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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bill And I Had An A'Fair!

Yup, a World A'Fair!
Each year in May we attend the World A'Fair at the Convention Center in
downtown Dayton. It is always such a treat!
Dancing, music, delicious food, drink, costumes, crafts and people from all over the world!
We always have fun and we never fail to learn something! Not a bad combination right?

This sweet lady from the Netherlands taught the girls how to be a  "Monkey Grinder"!

You could buy some yummy Appleflappen!

Get your name written in Korean...

You could get a henna tattoo on your hand...
...or on your back!
How about dancing a lively polka?

Or would you rather share a bottle of wine?

You could share a tasty snack from Puerto Rico...

...or Greece.

These lovely Lebanese ladies had such fun dancing...

...and got Grace and her buddy, Miss K, into the act!

There were many lovely people from Rwanda...

...and the ales of Ireland were in rich supply!

This beautiful young woman created the most interesting Turkish
art using an oil, paint and water technique.

So pretty and fascinating!

Trinkets from Peru were on display and ready to buy!

Wonderful music of many lands...this gentleman was from the Philipines.

All is all it was a sweet way to spend a Sunday!

I hope your weekend was a good one and that you will find
 plenty to smile about this week!
Love to you all!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Really interesting post with wonderful photos! I noticed you have a quote by May Sarton who in my estimation was an amazing poet and writer. In House by the Sea (& many others) she tells of her writings, plantings, and her "fur-barrel" sheltie! Awesome! So nice to hear from you!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend the day!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Susie, I just had to come over here & say thank you for leaving such a sweet tribute to your hubby. Wow, what a man he must be, I can see that you adore & respect & love him to pieces. And you wrote it up so well. Hugs to you, my friend!!

Brenda Eason said...

Oh girl this looks like a BLAST!You can find some great things to do in your area.

FHL said...

So much fun! Makes me miss the international bazaars in Germany, although even those don't look like they can even compare to yours! We had vendors, you have pure it!

Sugar Bear said...

Wow! That looks so cool. Wish they had something like that out our way.

Rue said...

This was in Dayton? Holy smokes I need to get out more! LOL

What did you say?
Who am I??
I'm rue.
You know that horrible friend that never has time to visit her friends??
No thoughts?
How about that weird gal that went to lunch with you and Sue a million years ago that feels so awful, but is going through a lot of emotional trauma with an ex-wife from hell? LOL

Love you,

Kelly said...

Great photos! I love these types of cultural experiences. We have one coming the first weekend in June in our area.

Janet said...

Oh my Sue, that looks like such fun!

Pamela said...

that looks like a deeeeeeeeeelightful and deeeeeeeeeeeelicious way to spend the day.