have oodles of sympathy for those who truly deserve it. People like the young serviceman who has lost his leg due to an IED in Iraq, the lovely young woman who was brutally raped and left for dead, the child who is suffering the effects of great physical abuse at the hands of those in whom he should have been able to trust. I have sympathy for the young man whose mother and father's lives were taken by a drunk driver, the woman whose husband left her, taking with him all of their life savings leaving her virtually penniless. I have tremendous sympathy for the parents of a 17 year old boy who has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and has but a few weeks to live. I have great sympathy for people who suffer losses, human and material, to natural disasters, fire and crime. For people who struggle with illnesses, injuries and pain. But the difference is this...none of the people I mentioned asks for sympathy. They wish no pity. They take what life has given them and move forward. Oh yes, there are set backs and the need for help here and there but they never ask for sympathy. Prayers and love yes. Anyone who needs help has my prayers, even Britney, but sympathy?
~Coleen and the slimy rat~
Now on to another with whom I refuse to sympathize. Coleen Sullivan. The former anchor of our local NBC affiliate is romantically involved with Princess Diana's younger brother, Charles. The same folks who felt I was eerily despicable NOT to sympathize with Britney's problems, were aghast that I held no pity for the former newswoman. I ran into Coleen once or twice. She admired my dog. She is stunningly beautiful. I enjoyed her on my evening news. But the last time I checked, she was a grown woman. She knew, when visiting the Spencer home, Althorp, prior to the Diana exhibit making an appearance in Dayton, that the Earl was married and that his wife was expecting a baby. She knew this when she began her relationship with the Earl. "But Susie Q! He is a slimy rat and charmed the poor girl right into his wicked love trap.", Charles the Earl may well be a rat, slimy or otherwise. That is not up to me to decide. But well educated, career news journalist Coleen, a poor defenseless woman who was led astray by the deviant British Earl? Come on. Save your sympathy cards please. Whew. Well, I don't know about you but I feel ever so much better. However, there is just one more thing I need to fuss about. This morning, as I dried my hair and applied a little mascara to my wispy, too, too blond eyelashes, the television droned mindlessly on in the next room. I paid scant attention to it until I heard this statement from a, so called, designer and stylist to the stars. "I find the clothes that plump gals wear sorely lacking in panache and trendiness. Too many of them wear jeans and trousers WITH elastic pieces. UGH! But, if hard pressed, *I* will *allow* them to do so but only if they cover their waists with a shirt, jacket or sweater." Whew. All of that advice for free! But you see "Mr. Stylist To The Stars", I did not ask you for your advice and I really do NOT need your consent (or that of anyone else for that matter) to wear something with elastic. Or lacking panache. It fact, I refuse to but anything WITH panache. And the stars actually LISTEN to this guy? No wonder so many of them have problems. For that they get a little of my sympathy. A quarter of a teaspoon full. More or less. So now my dear blogger buddies, my fussy rant vent has come to an end. (Grateful cheers are heard across the globe) I hope your week is going nicely and that you are staying well. Smile as often as you can and give a few of them away to others. Oh, and if you see a pantie less George Clooney, give me a call. Collect.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Well, hmmmmmm, I have to agree about Spears. I didn't know about the anchor woman.....and give me elastic!!

Anonymous said...

they would call me and out and out B---- then.She is a spoiled brat that thinks she can get away with anything. She has had more money than she deserves for showing off her body and teaching young girls that it takes that kinda life to be somebody! She has had life on a silver platter. Divorce.. abuse and all that other doesn't make you drop your draws and act like a nut! She isn't worried about the boys.. a day after her mess she is laid up with a man.
You know the only thing wrong with us? We as Americans don't stand up enough to these people that are causing Our USA to look like a nut place.

Cottage Contessa said...

I could hardly type I was laughing so hard! Love your humor! mawhahahahahaha
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Janet said...


Well, first let me say I agree with you on the Britney thing 110%. The more attention she gets, the worse she acts. Secondly, I know nothing about the Earl or Colleen, but as a wife who was unceremoniously dumped with 2 young boys and no job, I really can't feel sorry for anyone who messes with married (happily or otherwise) married people. And thirdly, I who have the shape of an apple with boobs just refer to it as the Alfred Dunner stage of life and thank God for good ole Al.

Rant over.

Sing4joy said...

Sorry. I have no sympathy for you. LOL just kidding! Even when you are 'fussing' you are hilarious. I am glad to see that people agree on the subject of taking personal responsibility! Blessings!

Rose Mary said...

Brittany obviously needs to take some responsibility for her life~it is hard to drum up too much sympathy for her~or Paris Hilton, another one that seems to get too much sympathy, IMO!

Don't know about the anchor woman~but if he is married and she knew. . .

BittersweetPunkin said...

Now THAT was much more entertaining than reading the National Enquirer while waiting in line at the supermarket! ...LOVED your rant! I don't feel sorry for her either,,,I'm sick of the whole thing entirely.

If Mr. Stylist ever saw my muffin top he'd be thankful for elastic waistbands!

Terri said...

