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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now...To The Questions!

Some of you came up with wonderful questions! I had asked, in a moment of blog fog when I could think of nothing about which to write, you to leave a question or 4 for me. Many of you came through! Thank you so much for that! I am going to try to answer them as best I can!
From dear Rosie came: 1. I'd like to see your favorite thing to wear.
Okay now, this is gonna be hard. Should I choose the jeans? Or maybe I could pick my jeans. Or, it might be the jeans...yup. it's the jeans. I also love sweaters when it is cool and T shirts when it is not. And I have a jean jacket that I love to wear. It has some pins on it that were gifts from friends and it makes me happy to wear it. I am going to now do something very difficult for me to do. I will *gasp* post a picture of me in the jacket...*sigh*. I normally would consider losing 3 or 4 hundred pounds and 5 chins before posting a picture of me but, since it is for sweet Rosie, here goes.Oooh...that ouched a bit but see what I am willing to do for all of you?
And: 2. I'd like to know the title of the last book you read for fun.
Bill Bryson's "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir". I can not recommend Bryson more strongly! Both Bill and I giggle ourselves silly when reading anything this man has written. We have each one of his books and often find ourselves re-reading them just for the pure joy of doing so. This book is a memoir of Bill's growing up years. Anyone who was a child or teen in the 50s and 60s can surely relate to these pages. If you have never read Bryson, give one if his books a try. You just might find yourself laughing! Thanks Rosie!
Now, our lovely Kat asked: If you could be anywhere by twitching your nose, where would you be? (Kat said her spot would be a sidewalk cafe in Italy, with her handsome husband, a glass of red wine and a plate of pasta! Sounds pretty wonderful right?)
This is tough for me (Even tougher than posting my fat, little face picture!) because there are so many spots I have been that I want to see and so many I wish to see again. Yes, Italy stand in the shadow of the Duomo in Florence. Ah... But, after thinking about it, I would have to say, London. I LOVE London. I would love to be there again, with Bill, and dining at the tiny Italian cafe we discovered. (See Kat? Pasta in England too!) They waiters were all from Italy and the food was absolutely to die for. I had, hands down, the best minestrone soup and risotto I have ever tasted. There was music, a lovely setting, a charming waiter and a knock out view of the city from our little table. It was a perfect evening. So, if I could twitch my little pug nose, I think I would like to be plunked down there, in that comfy seat by the window, with Bill right across the table.
Thanks Kat! Tomorrow I will continue (And you are asking, WHY?? WHY?? For the love of all humanity, why does she go on!?) with some more questions from Andi, Rue, Janet and Tara. If anyone else has a question, please drop me a comment! I can see you all racing to type, "Why do you persist in this Susie Q?" Not THAT question you sillies but any others! Love and hugs to you all... Susie Q


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Why are we women so hard on ourselves?

Andi said...

You're beautiful!!! Love the the jean jacket with the pins too!!!

Your "questions" post was a fun one!

PAT said...

I love the photo of cutie pie Grace and her mom, sweet Sue!

I missed out on the question post. I'm still sort of getting back into the swing of things. I'll be looking forward to your other answers!


*Jilly* said...

First of all..
I think you are perfect:)

I have a question?
Do you remember the time span of when the bird eggs appeared in the nest from the time they hatched?

I am just curious..I keep checking on our 6 eggs..but no sign of hatching just yet. The birds still come and check on the I atleast know that there is some sort of activity going on.

Thanks sweet Susie-Q!

Cherdecor said...

Awwwwwwww! I LOVE the picture of you! You look just as I had pictured you! You are a beautiful lady!

Thank you so much for getting the courage up to post your picture. I have copied it and filed it in my the file called "blog friends."

Oh, I LOVE your hair style too! Cute!

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

What a cute picture of you and your Daughter.
Your blog is a joy to read.
Best Wishes

Betty Jo said...

What a treat to read this fun post and to see you Sweet Susie . . . you are just as beautiful on the outside, as you are on the inside. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

Lisa said...

That really is a great picture, you are being hard on yourself. Woman are so critical anyway aren't we? I love this post, is there room for more questions for you to answer?

Pamela said...

I like jean jackets too. My Lorakeet picture shows my jean jacket. But I cut off some of the "big" part.

Pamela said...

ps. bittersweet punkin said it

Terri said...

I like that picture of you!

Sue said...

I love that picture of you and Grace and am having fun reading the answers to questions.

The Barber Bunch said...

What a great picture of you!

I did laugh at the "3 or 4 Hundred Pounds and 5 chins" though. Been there done that!


The Barber Bunch said...

Now for my Question....not really a question but a request....

I would love to hear about your Wedding Day. A picture would be great too!


justabeachkat said...

Thanks for answering my question sweet Susie Q! I think your spot sounds perfect. Wish we could twitch our noses at the same time and enjoy lunch or dinner together at your spot and then mine. Oh, wouldn't that be fun?! sexy mama...I love, love, love your cute hair cut!


