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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Is My Face Red...

...but I do so love that color! I hope it did not sound as if I wasn't happy in my kitchen. I am, so very much! Yes, I still see those words on RMS in my head..."Unremarkable, so very unremarkable." It seems that this person was unimpressed with my choice in counter and flooring material. Heck, so am I. I went for less expensive and neutral. As a military family who moved 19 times, we never knew when that next "sell fast and get outta Dodge" would occur. We now know this is where we will remain, well, until our knees and backs totally give out. And yes, we are working on making this a more "our own strange" personality driven home. Still, there are colleges and orthodontists that, for some strange reason, love to be paid! The sweet person on RMS actually asked me why I had yet to "spend my money where it was needed". Ah, but I DID. We adopted our daughter. That perfect floor and counter would have to wait. And, for anyone who thinks for a second that this kitchen is always so clean...let me put that notion to rest! I knew family would be coming by this evening (more on that later) and did a quick clean up. At this moment, there are plates and glasses in the sink, a table full of left overs waiting to be put away and a pile of laundry in the middle of the floor. Can anyone explain to me how 3 people (Daniel does his own laundry) have this many dirty clothes? Sheesh...and it is staring at me, calling to me...wash me...dry me...fold me... Why I let that unremarkable line bother me, I have no idea. I am rather red of face that it DID upset me. Perhaps it annoyed me because I can not imagine why anyone would say something so unkind to another. But you know? I have learned something. No matter what I do or do NOT do to this kitchen, powder room or basement, some will always find it "unremarkable". I have always enjoyed watching HGTV"s Househunters. Recently, however, it has left me miffed. Yes, miffed. To watch one young couple after another spurn a home because it has, and let me say this exactly as the lovely young woman did so eloquently... "Egad! Vinyl flooring! I can not live with vinyl flooring!"... left me a teensy but cold. This remark was quickly followed by the inevitable, "NO granite? NO GRANITE!" She practically swooned. It was a shock to sweetie's delicate sensibilities that some of us barbarian cave dwellers actually suffer the lack of granite counters. We should be shot at dawn. Just today I picked up a copy of a new magazine to read what a young designer had to say about updating my dining room. Well, straight away he said to rid myself of any dark walls...IE, burgundy. Oh yeah, like in the burgundy walls we spent a week painting 2 months ago. Those walls are already dated. Who knew? And I need to lose the *old fashioned* table and chairs. Uh huh. Just like the ones we bought and paid for 2 months ago. I think I will kill myself. So, I was dated before the paint had a chance to dry. Why should this amaze me? I am sorely out of touch with most clothes styles, music and books. Shouldn't my home reflect the me who is out of touch, out of whack and probably out of cumin in the pantry? And so it does...from the burgundy walls in the dining room to the eclectic mix of treasures in our family room. Someday soon I will change this flooring and these counters and will be thrilled to do so. But, until then, I will relax and enjoy being so delightfully unremarkable. You see, being unremarkable isn't tough at all when you are surrounded by the wonderful blog friends that I have. Bless you all... Have a sweet Wednesday...I need to run. The laundry pile calls.


Cheryl Wray said...

I think that your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I say that we should decorate, and live, in a way that is comfortable and cozy to us. To heck with what magazines and home shows say.

Your taste in decor is just beautiful and I would feel lucky to have a kitchen like yours!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sue, I am a couple of post behind, but am catching up. I have to tell you I found your kitchen one of the most warm inviting spaces I have ever seen. I quit even looking at RMS, because of some of the rude comments on it. Usually the rude comments come from people who do not post pictures of their homes.

I would love to spend time with you in your home. It is warm, REAL and just perfect!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, now I'm miffed too cept I spell it with a p and and a coupla s's...who dares tell you something that stupid? Shall I gather the villagers to go burn their damn castle down? They must live in a castle at the very least to think that your home is anything other than terrific...pfft...making me sputter and pitchforks at your command Ma'am!

