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Monday, May 17, 2010

Make That A 70's Date!

Oh wow. That super cute boy from Biology class, asked me out on a date!

He sent me some new kind of letter on my Daddy's new computer thingee!

He started off by asking,
"How's it hanging?" Isn't he like outta sight?

Isn't this cool? There will never be anything neater than THIS! Never ever!

Bummer! I was feeling crummy for sure so my Mom gave me two of these. Ssh. Don't tell anyone 'K?

Then I went out in the back yard to get really tan! I want to look my best you know!

When I came in I washed my face twice...

...and got out my makeup bag.

I didn't have time to wash my hair (I stayed out in the sun too long!)
and I almost freaked out! So I am sooo glad I have this nifty stuff!
Gee, I wonder if he will really like me. *sigh* I hope I don't act like a dingbat!
I am so totally stoked!

I decided to wear my new matching blue sweater & skirt.

And these far out new boots. Aren't they cool? It take me like 10 minutes to lace them up!

I better take my poncho in case it gets chilly. I just got it! It is soooo groovy!

We are going to hang out with some really funky friends...

...then go disco skating! Awesome! I hope I don't fall down! If I do, I will absolutely croak!

When I get home, I will get out my David Cassidy notebook...(or maybe my Bobby Sherman one)

...and my neato Pop Art pen and write all about tonight.


Keep your fingers crossed that he likes me...


Jo said...

Way too funny and way to sad all rolled into one - what we we thinking with those clothes - I do remember using the dry shampoo on a few occasions - we did the cheap version - powder lol thanks for the memories!

Lydia said...

Great Sue! does it bring back memories Wow I remember most of them
great post

salmagundi said...

You are way too clever!! For some reason, I don't remember the 70s very much - I was in my mother earth mode. Spent all of my time baking bread and changing diapers. I'm that much older than most bloggers, and had been married already for 12 years when the 70s hit - not too many date nights!!! Cute look back, though. Have a great week. Sally

Neabear said...

Cool post! I was in my teens then and graduated in 1975. I remember most of these from those years. Where did you find all the pictures?


Janet said...

Sue, I just mentioned dry shampoo in my post's back. Yes Tresemme...ooh la la!

Pamela said...

bwaaaaaaa ha ha ha.
...If you knew Suzie, like I knew Suzie. I think of that song every time you pull one of these pranks.