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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Was On Sale...Really! I Swear!

...and I had this gift card that was burning a hole in my Has anyone really ever had anything actually BURN a hole in their pocket? I mean, with heat and flames and ashes and "OUCH! MY POCKET JUST IGNITED!" emanating from their lips? Just asking... I fell in love with his pretty, bunny face. Let's all sing, Bunny Face, you've got the cutest little bunny Okay. Can I hum it at least? Well, see, Macy's is having this huge Fall Home Sale and it was marked waaay down and I had this gift card burning a hole...Ooh. Deja Vu. Um, what? He is sweet isn't he? Yes, he IS a he. He told me so. I surely have been AWOL haven't I. I have been a terrible blog friend, just really lousy at visiting of late. I have been able to pop into a few blogs but left very few comments. I will make up for this transgression somehow. I promise! I am staying with my nephew while his Mom and Dad get a much needed vacation. Today they are near the Grand Canyon so they better be taking a lot of pictures for me! I have been staying at their house so I can keep Boo on his routine as much as possible. (For anyone who is new here, my sweet nephew is Autistic) A HUGE Thank you to Sheila and Jen for giving me the heads up about today's Oprah show. I will be watching! Bill gets Grace off to school here while I get Boo up and drive him to his school. Then I come back here and do a little work. Then it is off to pick up Boo and take him to his sitter's (Again, routine is VERY important!). Back home to do laundry, clean, baby my pets... Grace gets home and we do homework. Then she has her down time while I finish up around here. Then it is off to Mom's, pick her up and then get Boo. Back to Boo's house, wait for Bill and then we do dinner together. About 7:30, Bill takes Mom home, then he and Grace go home while I am being soaked by a 4 year old bathing beauty. Oh isn't it a hoot when Auntie Sue gets soggy! This IS comedy baby! At 9 pm I am usually still trying to get a squirming and laughing 4 year old into bed. 4 year old thinks it is so funny to have the still dripping Auntie Sue chase him down the hall...whoopie...after much wrangling (I always wanted to be a cowboy after all), we read a story and he goes off to sleep. Auntie Sue dries off and changes her clothes and sits down to read the morning newspaper. I haven't been sleeping well there, maybe because I miss their doggie "Haley". When it is so still at night, I really miss her presence. I may take Kipper with me tonight...hey Kip? What do you think? Now, 2 HUGE thank yous are in order! Dear Chris at Cats On My Quilts sent me the most wonderful gift! She had a Charles and Diana mug that had been owned by her Mother. After seeing my Royal Family collection, she decided it would be at home in Rabbit Run Cottage. Chris? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It will be a cherished part of my collection and I will think about both you and your Mother when I see it. Chris is a special lady who lives in a beautiful part if the world! Please pay her a visit soon! And Donna at The Decorated House ...I purchased one of her delightful bunny Halloween prints and she included one of her oh so sweet Halloween tags too! If you have not yet seen Donna's blog or etsy shop, go straight away! She is a designer extraordinaire! Thank you for such a quick delivery of the bunny print (which will be framed by this weekend!) and the wonderful tag!
Donna's items are under copy write protection!


Rosemary said...

Love the decorations!!!
Have a fun week.
Love the new bunny too!

Andi said...

What??? Macy's is having a sale and no one alerted me!!!

Love the new bunny...I do believe he was calling your name! Sale or no sale...some things you just have to have.

You've been a busy lady.

PEA said...

Well isn't that just a good thing that you bought that bunny before that gift card burned a hole in your pocked, isn't it!!! hehe He's adorable! Glad he told you he's a he and that you didn't have to check under his tail...!! I'm sure Boo is having a wonderful time having his auntie taking care of him:-) How wonderful that Chris sent you that Royal cup...beautiful!! xoxo

PAT said...

Hello Dear Sue...I've actually had one of those cards burn a hole in my pocket! I love that bunny!

I really need to get out more...had no idea Macy's is having a sale!

Your fall decorations are very pretty and fun!

I love Donna's creations!


Mama P said...

I love seeing all those things in store windows and your blog because then I don't have to worry about owning them (and having the kids break them).

One thing: after bathing Boo, you went home. Who watched Boo? I'm confused!

Obviously you didn't leave him alone, but I chuckled when I read the post a few times, as you left out a key transition.

As usual, your photos are lovely, as are your stylings. You do make my day.

Chris said...

Glad it got there safe. I know it belongs there and my Mom would have loved seeing your collection.

T*mmy said...

The bunny you bought does have a very expressive face...really cute!
I think I heard that Martha Stewart is giving away a $1000 gift certificate to Macey's, you might check her website and sign up ;)

What a treasure you have in friends, it all just comes back to YOU because you have been such a good friend to many!!

Have a great day!

Mary said...

Well, I can see how that bunny just HAD to come home with you! I'm sure he didn't want to be left at Macy's; it's probably really lonely there at night. Now he'll be right at home in Rabbit Run Cottage! So you see, you were actually performing an act of kindness! :)


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Love the bunnies! Neat English bone china Chuck and Di cup! Totally dig it.

Pamela said...

the old fashioned photo (bunny and bird) is cwazy wabbit wonderful!!!

Jen said...

you go cowgirl!! LOL

DC said...

Just hopping by to say...Macy's here I come! I simply LOVE that bunny...if there is one in our Macy's I just might treat myself.

The Decorated House said...

Hi Sue!
That is beautiful bunny! I can see why you just had to have. That would be so hard to resist.

I am so delighted to see my art living at your house. It's a warm and special place and makes me feel good every time I come by.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The covered dish is precious. That is one bunny who will live at your cottage forever.

Gretchen said...

I hope there are no permanent injuries from the burnt hole in your pocket. Even if there are, I'm sure the bunny will make them feel better. :)

Sheila said...

You certainly sound like a busy (but fun) auntie!
Love all of your new things!