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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rawther Ashamed... don't I sound terribly, awfully like children's literature & film heroine Eloise? And although I do not live in a room on the "tippy top floor" of The Plaza (I am rawther miffed at that myself!) and do not have a Nanny of my very own (Hmm...I DO need one I should think!) I have behaved rawther like the spoiled and mischievous lass of book fame. Eloise would never allow herself to get bored, bored, bored and I must apologize for being a bit of a bore, bore, bore myself! First let me apologize to our dear Penny! I should have deleted the name of the blog from which my Anonymous friend entered Rabbit Run Cottage. I rawther doubt that she left any sort of comment for the lovely Penny as she only enjoys leaving unsettling ones. Penny's blog can only evoke comments of the highest praise! Lavender Hill is a true joy and Penny is one of the sweetest ladies ever. Talented and of so creative, her mosaics are sure to please your eye! I will be asking Nanny for one soon...I am rawther sure she will have Mother dear get one for me. I am rawther tired of furs and jewels. For now I will ask your forgiveness for being so self absorbed! It is rawther silly I think. It looked like I was asking for reassurance and I should never have allowed myself to be so self pre occupied! Still, you are all so very wonderful and I can not thank you enough. I suppose I wanted to speak to all those who leave rawther unpleasant comments on anyone's blog. Especially those who do so anonymously. I am reminded of the comments often left on HGTV"s Rate My Space. Now, constructive criticism is always welcome. It is helpful and desired. That is what the decorating forum is all about. Leaving most unpleasant messages for those who post photos is a bit odd, creepy and downright nasty. It is unpleasant to be reminded just how bitter and angry some people are! I have seen some of the prettiest spaces be flamed by wanna be decorators....and how do they do it? Ah...anonymously of course! So I want to thank each of you for being so sweet and for helping me to see what a rawther doltish person I was being! Please do leave a comment for me if I ever write something with which you do not agree! Please do correct me if I post something inaccurate! I have big shoulders...I can take that! But reminding me that I am less than pure and perfect? Well, I DID take a bawth with Ivory Soap today. I splawshed, splawshed, splawshed and became so pure I floated! But I did so rawther imperfectly. I need no reminders that I am less than perfect. I am able to see that on a daily basis! In fact, allowing myself to get so befuddled over a silly comment is rawther imperfect don'tcha think? My apologies to you all...and especially to you Penny! I love you all. Now go out there and have a rawther lovely Thursday but do so imperfectly! Perfection is oh so boring, boring, boring!
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Tara said...

I am new at this blogging thing---people are usually so encouraging, so we can't let the random bad apple get us down, right? Your blog is super!

Gretchen said...

No need to be rawther ashamed. You are awesome.

Janet said...

I think you would be rawther boring if you were perfect!!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh Susie!! That was sweet, but no need to apoligize at all! You are one of the best ladies I know in bloglandia and I am always going to be a big fan of yours!!
Luv Ya!

Sandi McBride said...

lovely post as usual Dawling...Brian D would agree

Meggie said...

Now there's the SusieQ we all know and love. You go girl!

Sheila said...

It's healthy to get things off your chest, we all understand that.
Don't be 'rawther ashamed', we luv ya..!!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

What the heck did I miss? I know I've been laying low lately, but what did I miss here?

Gef, the talking Mongoose said...

Do you know who the "real" Elouise was? Liza Minella. Fact.