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Thursday, December 20, 2007

So Much Ahead of Her...

32 years ago today our blog buddy Jen was born...she has no idea how much wonder and magic lie ahead of her! She is creative and caring and hard working. She is an amazing woman, wife and mother. She does not always see that but we, those of us who know her, do. I am blessed to know her and call her my friend. Happy Birthday dear Jen.


Southern Heart said...

Happy, happy Birthday to you, Jen!!!

Love, Andrea

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Jen. I don't believe I know you, but I am sure we will meet someday thru Miss Susies Q.

Thanks or stopping by Sue and for your more than kind comments. You will have to fight Mary from Dear Little Red House for the Hitchcock chairs. It has taken me a while to collect them because I am CHEAP.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to our dear friend Jen!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Happy Birthday to Jen!

Susie, you are so much fun to come & visit & I'm so glad to have met you in blogland this year. Looking forward to a new year with you too.

Happy, happy Christmas to you & yours! And Brian too..wherever he may be spending Christmas!


Jen said...

TY Sue! I wish you and I lived close to shop, chat, hang...and knit or something, LOL....Thanks again!! I always crack a smile reading the positive & funny comments you leave me

Terri said...

That's a pretty you decorate cakes too?

If I don't talk to you...Happy Christmas!
God bles.