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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Shenanigans

I hope your weekend has been a sweet one. We started ours on Saturday morning with a visit to Rolandia Miniature Golf Course.
Grace and her BFF, The beautiful Ms. K. What better way to cool yourself on a warm day than a Water War! There was the sweetest Mama and Papa Mallard living right in the middle of the golf course. Their little ones seemed happy and healthy and I just had to get a few shots of them!
You, YOU first...noooo...YOU first... Sssh...come on. She will never know we left.... Surf's Up!
And then we said goodbye.... On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful sermon at our church and had a delicious brunch at The First Watch, one of our favorite spots. Grace and I LOVE their omelets and fresh fruit. Mom had the spinach Eggs Benedict which looked amazing. Bill usually gets their cranberry pecan pancakes. Yummy! After eating all that great food, we headed over to Cox Arboretum, where we met some friends for walk through the park.Our Grace with the lovely Ms. N. This is Zipp....he is a highly trained Border Collie who lives in and works for the Metro Parks. He keeps the geese at bay, never hurting them, so there is little to no problem with those lovely creatures. Zipp is amazing to watch. He is also a love...he had lots of down time on this day, so was making sure that each of us had a chance to scratch his head and rub his ears! I considered it an honor! There was a wedding in the park this could I not take a peek? I was able to get this shot while the couple were having photos taken. The groom's family is from India and I was able to chat with them and the bride's father. Such lovely people. This little guy was not a guest at the wedding...and he seemed a bit miffed. Grace had been invited to her BFF's Uncle's home for swimming and a cook out this evening. Bill and I jumped at this chance to see "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull". Did I enjoy it? Oh YEAH!! Then it was off to our community's Dog Park. Kipper loves to go and *run with the pack*! I did not take my camera but here is a play by play....Kip gets shy at first, the dogs already there come up for a sniff. They all do the "Bumsniff Mambo" (A term coined by a dear friend!), decide they can all be friends and begin playing. Eventually the big dogs on the other side of the fence begin to taunt the little guys and challenge them to an, "up and down, next to the fence, until the first one drops", race. Then it is off.... Up and down, up and down, back and forth...until all doggies are panting and slurping water and collapsed on the grass. Oh it was sight to behold! Today will find us working in the yard and then hosting a little family cookout.
For those of you here in the US, I wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day. To ALL of my blogger friends, I wish each of you a safe, happy and sunny week!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey there my friend!!! Long time no "blog with". I've missed you!!!

How STINKIN cool is THIS??? I'm the first to comment!!! YAY. Or maybe I just don't have anything planned for the day, so I'm surfing blogs. Either way, I'm glad to be the first one today.

Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! As usual.

I hope you and the family are doing well. We're just hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Hope to talk with you soon. Love ya bunches!!!

Pamela said...

You do have some amazing picture there girl. That couple would surely want a copy of that one you took. I'm positive the professional could not have captured them any better.

I wish I'd been there with you ... all day. starting with breakfast. My favorite meal.

Mockingbird Hill said...

Okay...when are you going to have business cards made?? For what?? For your photography business, silly!

ANd, The Hub and I saw the Indy, what a ride! Loved seeing Mary & Indy together again..sweet *sigh*

Hope your weekend was as lovely as it looks...Cassie

FHL said...

Such beautiful pictures...

Sue reading your blog always leaves me with a smile :o) Glad to see you and your family had such a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Carolyn said...

Great Pictures. Looks like you had a great weekend.


Terri said...

That looks like a fun day! Mine just had a good old fashioned water balloon fight! LOL

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Looks like everyone had fun and may I say, that camera of yours takes wonderfully vivid pictures! Your skills as a photographer just continue to grow and grow. I'm so impressed!

I'm going to see Indy again sometimes this week. I feel the need to relive it one more time!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...
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-Jennifer said...

you are too funny, taking a sneak peak and a photo of the wedding couple, LOL!!
You seem to find some really great places to take pictures out there....

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

YOur Weekend Shenanigans look like so much fun .What beautiful sceinery.
Best Wishes

Melissa said...

I love those pictures! Makes me wish I was there!

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm trying to convince my husband to take me to see it!

Susie said...

So glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Your skies look so blue and lovely.
Your photos are all amazing, but the wedding in the park is so special!

Gretchen said...

The ducks are my faves. :) So sweet. All the pics are flawless, though. You're so dang good. xxxooogretchen