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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unremarkable Kitchen...Remarkable Memories

Sweet BJ at Sweet Nothings is hosting a Kitchen Party on her blog this week! So many talented and creative bloggers are sharing their kitchens with us or are sharing one they have found that, in their eyes, is glorious. I have so enjoyed seeing these wonderful spaces and wanted to join in. Then, stupidly, I chose NOT to send in my photos because I was sure my kitchen would be deemed quite unremarkable...and yes, that RMS sting still hurts! So, unremarkable as it is, each photo is *clickable* and it will give you a larger image to see. Just don't look too hard for batter spills or cracker crumbs! The tea towels are really used...and are picked up on trips here and abroad. I have so many of them and they make me smile!
I considered removing the refrigerator decor but heck. It is part of our life so here it is. As is!
Good question...what IS for supper?
The sign over the window reads, "Enjoy the Journey" and I think we do! As you can see, a minimalist I am not!
We do not all have large homes or enormous design budgets. I am one of those! But hey. I have a lovely home and am surrounded by the treasures and people I adore. That counts for something right? We have already chosen the flooring and counter tops/tile back splashes that will be added to our kitchen, hopefully, next year. When we bought our home, we chose very neutral colors because we thought we might well have had to move again. When we realized, last year, that we were finally home for good, adding our own personality began...a little here and a tiny bit there. It will all come together someday soon but, until then, this is my kitchen, unremarkable perhaps, cluttered to some, but mine. It will never be featured in a magazine but it is our nest. Our kitchen table has seen it's share of dinners, laughter, hurried breakfasts and tears. Almost every member of my extended family has, over the years, dined at this table. You can see the small indentations from completed homework assignments and a nick here and there from each of our 17 moves. There is even a scorched spot that brings back memories of candlelight dining during our first hurricane. Isn't it wonderful that I love vintage? It was at this table that scores of adoption paperwork was completed and at which Daniel studied for his Senior year finals. It was here I sat after learning that my beloved father had passed away and it was here that we both sat upon learning that we had a daughter waiting for us in China. Yes, I have scores of dishes and glassware, all pretty and of which I am quite fond. I do love to set a sweet table and use the linens and lovely tableware I have. But this is how our kitchen looks on most days...mid afternoon. I have cleaned up from the morning rush and Grace has yet to get home, dragging with her an overstuffed backpack and many papers to check. I am still in the process of aging the walls so don't look TOO HARD! It is a dreary, rainy day so may appear to be a bit gloomy. Of course, odd duck that I am, I adore such days and feel all the more cozy in my little home. Someday soon I will have the brick flooring I crave (Not quite like our pretty Kat's but she WAS my inspiration!) but, until then, our kitchen will continue to be our safe haven. It will still shelter dogs with muddy feet and shedding cats. Young men, and not so young men, will still forget to remove their grass covered shoes after mowing. Watercolor paint will be splattered on the table and pancake syrup will still, somehow, magically find it's way onto the floor and walls. And I will love it all. I will be grateful for it all. Thank you dear, dear BJ for being such a gracious hostess this week! If you have yet to take a peek, please do!


Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

Making memories is what a home is all about.It's not what you have or don't .Your home is beautiful and full of love .Your are blessed
Best Wishes

wendster said...


I hate my life.


Really, Susie Q. When you say your kitchen is UNremarkable, you are supposed to back it up with photos of an unremarkable kitchen. Not a kitchen with all of these adorable treasures and cute curtains and a pig that writes messages to the family. (Rather remarkable if you ask me.) Then I walk downstairs and look at MY kitchen which still has unshelved bags of groceries sitting on the floor, potatoes spilled all over the tops of the boxes of almond flour we bought in gross, and no curtains at all!
But the sink is clean.
And me and Becca had the best time cleaning it together last week as we listened to her radio, which she dragged in from her room for my listening pleasure and hers while we wiped and washed.
Happy place. Unremarkable. And not too cute. But someday. Someday I will have a Suzie Q kitchen.

Hey. I loved like crazy those arboretum pictures. Have you ever considered doing posts with photo tips for us all?

I would be first in line to read that one. I would love to take beautiful photos like you do. You are quite amazing my friend, and it is a pleasure to read each and every entry.

Love and hugs!


Susie Harris said...

Just wanted to share my post I did on how to display your artwork. I hate to crowd my fridge with stuff so I made this... Hope you check it out, Susie H

Cherdecor said...

Your kitchen is my pick! Maybe it is the roosters, I don't know, but it looks very cozy and comfortable. I love it! I have some roosters in my kitchen as well. I am always wanting to buy roosters but I have no place to put them. I have a galley kitchen and very little space for extras.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Susie Q,

It's fine with me if you want to add me. The more the merrier. I adore what you've done with your kitchen.
I will add you to mine as well.


Tammy said...

Your kitchen is so adorable! I could not even show my kitchen to the needs a total makeover. But yours is so charming- love it!

justabeachkat said...

Beautiful and warm and inviting Susie...just like YOU. I'd love to sit in your kitchen at your table and enjoy a cup of coffee and just chat away about this and that. A very sweet post!


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Susie Q, I really enjoyed your kitchen tour. So what is for supper?


PAT said...

