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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Christmas Season Is Upon Us

It's beginning to look a *little* like Christmas every where we go here at Rabbit Run Cottage! Hello dear friends! I hope all is well with each and every one of you and that you are enjoying the season. I am so sorry I have been off line for a few days! (waving at the sweet friends who emailed to ask how I was!) My computer had a few *issues*...ahem...that it needed to work on. Daniel was able to help it work out it's *issues* so it has decided to behave. For now. I patiently advised the computer that if it's *issues* continued, it was facing the scrap yard. yup. I do believe in tough love for computers. I am thinking of writing a book about it. Or not. Bill has been in Chicago on business (We had planned to go with him but Grace did not want to miss art club or sewing class and we can go the next time!) and Grace and I have been busy decorating! A bow here, a snowman there....a little at a time. Grace and I went to one of the Malls and did a little shopping and looking and being silly girls. She had long wanted a little hair piece and we found this one at a little kiosk! I think she looks just so pretty and sweet...Daddy gulped and said it looked like his little girl was all grown up! Last night my mother and I attended a Christmas gathering for the women's groups at our church. One of the ladies brought in her holiday Hummel collection and had a set at each table. We awoke to 4 inches of snow today! My mom and her dog, Abby, stayed here last night so both she and Kipper were delighted by the white stuff! Snow angels... I hope you are enjoying your week and staying well and safe and warm wherever you are! Enjoy your day....Happy Hanukkah to all who are celebrating.


Janet said...

I am certainly glad that you are back online. I have missed your daily posts. Your home looks amazing as I knew it would. I am struggling with mine this year, seems even more disjointed than usual. I think I am suffering from seeing so many creative touches on blogland that I am feeling inadequate to the task. Maybe I will post about it, there's an idea!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Your decorations are beautiful. Grace is beautiful. And, the snow is beautiful! I think you are living a beautiful life :-) Have the Best of Days..........Rosie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love the Grace pictures and snow pictures and your decorations. We had snow here today too...just enough to cover the ground and make everything so Christmasy. It was beautiful. I am giving some thought about the Blogger Meet. I don't know where I would like to go but house is open too. :)

Anonymous said...

Grace did look beautiful. my April used to work in the mall and sold those. She learned to do amazing things with her hair.Sometimes it was great and fast.
I loved the snow pictures so much and your home is beautiful.

Andi said...

Welcome back to the world of blog. I've been missing you.

Love your Christmas decorations! Grace is a her hair done up.

The first snow of the!

Strawberry Lane said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

You certainly have inspired me to add a few more ribbons and maybe even more lights!

"Tis the season" at your beautiful house!

Kari said...

I want snow. I want snow. I want snow. Hang on, I'm checking outside.

Nope. Didn't work. It's still a balmy 70 degrees here in Texas. Bah humbug. :o

Pamela said...

the snow angels and the music about made me cry (I'm a little weepy recently anyhooo)

the computer problems are going around. I started having problems last week, and my computer was torn down and spread on the floor over the weekend. Thanks to the hubby for getting it back into shape.

Susie said...

Hi there Suzie Q,
What beautiful scenes from Christmas to come! The stained glass window with the beautiful lighting is just breathtaking in its beauty.
I'm glad you're enjoying all the happy, wonderful moments of this joyful season.
Thanks for your kind and loving comments. I'm still not back to full time blogging, but did a little post yesterday. Hope to return before long.
love and ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Oh, the snow is just beautiful. How I wish we could just have a little of it down here in Mississippi. My boys would be estatic!!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your home looks lovely! Grace is so pretty in her hair piece..and I love the picture of her throwing snow!! This is one of the best Christmas-y posts ever! Thank you for sharing this.

Gretchen said...

Please don't make me resort to begging. Come and decorate my house for Christmas Sue. As the popular Nike ad says,"Just DO it!".

Love the pictures of Grace. I'm with her dad; she's too grown up!

hugs. Gretchen

Gretchen said...

And another thing...I really love the picture of the dogs behind the glass door. So sweet.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Looks like a great fun time in the snow, but I think the dogs have the right idea--stay in where it's warm and dry. :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

The snow picture is so beautiful! As is your daughter!

Sorry about your computer issues - they are so vexing. Your home is looking Christmas lovely. The wreath is so pretty. I love how you have the ribbon winding through it - I'm never good with ribbon :-)


Jolene George said...

Your pictures have so much power. They always cause such deep emotional feelings in me. Love that!

Jen said...

we got your sloppy 2nds on that snow fall :)

justabeachkat said...

Beautiful decorations! pretty! I'm a bit jealous. Oh yes ma'am I am.


Mary said...

Dear Sue, I've been unable to visit for a few days,, too, so I am just catching up with you now. As always, your photos are just beautiful!! You have such charming decorations -- so Rabbit Run Cottage! Love your snow pictures, and Grace looks lovely!

Have a wonderful day!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

The snow is so pretty & Grace's hair looks good like that....very festive! Your pictures are wonderful as usual. The dogs...all of pretty!
Hugs, DebraK

Valerie said...

your pictures are amazing.

Mama P said...

You have a way of making everything so cozy.

It must be a bittersweet time of year for you. Thank God your mom is okay, but that must have been a scary time for you. My mom is 76 and I get sad every time I go to her house. I hate to be morbid, I just can't help but think how much I love her. And how I'd miss her god forbid something happened.

What the hell is wrong with me! Chin up! Sigh....