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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oooh, A Repost! A Repost!

I wanted to post something about my sweet son's *Gotcha Day*. Yes, 20 years ago this week our handsome and beloved son arrived from Korea. Dan is not always keen on having his picture or too many details about him posted for all to see...a little shy and retiring like his he always suggests I let you all see a little something I wrote awhile back. It was re-printed in the St. Louis Dispatch 2 years ago in celebration of adoption awareness month. Each one of these questions really and truly came out of the mouths of real and true human beings.

I have then added the answers I SHOULD have given to these lovely, thoughtful folks.

We now present, "Adoption Antics" in celebration of adoptive families everywhere!

1.Did he ever eat a dog? (I don't know but he did take a bite out of our cat. Said she tasted stringy.) 2.Koreans are very intelligent. I bet he is one of those. (Ooh. I hope so! I would hate to have gotten one of those dumb ones!)
 3.Did they run out of babies? (Yeah, dang it. They gave us a used kid instead but the warranty really is great.)
 4.How much did he cost? (Oh! There was a sale at K Mart! Only $19.95!)
 5.If he doesn't make you happy, can you ask for another child? (Oh sure! We bought replacement insurance!)
 6.If he gets sick or anything, will the adoption agency pay all the costs? (Sure! They also put braces on his teeth, send him through Harvard Medical School and buy his first house.)
 7.What's it like being with a Korean? (Well, he whips up a great kimchi dish and gosh but those Koreans can sure be funny! Keeps us in stitches all the time!)
 8.It is a good thing he is so cute or it would have been hard to love him. (Yeah, I hate those ugly ones too. They give me the creeps. *shudder*)

 And then we braved the onslaught of silly questions and adopted came the questions about Grace!

 1.Did they charge you the same amount of money because she has scars? (Oh no. They were having a scratch and dent sale!)
 2.Those Chinese are so smart. They can also be tricky and sneaky you know! (Uh...well...she did beat me at poker. Took me for $5.27 the other night. )
 3.Do you know if she is a Communist? (Well, we DID find her Communist Party membership card in her wallet but she swears, she will only practice Communism on every other Friday.)
 4.Can you return her? (Oh yes. The return department is open 24/7. We can ask for our money back or an agency credit)
 5.Why did you get another one? (We were just so bored and thought this was what we need to add that special spark to our marriage!)
 6.Did they give you a bigger girl because you are old? (Ehhhhh??? Speak up a little louder sonny. )
7.When you got to China, could you have chosen a different kid if yours wasn't pretty? (I had planned to do just that. Seeing our daughter crowned Miss Ohio is exactly why we did all this!)
8.Since she was so shy, you should have asked for another. (We did but that stubborn facilitator forced us take THIS one. Phooey. )
 9.I could never raise someone else's kid. I guess it is nice that somebody does it. (Yeah, we are just so, wait, saints actually.)
 10.Does she know how to eat real food? (Nope, she is still eating that plastic Fisher Price stuff and it is costing us a fortune!)

Happy Gotcha Day Daniel. Being your mom and dad has been nothing short of amazing! We love you!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I cannot BELIEVE that people ask those questions!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!

Your children are beautiful and obviously VERY happy!!

LOL about the cat!!!!!!!!!!!
Get out of here!


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, I laughed until I cried, Suzy!!


salmagundi said...

This post brought back so many conversations when we adopted Jenni. Most centered around the fact that we already had a biological child, so why would we adopt a child. Well, folks - sometimes ovaries just don't work the way you think they should. We've always felt fortunate that we have had both experiences. Giving birth and adopting are equal - there is no difference in feelings. Caring, not bearing makes you a parent. Sally

Dawn said...

Oh, I have been down the silly question road! I always try to be pleasant about it but once a stranger came up without a hello or anything and bluntly said, "Is she yours?". I had to just walk away.

The funny thing is for years my daughter would ask any one with a baby when they adopted it. She thought that's how all families were made. She has devlopmental disibilites and sometimes tells people we bought her. That really gets us some funny looks!

