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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kipper's Night Out

My Mom said I could write this post for her as, well, as *I* am the resident expert on ice cream and Ritter's Dog Night. Now, there is nothing like Dog Night at Ritter's...well...almost nothing. Unless it is grilled sirloin steak and a nice juicy hamburger. Or a new squeaky toy. Or chasing one of those silly rabbits that hang in my Mom's garden. Um..where was I? Oh, Ice cream, at Ritter's. On Dog Night. Nothing like it. It was the the first Monday of the month and I reminded my human parents about the big doin's over at Ritter's. I whined and whimpered all through their family cook out, even when I was offered one of my cousin Brady's hot dogs...okay. So I actually grabbed it out of his hand but there is such a fine line between grabbed and offered isn't there? I lay at my Mom's feet as she washed up the bowls and loaded the dishwasher, pleading, as only *I* can, to hurry. I just can not disappoint my public and besides, they COULD run out of ice cream. That would be such a crime of gigantic proportions that I can not even fathom it! Ha! Bet you had no idea a little dog like me knew words like *fathom* ! I am a graduate of a rather prestigious puppy school in St. Louis. In fact, they loved me so much I was asked to return for a second session! And, I will have you know, I was awarded this rather stylish hat to wear. It was tall and pointy on the top and and had some letters on was a D, one was a N and C...I forget the rest of them. Okay, so I was not really given a pointy hat but my Mom said I deserved it. I am rather proud of that fact! Now, let's get back to the main point of this cream. Okay, so My Mom says the point is that there were so many cute doggies but you and I both know the REAL point is that cold, delicious, soft stuff they give me. For free even! They always save me a huge bowl and garnish it with a yummy dog bone. Just for me. Do NOT listen to those rumors about ALL dogs getting a free bowl of ice cream. I am pretty sure they do it only for me. To appease my Mom I will also include a few pictures of other dogs but I have no idea why. If you really want to, you could take a look. And, if you find yourself in our area on the first Monday of the month...any month...join us! This is was hot but all I could think about was digging into a creamy bowl of that ice cream. So, I kissed the old man. He brought me here. It was the least I could do for the Dude. Makes him happy for some reason. So, enough with the kissin'. Where is my ice cream? patience is wearin' thin you know... Aw, now THIS is what I am talkin' about! I let my sister come along but SHE had to pay for HER ice cream. I don't think they have Sister's Night at Ritter's. Maybe she should look into that. This is my Auntie Abby. She is my Grandma's dog and we came from the same shelter in Tennessee. She is 3 years older than me but gosh. She doesn't look it does she! This is my buddy Jack. He is a pretty good guy. We hang out every once in awhile... Jack and his brother. A pretty okay kid, for a human. Aw...a boy and his dog. This picture makes my Mom tear up but I do not know why. She looked like that once when I chewed up one of her earrings. I hope she forgot about that. Don't remind her okay? This little Dude is Milo. I really need to have a talk with him. You just can't go around kissin' everyone like this. But, go ahead and say "Aw..." You know you want to! Sampson is a pretty nice Dude but he sure got into a tussle with one of the poodles over a dropped bone. "Chill Dude" I said..."Let the lady have it...". Sheesh. Why is it always me who has to teach these young ones the code of conduct? Oh, that's right. I am a two time puppy school graduate. With all those honors... Cherokee had the coolest tail. I asked him how he got it that way, all curled up and all. I would try that IF I had a tail. Which I do not. Dang it. This is Dusty....he is a helper dog and that is a real important job. He helps some very nice people that all came with him. They all petted me. I liked that. I wish I could be a helper dog. Mom says "fat chance" I am not sure what that means. Does that mean I should eat more? Dusty really liked his 'scream. I think he deserved a second bowl don't you think? Little Eddie, or Fast Eddie as I like to call him. This kid has all the moves. Pepper is 12 and a really low key sort of guy. The kind of guy who is always there for ya and knows how to take life easy. This is my pal Tuffie. He is a little hyper and he sure does like to smooch my Mom but she did not seem to care. Dad did not either. Would you believe this guy's name is Brian? Yup. Uh huh. Brian. My Mom was pretty happy to meet him. I guess that had somethin' to do with that actor guy she thinks is pretty spiffy. Edward the Corgi. He is very elegant and very polite and very friendly. An all around good guy. Francis the Chocolate Lab. A sweet gal, a little haughty for my taste but I gave her a sniff anyway. Duke and Lolita. Brother and sister. Lolita is one nice girl and I know she is kinda sweet on me. Duke is a player you know. He had been makin' his rounds with the ladies all evening and just wore himself out. Look at that guy. What a goofball. Duke? You are so rightous Dude! My sweet Lolita...I may give her a call sometime. Of course, with no opposable thumbs, that is pretty tough. My buddy Brick...yup. Brick, as in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" Brick. His Dad is an actor I Mom loves actors. Especially that Brian guy. She has been known to hang around stage doors to meet him...or, at least that is what I heard. Man Brick...could you be any messier? Gee whiz... This is Delilah. She has one of those really cool curly tails too. I love a great curly tail on a girl. Winston and Minnie. Nice their 'scream. And this is Eleanor. She is one of my best friends at Ritter's. Sweet as she can be and really pretty too. My Mom says that our blog friend, Andi, would just love Eleanor. I think her Bully would too. Smile pretty for Miss Andi sweet Ellie! Don't look too sad Ellie. We will all be back the first Monday in October. It should be cooler then too. We will meet up and hang out and chill. Mom is hoping she will chill too. The lady LOVES sweaters. But I think HER idea of chillin' and mine are 2 different things. So, until next good to your pets and all the animals of the world. Especially little black and white dogs with stubby tails. Hugs,


