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Friday, December 07, 2007

A Warm Heart

I am overjoyed and so heart warmed that so many of you want to participate in Blogging Babe Blowout Weekend 2008! The thought that many of us could meet and share a weekend of fun and friendship overwhelms me. Thank you for your responses! I have always been one of those wimpy folk who fear upsetting anyone and always wish to make everyone happy! Still, I know all too well that no matter which place we choose, someone we all adore may be unable to attend. That pains me, I do hope you all know that and will be gentle with me! I stayed up almost all of last night, tossing and turning over this. The dog and cats were most disagreeable about that. Bill did not seem to notice. He is far too deep a sleeper. That said, what do you all think about late Spring or early Summer? I was thinking the second week of June. After Memorial Day weekend but it still will not be stifling hot. Of course, this is still up for a vote. I thought this would give us all time to arrange our travel plans, save our pennies and for me to lose 100 or so pounds. Okay, so that last item will never happen. You will have to take me as I am I guess! I COULD insist on meeting in NYC sometime in February-March. You see, Brian is doing a play then and well...gee...okay. So that may only thrill me but... And gee does Andi's April in Paris sound magnifique! But I guess that will have to be tabled for another weekend together! I love the idea of Napa Valley or Carmel because they are 2 of my favorite places on Earth. Oh sweet Strawberry Lane but I would LOVE San Diego or LA and the sweet, sandy beaches. We lived there for awhile and I long to return and see it again... Dear Chris...a Boston adventure would thrill me! Our trip to Boston was one of our best and I would so enjoy being there again... And many of you agreed that a Disney weekend would be such fun! Oh what wonderful ideas you all had! But, in truth, I think we will need to go with something very central to everyone. Something with a nice International airport, good public transportation, centrally located hotels/B & Bs, great restaurants and lots of wonderful things to do. Here is what I propose and you all may feel free to smack me around, slap me silly and scream at me until you are blue in the face. Or red in the face as red would be so pretty this time of year...the holidays and all... I narrowed it down to Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis. I love all three. I have spent a great deal of time in all three. All three fit the above specifications. Now, here is where I tossed and turned. And squirmed and whimpered and fussed and cussed and finally said, "A HA!". St. Louis has some of the most wonderful parks, a history museum, a stellar art museum, a glorious botanical garden, the ever popular Arch, casinos, a zoo, Grant's Farm, an old train station with shops & restaurants, lots of beer (Hey! It's the home of Budweiser you know!) beautiful old homes, Mary Englebreit (Well, we COULD invite her!), fantastic Italian restaurants on The Hill, an enclave where many Italian immigrants settled years ago, theater, a symphony, baseball and it is near St. Charles, a gem of a town, rich in history and chock full of shopping and antiques. There are also many antique shops in the area as well as some fantastic high end malls....have I piqued your interest yet? How about if I mentioned that most of the attractions, ala the zoo, botanical gardens, museums, etc. are free or almost free? How does that grab ya? OH! And our Pat lives near by! Hey Pat? You will HAVE to come. You are already THERE! It is as centrally located as we can get, affordable, drivable for many of us, or easily reached via air for the rest. So? What do you think? Have I lost some of you? Ready to soundly thrash me? Hey, I am a big believer in the democratic system. We can put it to a vote. I never really wanted to be an evil dictator. Okay, so I did but that was in 1986 and I got it out of my system. So, go ahead...and in the words of one of my younger years idols, "Hit me with your best away!"


Andi said...

Meet me in Saint Louie, Louie!!! I'm fine with any of the places mentioned but almost need Memorial Day weekend to make it work for me. Seems as I have a 40th High School class reunion scheduled in June. yes...I'm that old!!!

And March in NYC may be chilly but I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!

Janet said...

Dear Evil Dictator,

Your mustache needs trimming and you should wipe that smarmy smile from your face; the peons look to you for their wellbeing despite your perceived flaws. You should not agonize, you threw the idea out there and let's face it there are millions of possibilities, places I would like to return to, places I have never been. Whatever, it's about the friendship and the talking, eating and giggling. Oh yes, I do love a good giggle! And of course I adore a good meal, never met a carb I didn't like, well I don't like beans, but I think the carbs are cancelled out by their protein, so they don't qualify.
"A mouse has cut the wire...goodbye" Dr. Seuss

Mockingbird Hill said...

Wherever, whenever...I agree with Janet! Just let me know what I can do to help pull it all together ;)

Sandi McBride said...

Listen Suz, I have a great idea...for everyone who can't go, they need to send a short "movie" to the hostess of the Blogatrip...that way they can be involved, and you should tape the "meeting" to post on youtube...doncha think?

PAT said...