I don't know why you call it fussing, when you're only stating the truth!

I didn't know that about that anchor woman, however. It is amazing to me that the Earl who claims to have loved his sister so much would do the same thing to his wife that lead to the destruction of his sister's life. Disgusting.

Whatever happened to morals clauses? Do people even have morals anymore???

You go girl!

Naturegirl said...

Whew! you did get a lot off your chest! Wow!!
As for Britney..well I feel we are seeing her addiction what ever it is..she is young and needs HELP badly.As for the other celebs you comment.
Now you just continue with your mascara and pamper yourself with all that lovely scented cosmetics...lavender for sure to take away the stress.hugs NG

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I'll be on your team...but I'm afraid I take it so much farther. I refuse to read "news" articles on celebs. In fact, I really have no idea what Brittany's latest troubles are. I think way too much time and attention are given to actors and sports stars. Why do we care so much? I am not saying they shold be given no sympathy, I just think the "public" contributes to their problems.

I'd prefer to have heros like "Junie Moon" who cares and gives of herself to others....and people who work in the hospice profession....or nurses and hospital workers and volunteers.....the list goes on and on.

the feathered nest said...

Ah well...when there's a "Britneywatch" even on the evening news it's hard to escape knowing more than I want to about her. I feel for her kids (which I don't think she wants since she's made no effort to do what she needs to do to keep them). She's another Anna Nicole circus in the making!


Gemma said...

Hi,I stopped by here from Sheila's blog. SusieQ your ranting had me in stitches....if anyone calls you about George...let me know ok?

Sugar Bear said...

Well Miss Susie Q here is my take - Britney is a pretty sad person and her family and so-called friends are sad for not being there and helping to put a stop to the self destruction. I don't have sympathy for her as much as pity. I don't think she was raised right and she certainly didn't have good role models to base life decisions on. Her sons - don't get me started. Those poor boys are going to need some major therapy. I don't think her life or any celebrity's life for that matter should be splashed all around though I am sometimes guilty of reading the gossip and yes I know they are public figures but some things should be sacred.

I had no idea about Charles! Oh dear, dear, me - no definitely NO sympathy for either one in that story. I don't have sympathy for any woman that would take part in the break-up of a home and family.

Well let's end on a positive note - it is almost Friday!


Sharon Kay said...

Amen and I second it........I am so sick of the so called stars out there that are leading our children astray. I want REAL people to be the ones that our children look up to. Those with morals and care about others. You are so right Susie Q I know you feel much better now and this post was wonderful.......

Rosemary said...

Yay Susie!!!
I am cheering!! You are so very right. I agree with all of it.
Every time that stuff comes on tv, I say who cares? I guess some people do, but not me. The anchor woman story was new to me, but not surprising. Wear whatever you darn well want to wear.
Have a great day!!!

Terri and Bob said...

Elastic rules! I hadn't heard about the news woman but any one as smart as she has to be went in eyes wide open!

Mary said...

Dear Sue,
My dear dad used to say that he wouldn't walk across the street to see the Pope. I probably wouldn't take it that far, but whenever a story about Britney or Paris or whoever comes on the news, I change the channel while muttering to myself, "Do I give a rat's a**?" (Pardon my language!) Cheers for your rant!

Anonymous said...

quality rant!

*Jennifer* said...

My Mom told me about that anchor woman...and that she made $700,000 a year to report the stupid news?? Holy crap!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Amen...Britney Spears may get my pity, but she gets NO sympathy from me. She's a trainwreck with no moral boundaries. That's fine to blame on someone else...right up until you become an adult, however. Then it's up to you to look deeper into yourself and decide what's the RIGHT way to live. So far, she doesn't appear to have done a whole lot of soul searching, has she? Those poor, poor babies of hers. THEY have my sympathy. She just gets the pity. And the contempt.

Meggie said...

SusieQ: I don't usually read long posts, but I read every last word of yours...I always do. I laughed so hard...I LOVE your humor! I sometimes find it difficult to separate pity, compassion, and sympathy. I just recently learned how to deal with that Catholic school guilt thing. I'm just a cold hearted b_tch so I'm the last person to give an objective point of view. But I sure do enjoy yours.

Janet said...

Are you feeling better now? Looks like everyone loved your rant, so feel free to do it whenever you want. I may even "feed" you some subjects. But really, please stop by, I have something for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, rant away!! Love your posts!! Jenn and Jacqui

Kari & Kijsa said...

Ooh we laughed, chuckled, nodded our heads, shook our heads at the craziness of it all!! Some wonderful 'fussing'!

kari & kijsa

Jolene George said...

LOL! What a great rant Sue. I totally agree with everything you said...and very well said I might add. You do have a way with words that I admire so much. You make me happy! :o)

Valerie said...

girlie...if i ever saw George me, i would forget HOW to use the phone.

except the camera phone part.

Pamela said...

you preach it sistah!!!!!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Go ahead and rant, my lovely! You are absolutely right. You go get 'em, girl!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Hey there! Just popping in to say hello and send (((hugs)))) your way. The geese pics are lovely and I love your winter themed banner!