PAT said...

Hi looks like everyone was having a great time at the ice cream place. Wish we had an event like that in my town. I would be a very happy girl.

I hope to see more of you here at your mom's blog. You are a very interesting character.

Love and Kisses

Andi said...

Dear Kipper, do you think you might be able to fix me up with Miss Eleanor...she's quite the looker and I think she might go for me?

My Mom really needs to look into why they don't have a Ritter's here in Florida. It's always hot here and you know we need a little frosty treat to cool us down in the summer.

By the way, my Mom sent (actually she took me) me to school too. A fancy place where they kept barking (no pun intended) the same orders over and over again; sit, know the drill. Mom didn't do so well and said I would need to repeat that grade of obedience school over with her. The very wise instructor said there were no puppy failures...only parent failures. Poor Mom...I'm not sure if she's up to going through it again. I think they made her wear the hat at my school.

Puppy Love, Bully

Tammy said...

Hi Kipper,
This is Mandy...
Just wondering..seeing that no one seems to take me to any place really fun, and after all, I AM a very young lab with energy to you think I could tag along next time?
That owner of mine...she's OK...she pats me a lot and plays catch, but since she's a busy home school mom, I can count on one paw the times I've had a day out. The big guy that lives there is OK, but he's still mad at me about chewing up half the house.
Please take me with you next time...pleeeeeese!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Kipper you are tooo cute! I am going to have to check at our Ritter's in Murfreesboro,Tennessee to see if the do this sort of thing. Our Toto would just love it!

Valerie said...

yo, Kip.
Elvis da Kat here. even tho' i am a cat and therefore superior to you & your canine kind, you seem cool.
for a dog.
diggin' you anyways. glad you got some 'scream. occasionally i get some cheese out of the broad here. she's a soft touch and always good for kitty treats, cheese or my fave, catnip. ever tried it? some serious good stuff, man. pure, too. come on by, i can hook you up.

wendster said...

Dang Kipper! You are as funny and as kind as your mother! She has raised you well, and I see you both travel in social circles of people who adore you.
I think you should invite Brian over. It would tickle your mother to see you becoming friends with someone bearing the name of her adored.
I'm assuming you had vanilla? Mmmmmm .... my fave. Unless strawberry cheese cake is available.
You are one cute pooch, Kipper. isn't that the name of a snack, by the way? Kippers on toast? Have you ever been on toast? Toasted? Certainly you were the toast of the town at the ice cream parlor.
Thanks for sharing.
A toast to Kipper.

LivingTheLife said...

Why thanks for stopping by my mom's blog today...I saw your picture and I LIKEY...but mom says I'm fickle...not quite sure what she's trying to say...but don't you like that word..."fickle"...please feel free to add that to your vocabulary...I think it will be very impressive for some...

