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Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Lists, lists and more lists!
I have been tagged, not once, not twice but thrice! Okay, so that is not a word but I like it anyway. Hmpf. I plan on working on these tonight and tomorrow. Ya'll know I love a good list. Heck, I love any list but these are really good. I have also been tagged to do a fun expose'. The Wendster has let me in on will be fun! I am so sorry I made so many of you cry! I truly did not mean to do that...even Bill called me this afternoon and said he cried at his desk! Uh oh. Big boys DO cry! I had wanted to tie the story in with the *Home Is Best* post I had written. I stopped by the old barn to take pictures that day and it just looked sad...I wanted to remember Beau with happy thoughts NOT dark ones. He was a man who knew what the word *Home* meant didn't he? Sandi asked about pictures....I haven't any! I know, I know...can you believe that? This all happened in 2003, before I went digital. I seldom took my camera and so wish I did have some photos. I am checking with the Dayton Daily News. They did an article about it and there were pictures...maybe I can score some there. It was such an amazing sight! Yesterday was a gloomy weather day but I had a bit of fun stopping to take a few pictures. I drove onto the grounds of Normandy United Methodist Church. The church is situated on a piece of property that was once part of Normandy Farms. The land and home were owned by Richard H. Grant, one of Dayton's outstanding citizens and businessmen. For several years the Grants enjoyed weekends in a cabin on property along Holes Creek. When they decided to build a permanent home in the area they purchased six adjoining farms, totaling 780 acres. The house was constructed in 1927-30, at a cost of nearly one million dollars.

The Grants chose Medieval English Manor style for their new home. Mr. Grant's energy and constant demand for quality, which brought him success in the business world, was directed toward the construction of his home. The two-story tower and staircase with the massive chandelier add historical elegance to the three-story building with its thirty-eight rooms consisting of a main section and two wings. The eight-inch thick concrete floors and eighteen-inch outer walls topped by six inches on the roof gives the house great stability. It was literally built to last for ages. A slate roof and leaden drainpipes also show great attention to durability and quality. The eleven sculptured marble fireplaces, the massive entrance gates, many of the doors, and the stained glass window plaques were purchased in Europe . The beautifully hand carved old wood paneling in the main hall and library was imported from England and dates back to 1603.

In 1984 the Normandy Farms house was placed on The National Register of Historic Buildings.

It is just gorgeous inside!

But today I stayed outside and snapped a few pictures.

Have a sweet weekend dear friends! Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Sugar Bear said...

I love your photos! You are by far one of the best photographers out there and you get the most interesting shots.

Tammy said...

When I was a child I dreamed of living in a house like this some day!
Loved it!!

Janet said...

Can't wait for the lists. I just enjoyed listening to Jimmy Durante. that song always puts a smile on my face.


Mockingbird Hill said...

Once again...wonderful photos! You do have that photographer's eye, dear Sue...

Love the song choice, by the way...this was my #2 song choice for my wedding walk! Ended up choosing "At Last" by Etta James...details, details..

Thanks for sharing these.


PEA said...

Ok, you're forgiven for making me cry yesterday! lol're working on some nice. I mean it. I'm really looking forward to reading them. Really. Can't you just feel the excitement oozing out of me??? hehe Of course you know I'm just teasing you:-) I always look forward to whatever you write about!! Oh wow, look at that house...I'd love to live in one of those...even for just one day!!! Beautiful! xoxo

Gretchen said...

Lovely photos. Love the scrolling and the intricate work.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh dear, I had to scroll down to read about what made people cry. Sniff..sniff. Beautiful and very touching story.

Meggie said...

What beautiful architecture!

Meggie said...
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Anonymous said...

Susie Q, I loved the photos..I have missed those kinda post. You always take such awsome photos.
I also want to thank you for coming by and being so sweet. If your were any sweeter you would melt.

Kathleen Grace said...

Ahhh, this is so beautiful!

Sheila said...

This is lovely, I imagine it to be even lovelier inside..
Looking forward to the lists..

justabeachkat said...

Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!


BittersweetPunkin said...

LOVE that no parking sign!!!!
I want one!!

Melissa said...

Our local First Baptist has that same parking sign.

Those photos are just gorgeous!

Mary said...

Dear Sue,
I'm just now catching up with everyone -- love these pictures!

Sandi McBride said...

How beautiful...I believe I lived in a place like that once in a former life, lol...Beau...I hope you do get the pictures...course my eyes just welled up again...I've wanted to write a piece about Digby (our Olde English Sheepdog) but everytime I start I cry...and she's been with my Grandmother since September 1991. It was such a beautiful story about him, you need to print it out, blow up a picture of the barn to 8x10, put it all on a board, shellac it and post it at the gate. What a tribute to a grand old man that would be!!!
and here I go again

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, Miss are really starting to give me a touch of "photo envy"! My GOODNESS you take great pictures. It's so sad, my EYES see what you see...but I just can't get my camera to see it :-). I've come to the conclusion that I just don't know what the heck I'm doing! So, I guess I'll just have to continue enjoying yours and saying to myself, "HEY...that's a picture I would've taken!" :-)

Thanks for (always) sharing.

By the way, looking forward to those lists.

ginny Smallenburg said...

Lovely, lovely photographs. Living in Ohio now, I must visit Centerville.

jennifer said...

Oh Mrs. Sue, this photography is amazing! Thank you so much for visiting me - it is good to meet a new friend. You know, Erin and I have a bit of a Sister Hare club going. She is The Classy Rabbit and I am The Dust Bunny Hostage - do you see how she and I are connected? And you are the Rabbit Run Cottage...hmmmm? - Jennifer