Hi Sue

We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, for R&R at the lake..haven't been since before surgery. I've been trying to get around to all "my blogs", before we go. I love your kitchen! I think it's wonderful!

I'm going to post another drive around town, tomorrow. We did that today, in the rain!

Have a great week!

Pamela said...

unremarkable - and.. wasn't there an elvis sighting behind the cupboard door?

snort.. like so much!

bj said...

dEAR Susie...are you kidding me??
This kitchen is past is full of color, character, charm and lots of love. I adore your kitchen and am so, SOOO glad you decided to share it with all of us.
hugs, bj

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a cheerful kitchen you have, and full of memories! I think that is the very best kind!

Rosemary said...

I see miss bunny still waiting for her crown to show up. I can't wait to see her in it.
Love all of the pictures. I could spend some serious time in your home. Chatting, sipping tea, what fun!!

LivingTheLife said...

I think your kitchen is many, many ways. I think a kitchen filled with love, laughter, and living trumps any other kitchen out there!

My kitchen is a dump...seriously...we have to replace the counter tops and do some major "spiffing" up before we think of selling our home after our new house is hasn't always been a dump...back in the late 80's when this house was built...I'm sure the kitchen was cutting edge...we bought our home in 1991...and we have always wanted to do something special to our kitchen...but life kept happening...and well, we just never got around to it. I mean we have done some updating and bought new appliances when needed...but as far as making it AMAZING or REMARKABLE...nah...that has never happened...but even as dumpy as it is on occassion... it still holds many fond memories for all of my family...memories full of life...something that will take many years to develop in our new home...which probably will have nicer counter tops, greater flooring...and some kick hiney appliances...but it will never be better than this ole faithful...the one we have spent over 17 years of our life in...making memories, crying, laughing, joking, and just living in...and sweetie, you know we can't ever beat that...not even with granite!


Brown English Muffin said...

well personally I love's cozy and looks comfortable!!!

Hooked on Houses said...

What a happy and welcoming kitchen! I need a pig like that to ask the "What's for Supper?" question so maybe my family wouldn't feel the need to nag me about it so much (the sign is already asking, so you don't have to!).

I love that your refrigerator is as "colorful" as mine is. -Julia :-)

Janet said...

I love your kitchen, it reminds me of mine. Maybe not "up to date", but who really cares?? I just love to cook and when i hear people say they couldn't have a kitchen my size, or a fridge as small as mine, I just shake my head. I have cooked from scratch in that kitchen every day for almost 17 years for 4 boys and a husband and they never complained about the formica or the small fridge. Sometimes I just want to jump into the TV and wallop those "HouseHunters" and sometimes I wonder why I find it hard to deal with today's first time buyers. They .they. want. it.NOW.

Plop...the sound of me falling off our soapbox.

Love ya,

Gretchen said...

"No matter what I do or do NOT do to this kitchen, powder room or basement, some will always find it "unremarkable"."

I hope so. Seriously. Of all the lives you touch and how you touch them, who gives a rip about your kitchen. I mean, make it to your liking, of course, but's a kitchen. You are so much more remarkable than a beautiful kitchen. Period. xxxoooGretchen

I know...shy with my opinions. :)

Sheila said...

Sue, you have one of my most beautiful, cozy kitchens I've ever seen! I feel like coming right over and have a cuppa with you!

FHL said...

Sue, I think your kitchen is lovely, filled with personality, and welcoming!

(And a small confession...we have tile in our current home...oh, so wish it was vinyl! We rent...the tile is cold and concerns me that it may crack or a renter wood floors scare me with our dog. Vinyl is a very welcoming sight to this renters eyes. Although we did have brick in our quarters in Germany...LOVED it!)

FHL said...

Oh, I also had to mention that I would be second in line right behind wendster for those photography tips!!!!

Lisa said...

My favorite post so far since I've been blogging in March of this year. I love the fact your kitchen is beautiful because it's you. It's not a museum no one cooks or visits in. It's a home with a warm inviting kitchen. That I love. I'm afraid to post my kitchen for fear people will "freak" because I still have the beautiful wall-paper my grandma help me put up 9 years ago. My heart won't yet let me paint. I love it that's all that matters. Everyone should love home. (However, if someone wants to redo my kitchen with a warm fireplace Tuscan Style, I will not object!!) BIG HUGS...

Simply Heart And Home said...

I am behind in commenting but I had to say that I love your kitchen. I am all for a room (and home) reflecting the ones that live there. Who is to say what is fashionable and what is not? Don't listen to negative people ~ what do they know about the your rooms, home, or heart? I would love to sit in your kitchen and share a cup of tea and a laugh.



Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh Susie Q, I am so sorry your feelings got hurt. Unremarkable!....who ever could say that about you or your home? They obviously don't know what they are talking about. To know Susie is to love Susie!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I could do some shopping in there. I want the rooster lamps and the bunny.=)

Cottage Contessa said...

My dear Miss Susie Q! You indeed do have a REMARKABLE kitchen! I think it's beautiful, and homey, comforting, nurturing and obviously full of love for your family. Simply one word......beautiful!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

-Jennifer said...

I spied some Longaberger!!

daisy cottage said...

love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love,

Love YOU.

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

Unremarkable? Hardly. It's a beautiful kitchen filled with even more beautiful and bittersweet memories. The story of it has touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it with us :)