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie Q,
I cannot believe that!!!
I am still waiting for GRANITE!!!
We had college, then a wedding, and you know it's always something.
Adoption, now that is a good way to spend some money!!!
Who cares what others think anyway.
We are just now planning our master bath redo. I have been waiting all this time, 16 years to be exact. So I know what it is to have other things to do with the money besides the latest and greatest!!
Your home is cozy and wonderful, as are the people in it.

Meggie said...

I LOVE your kitchen, Sue. And, I don't have granite either! I live on a budget and I think most of my friends do, too. I also have priorities and too often decorating isn't high on the insurance, mortagage payment, tractor repair....gee, all these essentials seem to get in the way. Do people live in la la land or do they have endless cash in their checking accounts?

Laurie said...

What ever happened to "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" Isn't that what our mother's taught us? I can't imagine making a rude comment like that to someone about their home! I have been reading your blog for a few months and must say that life at your home sounds absolutely delightful and lovely -- what could be better than that?

Laurie S.

Pearl said...

Very, very fun color!!!

Hope you are doing well.

justabeachkat said...

Oh, I just want to scream. Some people.... Oh, don't get me started. Forget it Sue. It's not worth even thinking about. Don't let what one person says stay with you. There's TONS of us who love ya!


Terri said...

I think people who HAVE to HAVE whatever the style of the moment is....picture perfect, perhaps but uncomfortable to use, afford, and or keep looking good are idiots.
True style and "hipness" (is that a word?) is dressing your home like you dress yourself...with things you love and want and think are pretty. If some self-satisfied critic doesn't like one of your choices then I guess they should choose something different for themselves.
Honest to Pete!How pathetic is it that with all the things in the world that really do need fixing (Pollution, War, Poverty, Crime) some people feel making snide comments on RMS is actually a worthwhile use of their time.

And what the heck is wrong with Vinyl flooring? % kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats later I wish I HAD a nice easy to clean vinyl floor in our game room!! See...we actually LIVE in our house. Idiots!

You sound like you know what's REALLY worth having and what isn't. Ignore the snotty little comments from peabrained fashionistas who son't know the difference between a home and a house!! Pity the poor twits. You got it right, kiddo!

Carolyn said...

My Kitchen is all about the red too. Decorated with all of my Coca Cola Collectibles. And of course all my appliances are red!


Kathleen Grace said...

Dear Sue, I am just home from Florida and catching up. Wow, when did people get so shallow and rude?! Every part of your home that you have shared with us is so breautiful. I love the colors you use and it is clearly a happy and loving home. I love to decorate, but my home is not a designer showcase and I don't worry about impressing people. Our budget goes for college and living too. When we are gone our "impressive kitchens" and RMS rooms will be left behind and I hope that people have better things to remember about me than that I was a cutting edge decorator:>) I am sure that people like that are not worth the anger and worry they give us. I say keep doing what you do, your family no doubt appreciates all you do more than any stranger can.
Hugs to you!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I don't have granite counters either and I always have scads of laundry....LOl!! Soon I will have orthodontist payments times TWO as DS will be getting his least they give a family "discount"...

Jolene George said...

I didn't get the impression you didn't enjoy your kitchen. I felt your love for your home. I agree with you. It is a great place. Not only is your kitchen beautiful, but your whole home is. Such a reflection of those that live there.
By the amazing to see the development of those sweet birds. I'm so impressed that you were able to document it.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Here's to us... UNREMARKABLE women...and the kitchens we cook in!
With bunny ears like those...who needs granite! :)

M ^..^

Mary said...

Oh Sue, your kitchen is WONDERFUL!!! It is not some cold and cavernous space with acres of granite, but a REAL, LIVE FAMILY PLACE with all the warmth and charm of your personality. Those nasty commenters can just go to H-E-double hockey sticks!

BTW, LOVE your rooster lamp! ;)

Sheila said...