I wish we had a place to hang out like you do...all I get to do is run errands with mom, hang out in the air conditioned truck and occasionally run into Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Petsmart...those are the only places so far that have allowed us four legged's to come inside and mom also takes me to the dry cleaners and Mac...the owner is so nice...he brings my mom's...well, actually dad's clothes out in these plastic type thingys and ALWAYS pets I like him. I do like going through the drive-thru at the neighborhood drug store...when I'm being good...they always give me a treat after putting it in a special drawer and pushing it to me through a glass wall...kind of cool...

So think of me the next time you're at Ritters...your mom can show you pics of me on moms site...I think you'll like what you see...

Also, tell your mom that the picture of Jack and his brother made my mom tear up, too...what's up w/that!!

Naturegirl said...

This has to be the best ~DOG-gone~ post with so many stars! Kipper you are so lucky to have such a creative sister who has a future in writing!
I think she should have her OWN blog!! tossing a treat your way NG

Mom2fur said...

A night for dogs to have ice cream? What a lucky pup you are! My bil owns an ice cream store...I'll have to tell him about this idea!

Mom2fur said...

PS...tell your mom 'thanks for visiting Mom2fur's blog' and I'm glad she liked the apron!

Sheila said...

Kipper, this is Lovey and Penny here. You are just TOO cute! I wish we lived closer to you so our mom could take us to Dog Night at Ritter's with you!! It would be such fun to share some ice cream with you. And we enjoyed seeing all of your friends!

Carolyn said...

LOL, what a great break in my day! You and soooooo many of your four legged friends out for ice cream. What a hoot! Tell your mom that she is one awesome dog world photog. ;-) Loved it, Kippster!

To Kipper's mom . . . Oh, thanks much for your well wishes, on both ends of the trip! It was as you said. Ditto, missed you, too. Glad you enjoyed the ocean and bay photos. LOL, after reading your comment, I realized maybe that is what happened . . . I should have driven my car all that way, instead of riding my bike!!!

Lots of hugs to you, too, dear friend! :-)

Rosemary said...

What a fun thing to do!!
Kipper is so cute, as are all of the doggies there.
Ice cream sounds pretty good too!
Thanks for sharing dog night with us.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh Kipper-you are so cute, you nearly converted me from a 'cat person' into a 'dog person'!!! Keep up with the adventures!!

Alice said...

Hey, Kipper, what a treat that was to see all the doggies. My Seamus and Maggie would love to go out for ice cream one day.

Kari said...

Dearest Kipper,
Please reserve one seat for Sydney the Wonder Dog at your next Ritter's Dog Night visit. His brother, Blu-boy, will not require a reservation as his social skills aren't nearly as advanced as Sydney's.
Thank you so much for introducing all your friends. This will make it much easier for Sydney to feel comfortable upon his arrival. Sydney and I (his adoring mother) very much look forward to seeing you and enjoying a bowl of ice cream in your company. Well, SYNDEY will enjoy a bowl of ice cream. I'd better stick to just a cone. No point encouraging my behind to get any bigger, fluffier and/or curlier (although I know how much you like that sort of thing!).
Look forward to seeing you in October.
Kari, Sydney's Mom

robin c. said...

Dear Kipper,

Although we are three very spoiled siamese we do not have the opportunity to go for ice cream. Sometimes, not often enough, Mommy lets us have a wee bit of yogurt on a spoon. I guess she heard a rumor that dairy products don't agree with felines, therefore we are deprived of such pleasures.

We like to surprise our Mom and Dad by stealing loaves of bread and making bread crumbs under their bed...Coco likes pralines, but only the ones from the Savannah Candy Kitchen...aahhh the finer things in life.

Enjoy your next night out at Ritters...we'll be playing with catnip mice and eatting kibble!


Rajah, Jasmine and Coco "Puff" Chanel

Jen said...

you should right a book from a dog's perspective!!

Deb said...

This was such a great post & so much fun to see all your friends ... I will tell Benny that you love ice cream as much as he does :-}

jafabrit said...

Oh I love these pics, and some of the names of the dogs, tuffie, brick, just tooooooooo cute.

Gretchen said...

Kipper, you have a great fam and some swell cronies, as well. I'm glad you got your ice cream.

Murphy (old dachshund) and Annie (newer golden) say, "Arf".


Terri said...

Ellie looks so much like my Sam! I can never get a photo of him with his ears up! The minute he sees the camera down flat they go!