My son, who is also adopted, wanted to take her "back to the hotel" after about two weeks when the newness of a little sister wore off!

Loved all your "answers"!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Happy Gotcha Day Daniel!

Sue, I can't even imagine how dumb some people can be. I wish you would have been able to give those answers....Can you imagine watching their faces as their brains registered how stupid their question or comment was?

Hugs to you and your family.

Janet said...

You know I love to read this every year and I so wish my parents celebrated Gotcha Day!! I think mine would be early June and my brother's right around the first of April.

Wonder if people asked my parents such stupid questions or were people more polite then? Let's hope so.


Janet said...

Whoops, seems like my comment went into cyberspace...perhaps Dan, the really smart Korean, can find it for me!!

I wonder if people asked my parents the same dumb and rude questions or were people more polite in the 50s??

Thank God for people like my parents and you and Bill and the many others who adopt and give children a wonderful chance at life.

Connie said...

I can't believe those questions, sugar. How insensitive can some people be. My hubs' sister adopted a girl from Thailand and a boy from Korea. My daughter-in-law is from the Philippines so our grandsons are half filipino and half german/mexican/scottish. Makes for a lively group AND we cover most ethnic groups! Your children are both gorgeous, honey.

How ignorant can some people be. I do love your answers though.


Sue said...

Your children won the lottery in life when you and Bill became their parents....Happy Birthday to Daniel!!

Lynilu said...

Unbelievable questions! I love your responses!

I have two adopted nieces, neither of which was a "matched" adoption, yet both look strikingly like their adoptive parents. Bot sets of parents were often asked things like "How long did it take to find such a good match?" or "How many did you look at before you chose her?"

As I said, unbelievable!! LOL!

You have two beautiful children, and I think you are all 4 very lucky.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What is wrong with people? I cannot believe people ask those kind of questions? (You would think they would realize how stupid they sound) I loved your responses, and have laughed out loud at each one of them! I was an adopted child, and I wish my parents had thought of celebrating a "Gotcha" Day. That is just the best idea! I love it! He is so good looking, and she is a doll. Great post! laurie

Bonnie said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Daniel. Mom and Dad are the greatest. And Sue, I can't believe people can be so dense...well yes I can, lol. I had a good laugh. Don't you just wish you could have really given those answers to those people. You have two wonderful children and they have awesome parents.

Sugar Bear said...

Wow! People can sure be dumba$#@#. Love your answers! The old lady one had me cracking up out loud! Happy gottcha day!

Melissa said...

Wonderful post, Sue!

~Sheila~ said...

Happy 'Gotcha Day' to Dan and your family Sue.
The questions people asked are unbelievable. Makes you feel kinda sorry for them, being so dumb and all!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy "Gotcha" Dan!

Dan and Grace are handsome and beautiful, loving and kind...a true reflection of you and your husband, Sue. I know you are very proud of them.

Some people will always be ignorant .. the questions they asked were reflections of their stupidity! It is good you can laugh about it..that is the best way to handle it!

♥ Pat

Lallee said...

Happy Gotcha day to Daniel!

People never cease to amaze with what they will say. Great, great answers, Susie!

Lisa said...

Like the song say, "People ARE crazy"...good thing you are smart and didn't attack them. I think I would have. lol Happy Gotch Day to you and your wonderful family!!

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Happy "Gotcha Day" to Daniel.

People can be so ignorant - those questions prove it!

I haven't met Daniel (yet), but meeting Grace was a special time for me and for George. She's something special!


Laurie said...

Happy Belated Gotcha Day - he is one good lookin' guy with a pretty cute sister!

Laurie S.

Pamela said...

wow. those are some dimwit questions. Gads, I hope I never asked anyone something so lame. (We are all guilty of doing that on occasion... well at least I am)

How blessed you were to be able to deal with that hogwash.

How blessed you are to be parents --

Jeanie said...

More way cool than I can imagine -- although I sometimes wonder about what people ask! Lucky you, your family. (And he's very handsome!)