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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Out And About , Dan Fogelberg And Santa Says Howdy!

Hello dear blog friends! I have been just awful at blogging and visiting of late haven't I? Hey...OKAY! That *YES MA'AM* was a little LOUD don'tcha think? But I DID like the Ma'am part...Um...okay. So I will try to be better but I do have a good excuse., so I don't really but it IS The Christmas Season and it is a busy time and I have been out and about. And about and out and in and there and here and waaaaay over yonder. I know you all are staying busy too right? I hope you are also staying well and being good to yourselves. As Moms and wives and employees we are always giving and giving and doing and doing and our health often takes a back seat. Take some time just for you...YOU deserve it. We have been on the go of late. Bill's company Christmas party was last Friday and it was a great one. Now, you must understand I am used to military shindigs so this was quite the celebration! Good food and drink, wonderful door prizes and beautiful decorations! We had a fun table of folks and new friends and also were able to sit near our dear friends M & C. C also works for the company and has for a long time. Being with them is always a treat! We have been able to take time for dinners and lunches with so many special friends...T & J, T & R, T, PB...neighbors and family. It is warm times like this that makes a heart sing! Okay, so mine sings out of tune but it does sing! And while we are speaking about singing, let's talk about great singers. I am so sad that we have lost Dan Fogelberg. That man had such a warm butterscotch voice and the most exceptionally poetic lyrics. Pure magic...Longer is still one of the most romantic songs ever written. He was a superb musician, although a true balladeer, he was also a man who could rock with the best of them. Sail free Dan...prayers go out to his wife Jean. Dan died from advanced prostate cancer and it was announced that another of our favorites, Stephen Stills, is now fighting this disease as well. Please hound those men of your ladies...get your exams and blood work! We love you and need you here for a long time!
~One of Grace's recent art pieces~
Grace recently had one of her art pieces chosen to be displayed at our town's High School. The works were to depict the artist's plea for peace in our world. We are all heading out to see the exhibit tonight. Last evening was Santa time! We all headed over to The Greene to visit the jolly guy. And just like Mickey Dolenez and The Monkees, Grace IS a believer. Of course, *I* am one as well so we really enjoyed our time with big man. The Greene is a fun place during the holiday season....carriage rides, strolling carollers, a live Nativity, a beautiful tree and Santa himself. We did a little shopping at our favorite book store, Books and Co., had a peppermint cappuccino and some hot chocolate, sugar cookies and a talk with the man in the red suit. We did get the photos they took (which were wonderful by the way) but they also encouraged me to snap my own. I told Santa he would be up on ye olde blog today and he said to tell all of you "Howdy!" It is warmer today, sunny and mild. Grace had her school party at school today...nothing is more fun than 24 3rd graders hopped up on sugar cookies, excitement and candy canes unless it is 20 Kindergartners! Now THEY were a fun group! Whoa... I am making my way around the blog world, visiting each of you when I can. I really enjoyed seeing so many brightly decorated homes during Boomama's Holiday House Tour. I hope you were all able to visit a few! Do take care of yourselves and enjoy this season...blessing to all of you.
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Mockingbird Hill said...

There will not soon be another as talented as Dan The Man...what a loss. I was talking about that earlier today and someone said "Who?". Now, that's a real tragedy, not to know the man and his music..

What a talent Ms. Gracie has there...she should be so proud to be a part of the exhibit and so should you!

Enjoy your "busy-ness"....


Janet said...

I am so proud of Grace; what an honor for her:>).

I want to take it easy, but I have so much baking to do. I finally went to the grocery store and got what I need for Christmas Eve dinner so that chore is out of the way. Then I had a very expensive lunch with my son, of course I paid, but he is such a good kid and always available when I need him ( and vice versa). Then we ordered Tiramisu for one of the Christmas Eve desserts. $37.75. All I can say is it is a good thing Christmas comes but once a year!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we have really enjoyed your Blog even though we have only found you a short time ago! And you are right, how wonderful a little excited group of kindegarten children, all that chatter, such a special age for Christmas! Jenn and Jacqui

Andi said...

How wonderful for Grace to have her artwork on display at the High School. I love her use of color!

Have fun with your family at this busy time of year.

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Old Ang Syne by Dan favorite song! He will be missed.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I was sorry to hear about Dan Fogelberg, too. So sad, so young.

Received your card yesterday. Randey absolutely loved the picture. That's really saying something, too. Usually, when I show him the cards we've received that day, he just looks at them and says "yeah, hon, that's nice" and fades off into the sunset (or living room, whichever is closer. lol). But he took a shine to yours (my man has fanTABulous taste, does he not??).

Merry Christmas and thank you for your beautiful card, Sue!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Now, why am I NOT surprised that you have a giraffe looking at a Christmas tree on your blog?

Sue, you are more than excused for not hopping about blogdom as much as normal! You have been super busy!! Sounds like all of your events have been joyful ones. Gracie's art piece is amazing! Love it!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I am a BELIEVER too, and so nice to know that Grace is too. I love it when children hold on to their belief in Santa. It just makes the season so special! We feel blessed that we have a little one in the house again...Sydney just reminds us of how special it is to believe in the Jolly Guy!

I LOVE all the pictures!!!

And, yes, I was so sad to hear about Dan Fogelberg's passing. I had just heard the song "Auld Lang Syne" the other night; it's one of my favorite "christmas-y" songs. and, you're right, Longer is one of the most beautifully simple love songs ever written.

Mary said...

Sue, I loved Grace's picture with Santa, and her beautiful art work! Sounds like you've been busy, like all of us. I've been behind on my visiting, too! Stop by if you get a chance, I've given you an award. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Greenie Gardens said...

I just love the photo of Grace with Santa and the reindeer! That's a keeper. Grace's art work definately deserves a prize and the fringe on the bottom is just the right touch! Merry Christmas! Stephanie (I have to show my grandson who is giraffe-crazy the giraffe and the tree!)

Sandi McBride said...

You know, my favorite Dan song was Ghosts...Longer is another favorite...but like I told Jeanne, can anyone have a Favorite Fogelberg song? Not likely...smooth as butterscotch...nice turn of phrase, Susie!

Sandi McBride said...

Me again to say Oh oh, tell Grace how great that is...and I hope the proud mama will be posting pictures!

Melissa said...

Butterscotch - what a great way to describe his voice! He will certainly be missed.

It looks like fun on The Greene! Makes me feel all Christmas-y to see you all visiting Santa.

It's finally gotten cold here, so it's finally feeling like Christmas!

Sugar Bear said...

I feel so bad about Dan Folgerberg as well. Love to listen to his Christmas music this time of year.

A big congratulations to Grace! A beautiful piece - you must be very proud!

In case I don't have a chance to blog again - Merry Christmas sweet friend to you and your family.

The Feathered Nest said...

Sue, yes I was sad to learn about Dan - what a great loss. Congratulations to Gracie for having one of her art pieces chosen for display - what an honor!

I came by to wish you and your family a most Merry Christmas. I'm taking some time off until after Christmas to enjoy my DD being home from shool!

Gretchen said...

I had NO idea about Dan Fogelberg. So sad. I loved all his stuff and even saw him at Red Rocks (near Denver) in college.

Cute pictures of Grace and Santa.

It may just be me, but I think you might have to have your camera surgically removed when you die (about a hundred years from now, I hope). :)

Sheila said...

Such a cute picture of Grace with Santa! I love it. The Greene sounds like a wonderful place to go!!