Hi, Sue... OK I'm going to have to ask a dumb question here... what exactly is "RMS" and what exactly did he/she/it say? From this post it sounds like someone said something not-so-nice about your kitchen -- but I don't understand what or where it came from? Maybe you can enlighten me.. you can email me if you'd like.

Alice said...

Oh, tsktsk, granite is so passé. Quartz, only quartz, will do! I frequently want to reach through my TV and smack those HouseHunter people. It is those people, carrying 3 mortgages and having made $0 downpayment on their homes, who have created this whole housing mess.

So what's the deal with having a kitchen that looks exactly like every other kitchen on the block. Why would anyone want that. I think you have a beautiful, warm and unique kitchen.

Simply Heart And Home said...

I too am catching up. I left a comment in the post below. Gosh, I haven't watched designing shows in ages. I don't care for people's petty comments either. I prefer cooking shows! :)

Connie said...

I love the red appliances! I just found your blog and it's soooo cute! Visit with me sometime.

Mama P said...

That just makes me want to have a cup of coffee. In your beautiful kitchen!

Anonymous said...

we all like to look at pretty things, which vary according to the ideas of the viewer, BUT we all LOVE to feel at home, and your house (what i have seen) allows that comfort. really, i hope you always do what you want, not what someone says is in. i have only been "in"once, by accident, and even then i missed it and learned of it after the fact(when i was "dated"). your life is rich and that is better than your if your kitchen is! jkj

Anonymous said...

Girl I have the worst ratings. I have never got an I love that. I say pi-- on em.
I wouldn't buy granite if I could .I just don't love the cold feel.

Cherdecor said...

I love your kitchen! I thought I had commented about it but must not have.
I would give your kitchen a high rating. I love it!

Terri and Bob said...

I love your kitchen. I love red, too, in fact I have red countertops. I love them and I'll bet you would too. I am soooo far behind. Summer school is driving me crazy. I can't wait til July!

daisy cottage said...

We don't have "spaces" - we have HOMES.
Homes should never be rated.. they should be LOVED. You love yours. We LOVE yours. That's all that matters.


bj said...

Dear Darlin' Sue....
RMS was always a battleground, right from the very first day. I know because....I was there! It didn't take very many days until I realized that this space was going to be a chance for the MEANIES to shine. I am old enuf that those kind of remarks didn't bother me but I can see how they would affect younger women...the ones trying so HARD to make a lovely home. And, I lost my cool on there many times when some of the sweet ladies, like you, were hurt so bad. The thing was...YOU still, to this day, remember what was said and how it hurt you...the person or persons that wrote the mean hateful things moved right on to the next and couldn't tell you what they said on YOUR space. (Oh boy, I am gettin' worked up all over again, just thinkin' of it !!)

ANYWAY, as for vinyl and granite and etc....You, my sweet, have your priorties straight and some folks just haven't got there yet.
You know that we can not please everyone all the time and shouldn't even WANT to. We are in this life just once and we gotta please OURSELVES and OUR LOVED ONES and then, if there's someone else out there that likes what we've done, that's just an extra blessing. The meanies just DON'T COUNT.
I put butcher block formica on our countertops 25 yrs ago and they have been there ever since. I have always just loved them and they stilllook just fabulous. So, why change? The money is needed for a new fence, to pay off a credit card, A BIG SCREEN TV (heh heh) daughter just informed me that "MOM...butcherblock countertops are COMING BACK !" She said the last two decorating mags were showing them so, hey....I'm back in style ! HAHAHAHA ain't it all a hoot !! I've just never been one to stay "in style" or try to please everyone! Just the ones that matter!!
hugs and love to you,

Rue said...

I read that article. I can't remember what magazine it was, but it made me not want to buy it again LOL

I never listen to what is in unless I have to sell my house. My style is "me" and love it or hate it, I'm not changin' it ;)

love you,