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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Autumn Treat

Do check out our dear Pat's post today! You will find it at Back Porch Musings her ever so lovely online journal. Now, isn't that a sweeter way of saying blog? Okay, so *I* blog but all of you elegant ladies *journal*...and I am talking about ALL of you! It is ME that is working on that elegant thing. Maybe I will get there before I turn 80. Until then, I slurp my tea, spill spaghetti sauce all over my white blouse, trip over cracks in sidewalks and blog. *sigh* Our Pat has such a warm and welcoming way on space. A lovely lady with one of the prettiest homes you will ever see! Please give yourself a treat and pay an Autumn visit to Pat! You will come away with a smile!


Mom2fur said...

After checking out her site, I'm going to have to talk my husband into taking a ride out on the island soon to see if we can find a farmstand or two. I just love farmstands in the fall!
BTW, if you have to be elegant to journal, than believe me...I blog.

Deb said...

Hi Susie
I agree - Pat's blog (like yours) is absolutely wonderful!

homedaisy said...

i think you and pat are kindred spirits. sweet ladies with warm and cozy blogs :)

PAT said...

Thank you Sue! You are so sweet!!


Andi said...

I agree completely!!! Pat's back porch is one of my daily stops. Her home is lovely just as she is and her photos are amazing.

Paula said...

Susie Q,
She's becoming a lovely young lady! You are blessed. I agree with you - I blog. Enjoy seeing the effects on your photos. Nice touch!

Susie said...

Hi Mz Suzie Q,
Don't change one thing about the way you blog! Can't you tell all these people love you! Off to check out your newest recommendation.