Well, dear Sue, I love all three of those cities!! All three doable for us. We don't fly...I know...I should get over that!! But we've been known to drive great distances on our little road trips. Of course, you know, Mr J will be along, where ever we decide! I can't wait to see what the final decision is.

I can vouch for the wonderfulness of Chicago, Nashville and St Louis. I've not only visited Nashville, but I lived there all those many years ago.

Say the word...we'll start saving our pennies...o my goodness...we get our first SS checks in January, so I'm not kiddin' about the pennies!!!;-)

Your friend in St Louie, Louie...Pat

Sheila said...

Oh Sue, yes you've piqued my interest! The three you've narrowed it down to... Chicago, Nashville or St. Louis... are ALL great possibilities for us! Well, Chicago is a no-brainer, since I already live there!! And I've never been to Nashville, so that would be a good possible driving vacation for us.
BUT, when you mentioned St. Louis and all the wonderful things there - that sounds wonderful! I'm sure my hubby would agree to a weekend trip there. We've driven there before, about 8 years ago, and saw the Arch, but not all of those other things you mentioned! I had no idea it had so many nice things to see! (of course seeing the blogging buddies would be the best part!) Just keep me posted on where and when!

Anonymous said...

Susie Q, It all seems awsome. I have never been to any of them. Nashville would be a drive for me,but I look at it this way. What works best for others and what they want. If it works out I come If it doesn't I sit home and cry hehe. No I will b happy for all that get to come and will try my best. I have flown once in my life for an hour and had to take meds. No breathe.. I do need to over come there fear.

Rosemary said...

It all sounds good to me.
I'm not a good flyer, but would be willing.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am very happy to let others get the details all worked out :-).....wouldn't it be fun to met, truly....

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Ah St. Louis...seems like I drove through there once. Me thinks I could stand to travel back and visit a spell with my blogging buddies.

Okay, I just checked it out and it's a 10 hour drive from here. That means I may have to bring Randey, my trusted chauffeur (and stud muffin) along. But I'll tell him there's a Nascar museum or something nearby and that'll keep him occupied for the weekend. lol
And once you set the date, I'll start posting more realistic pictures of myself on my blog so as not to shock you with my real-life, decrepit skinned, puffy looking, haggard self. Okay? I'll need plenty of lead time...I think the pictures should be posted gradually in order to prevent any heart attacks. So keep me posted...for you own good as well as for mine. Thank you so much.
Good day.

And Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Well, Nashville is best for me - just four hours away - but St. Louis could be a real possibility too!

Oh, this sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay I have been watching Paula Deen in Savanah . I had no idea the homes and town was so beautiful. It is full of history. Then we can go eat at her place. Okay I started another mess lol.

wendster said...

Hey ... I know Andi's song!
I like the idea of getting together, I have no problems with St. Louis (though I prefer New York!) but the second week of June? I'd rather not put it so close to the end of the school year. Maybe May? Nice and warm already, but not stifling hot.
That's my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I am only about 7 hours away from Nashville. Probaby closer than Brenda. I would love to come, but don't know if I financially do it, but would love to hear about the adventure.

Is that a picture from this year on your header? It is beautiful. You really know how to color coordinate with your decore. The colors of the ornaments are just beautiful with you blue and white collection.

Blessings to you and yours,

Mom2fur said...

I bet you'll all have a blast when you get together! If you hit NYC, let me know!

Valerie said...

dearest girl! i was SO hoping this would happen!! yippee!!! i'll take anyplace - although i do know that Nashville has Waffle House AND Dixie burgers!! my fat bum is happy thinking about it!!

seriously - i don't care - but i so want to try & get'er done!

Gretchen said...

Don't plan around me, Argentina, because I have tons to do in May and June--school plays, anniversaries, and birthdays, oh my, but if I can make it work, I'd love to meet you in St. Louie. My beach house isn't central at all, but if I don't make the big blogorama, you'll have to come out for some r and r sometime.

hugs. You are silly to think people wouldn't like your ideas. :)

justabeachkat said...

This is exciting! I just appreciate your willingness to put something together. I'll go along with whatever you decide and I'll help in anyway I can.

Thanks for being our leader. Now we need to come up with a name for our group. Maybe a song too. ????

Christmas hugs!

Mama P said...

For someone who talks an awful lot, it may surprise you to know I'm a TERRIBLE traveler. But it would be fun. Pick a place and let us know. I probably won't make it, but you neeeever know.

Jen said...

Come to NYC and I'll be there, don't know about the other places though.

Sugar Bear said...

I'm all for it! My husband and I are going on our annual vacation the week beginning June 14 but if it is before or after that I'm in. If not - I'll send a video!