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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Little Of This And A Lot Of That...

Recently we enjoyed the annual Fine Arts Night at Grace's school. It's one of my favorite events of the year...a celebration of all manner of art forms! There is sweet orchestrial music, lively choral song and displays of interesting and beautiful art work. Wow are these kids talented!

Why here is one of the pretty violinists!

Each year the 4th grade students visit a glass blowing studio and are able to learn about this craft and experience it first hand. There is always a raffle for the 3 blown glass bowls that the artist generously donates to help the art department raise the monies for the annual trip to his studio.

Here are the principal and art teacher announcing one of the winners...

See the lovely bowl in the middle? I won that one! Uh huh. I did!

Here is Grace with her talented strings instructor!

Last weekend we were invited to share in the joy of a 1st Communion.
This precious little girl with Grace is the grandaughter of dear, dear friends. Isn't she a doll?

                Later that evening we headed down to The Schuster Center For The Performing Arts to
 see "A Chorus Line".
I love shooting pictires is such a beautiful place.

I think I know these two ladies!

Our star player!

      Then, of course, it's softball season! And with that  comes  practices, practices and more practices!
The first game was tonight and I will share some more photos with you later...oh but, here's a hint.
Our team did NOT lose! *smile*

This is a photo I wanted to share with you. It's our neighborhood, near our little cottage.
Each yard has at least one beautiful flowering tree and they also line the street as well. They surely do put on a show each Spring! The last of the blooms are only now disappearing in a swirl of greens!

It has been such a sweet Spring this year...


Meggie said...

Oh Sue, Grace gets more beautiful everytime you show us a photo. You must be so proud. Congrats on winning the bowl! My niece is playing softball...only a few weeks left. Very time consuming.

Sue said...

The Schuster looks amazing, the trees lining your neighborhood look as if they are dusted with snow, and Grace is pretty as ever. Congrats on winning a bowl at the arts fair. See ya soon! Maybe we'll find oodles of pretties and bargains.
xo Sue

Bonnie said...

Once again great photos. What I want to know your days only contain 24 hours like the rest of us? I don't know how you and your family get some much accomplished in such a small amount of time. Grace looks beautiful as always. And YEAH! for her softball team winning 14-12!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Fine Arts Night sounds wonderful. How great that you won that beautiful glass bowl! Grace looks beautiful whether she is dresses up for a concert or catching a baseball...
Happy Spring....

salmagundi said...

Sweet spring! Sweet post! Your mother and Grace always look so well put together, but we never see you. Stop hiding behind that camera!! Sally

Donna said...

Wonderful photos, Sue. You're always doing something interesting and fun. Grace is the sweetest. Our daughter used to play the violin too.
Love the last photo of the tree lined street!


SmilingSally said...

Grace is so lovely; what a joy she must be!

I love, love, love that shot of your street with all of the trees blooming.

Sue said...

Hi Sue....wonderful pictures as usual...Love the picture of Grace and Mom....and your street looks like something out of a movie...I was waiting to see Jimmy Stewart step into the's beautiful!!...Have a Wonderful Wonderful Mother's Day my friend!!
Love, Sue.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Wow the photo of your street is just picture postcard perfect!

Just stopped by to say Happy Mother's Day, sweet lady!