Mama P said...

"Whether we drag our emotional stuff around in Louis Vuitton or a plastic sack from Walgreen's, we ALL have emotional *stuff* to deal with. " Amen, Sister.

I hear you. But I do feel a bit sorry for her. For everyone. But I see many MANY of your points. nice job.

Cherdecor said...

As I began reading your rant, my mind went ahead to guess what this rant was about. Because the pictures of the geese were at the top, I thought, she is tired of the poop they leave behind....probably all over her sidewalk! Boy, was I surprised! I had to laugh all the way through the read. But I agree! Good post!

Alice said...

Loved your rant! I have no sympathy for poor attacked "Dr" Phil either for jumping in the Spears mess. I try to avoid pop news stuff in magazines and on tv but it's hard to miss when junk like this gets featured on my local evening news.

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- Hooray for Susie Q! She who says all that is on our minds. But we 'loathsome marshmallows' don't have enough guts to say it!!!!!!!

But NO, I will not call you about a shorts-less GC! I used to pant over the whole package {which makes up GC, I mean}. But for a while, I've been put off by what's in his gorgeous head. {Mmm, for those who aren't sure what I mean... His Political Views!}

So now, purely all that's left for me to pant over, is his bod! {Pant purely? Does that compute? Nope, don't think so. LOL}

Sooooo, if I catch sight of a nekkkked GC, I shall tackle him and keep him all for myself. Heh,heh,heh...

THEN I will call you!!!



Gretchen said...

Re: Britney, I feel sad, not sorry for her, exactly...just sad at what has become a vicious need for some to see others fail. It seems like we, as a society, have gotten a bit mean spirited. Maybe we always have been, seems to me that we (e.g. the tabloids and those who read them--admitting that at times it's me) waited for Brit and K-fed's marriage to fail and then pounced. I think Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey also had folks out just to see them fail. What a story! Think of the millions this break up will bring! Sad.

That said, I think George Clooney and many like him (Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts) have had just the same amount of pressure, but make wise choices. You are so right. I wonder if his childhood grounded him for success in a way that Britney's didn't. Perhaps it was since he didn't find his true stardom until his late 20's/ early 30s. Clearly, one would wonder about the parenting in the Spears household when Jamie winds up pregnant. Not that we can blame parents, and everyone has a right to make an honest mistake, but still...Those two kids got their moral compasses and expectations from somewhere.

I hope for the sake of those baby boys, she deals with said baggage and moves on.

I love that you went on a rant, Susie Q. You made me think. Priorities.

I've been praying for your friend, Chris. Thanks again for the prayer request.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm still trying to figure out how I missed this Rant...we all know that Rants are a personal favorite of mine, Kari's and everyone elses. I too think that miss Britney was short one or two spankings (spoiled brat that she is) and I fear for her's hoping that neither the Mother or Grandmother gain custody of them...Grandma already having two failures on her for Charles, well he certainly made money on the death of his so called beloved sister...Diana was loved more by the people than her family, including her mother...of course I always felt that as lovely as she was inside and out she could have fought for Charles (Prince hubby)a bit was like she gave up and gave in...she had no mother to teach her how to dislodge a vampire bat from the throat of one near and's done with a hammer and stake dear...that's all anyone would have had to say. We were living outside Windsor in Beaconsfield when the courting, marriage and children were born...I am thankful that we weren't there for the was too sad. As for your Anchor Woman, you're right, she's a grown woman and any woman who goes after the husband of another woman is not, lady...okay, done ranting, but honey that was the best rant I've read in a while...are you and Kari joined at the brain?

Amongst The Oaks said...

And that is precisely why I don't watch television or read the tabloids. I'd much rather spend my time here with you real people. Seriously, we all have baggage but hopefully we've learnt from our mistakes.
Hugs from Laura at
Amongst The Oaks

Strawberry Lane said...

Can I join your rant?

The Miss Spears thing, well, what can I possibly add?

But you shocked me right off my chair when reading about Earl/Lord/Sir Spencer and his latest romance. I did know the current wife was #2, but this new adventure was news to me.

Now, about those beautiful photos of the Canada Geese that you have in your parks: Could you please give them my address in So. California. We drove 500 miles to a breeder to buy our two little CG girls right from the incubator. I even had to get a certificate from the Ca. Fish and Game to bring them home for keeps.

Think I'll go rant on my blog about that. Some people have too many of those wonderful birds and complain, and I have to beg and be certified. How fair is that? BTW ...they make fabulous pets, like a dog.

Oh, you don't mind if I rant here about that, I hope.

Also, where exactly should I look for George?

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That was quite a Kari-rant. I loved it.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Sweetie, you need your own column in the magazines! This was a fantastic rant - one I felt mostly in agreement with. I do think Britney is a troubled girl who made money at a young age and became a commodity to all those supposedly there to FOR her. YET much of what is happening to her she reaped on her own.
I agree about the Earl of Smarm and Coleen for sure.
As for GEORGE....please let me know if that happens...please oh please.
Love you,