Alice said...

Such a pretty picture of you and Grace. You have the sweetest smile.

I have a question too: When you are a passenger in a car, what do you watch from the window?

Sheila said...

Love your picture in the jean jacket!

Here's my question: What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Simply Heart And Home said...


You are beautiful! I love the coloring in the picture. And I only see 1 chin! :)

Twitching my nose out of here...

Have a lovely day!


Sandi McBride said...

Hey, I want you to pick a spot where we could all meet and spend the day after that nose twitching episode, okay? I'll bring the bundt cake you bring the wine and cheese and we'll talk everyone else into bringing the real meals, lol! I hear that BeachKat is a pretty good cook...
fun post!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You look gorgeous in that picture. And your sweetie does too.
Your blog is such fun.
I'm so glad I discovered it!

LivingTheLife said...

OK...first things FIRST...I thought you said you had been married to Bill for 30 if that is so...were you 12 when you married HIM??? Geez Louise...there is NO WAY you are almost 50 or are 50...just no look way too young for that...and you are GORGEOUS...but somehow I knew that already!

Then there is the question...I posted in your original post a question about how and when you met your Bill...sorry, I didn't just post it here...but now you are going to have to go back to that blog and read my crazy comment...I mean you REALLY I left a comment under your post about "Gotcha Day" and a book I read that makes me think of of course more skimming through your blog to find that one, too!

Loved the questions and all your answers...I can't wait to see what other questions you receive and their answers...


wendster said...

I just got caught up again. I do get behind sometimes! I am so glad the baby birds are doing well! Adorable little guys! Loved the gotcha post. Reminded me of some stupid questions people asked me after I miscarried twice before I had the four I have. Unfortunately I wasn't so quick on my toes with the funny answers.
I wanna ask you a question:
If you could have five wishes, one for each member of your family, what would you wish for? (Five because of course kipper and the cats need a wish! lol)
And I was SO DELIGHTED to see your photo posted.
Crap, did you have to be so pretty? You are already so dang perfect! Excellent photographer, excellent writer, amazing home, cool hubby ... couldn't you at least have an extra arm or something? naaaahhhh ... I'm happy for you that even your face is perfect. It makes for a matched set. And what's a few extra pounds? Are they able to steal away our beauty? nope nope nope I say. We are still stunning.
I didn't know you had been to London and to the PERFECT restaurant? I'm telling you woman! Another thing to add to the list of things that are perfect at your house. ha.
OK ok ... I know that things aren't perfect at anyone's house. But it sure looks good from here. (I've also got some really green grass on the other side of the neighbor's fence that I've been looking at.)
OK. Visit when you can.
I'll try to keep up too.
Hugs! Wendy
p.s. Oh yes! I just added your name to the list at Wonderful World of Weiners for favorite blog sites. She wanted to know where we go for favorites. I'm sure you would enjoy her blog as well. She's on my blog roll. Sorry I don't have the link for you!

Gretchen said...

Darling picture. You sure don't look 50ish! At least 10 years younger. Thanks for the book review and the fun fax...


wendster said...

Oh yes! And happy birthday to your dear hubby. :D Hope he had fun.

Janet said...


What a sweet picture and you certainly don't look your! Who cares about the chins?? Most of us have a few more that we were born with, just another sign of;-)

Can't wait for the rest of your answers, amazing how everyone elses lives seem so much more interesting, huh?


Mockingbird Hill said...

I just knew we were sisters from another mother! If I can't wear my fav-o-rite jeans then I have to stop and think if it's someplace I really want to be ;)

The picture of you and Grace is are as pretty as your heart is sweet.


sheila said...

oh, you look darlin' :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

You and your daughter are so precious! You are so cute .....just perfect if you ask me. I would have answered my question the same ways... Jeans!

I am so behind on my RSS feed got messed up again and I ended up with 4223 new posts to read. I just cleared them all off and now I'm trying to wade through and find all the things I missed.

Have the best of weekends .... ((hugs)) Rosie

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE the picture you posted of yourself. You are so stinkin' ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Cote de Texas said...

You look adorable! But = take it from me with the mulitple chins - you need to learn how to take a picture without the chins showing. It's pretty simple

1. look at the camera with your eyes, chin DOWN.
2. pull your head out from your neck so that when you are chin down, the chins dont mulitply - this is a VERY important step ----
pull your head way out from your neck, chin down, eyes at the camera.

3. viola - no chins! it works, I swear. try it.

Thanks for your sweet comments - I love getting them from you - they are always so nice.

daisy cottage said...

Inside AND out.. beautiful.
What a wonderful photo of you and Grace - love it - love YOU!!!!


TiffanyJane said...

Awww!! What a beautiful picture!!! Cute jacket and love your hair! :)