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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Night Lights

Gosh! I am so behind again! Okay, as USUAL right? *sigh* So true but I will try to play a little catch up today! Last Friday I took Mom to a performance of the Dayton Philharmonic at the Schuster Center downtown. It was an evening of Beethoven and featured a remarkable guest violinist, Stephanie Chase.
It was also Light Up Dayton night. All the buildings downtown were asked to leave their lights on until 11pm to give area photographers the unique opportunity to create images of Dayton's skyline. There is a contest for the best new skyline photo as well as awards going to those who have the most unique images of the downtown buildings and attractions.
We didn't get out of the performance until almost 10:30pm and it was such a rainy night.
Still, I drove around a bit and took some photos that I thought would make interesting images.
Just for fun, here they are!~
I waited until most of the audience had left the top portion of the auditorium so I could get this shot...
I had a lot of fun taking and processing these pictures. The Dayton Daily website has so many submitted images that are just beautiful. There were some truly gifted photographers out in force that evening, refusing to let the rain keep them from getting that one perfect shot! I will be interested in seeing which of them enters the contest and wins!
Kip has a little blog post he is working on for you. We all attended Ritter's May Dog Night and took our new, and oh so wonderful, new buddy, Sue
so she could experience her first official Dog Night!
There was a bevy of adorable doggies of every shape and size! Look for Kip's post later this week! We are SO glad you came along with is Sue!
I am hopping around bloggy world to visit each of you as I can! It has been such a busy few weeks and this old girl's head gets fuzzy from all the activity! I don't always leave a comment but I DO pop in on you all...and, as always, I am inspired, delighted, enriched and tickled by your stories, photos, ideas and activities!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Allidink said...

Your photos are so cool! The ones with the light streaming out of the windows are just amazing! They should definitely win I have never seen anything like them!

All the best,

Bonnie said...

You are a very talented photographer. I just loved all those pictures. I wish they did stuff like that around here. It would be so much fun to run into the cities to do such fun things. I hope you win something for your pictures, they are awesome.

Sheila said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you won the contest with those beautiful pictures! You did an awesome job; beautiful shots!

Naturegirl said...

Susie!I've mised you! Thank you for linking up w/ me which leads me back to you!! Life has taken some serious twists and turns for me this past year and I have not been visiting blogs as much..but slowly I am getting back.
You have a wonderful NEW look to your blog! Your daughter's grown into such a young lady now! Your photography is truly amazing!! Your night shots Rock!! I must get lessons on mastering mine.
So so wonderful to visit you again!
hugs NG :)
I'll see you soon!

salmagundi said...

Wonderful images!! I hope you entered the contest - you are a winner, for sure. Sally

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Love these photos! So cool!

Terri and Bob said...

I am in love with your photos. What a cool thing for Dayton to do. It looks great!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

You go for the more unusual like I do. I so enjoyed the pics with the beams of light coming out of them. Can't wait for the Kipster dude's post ... you know how much I enjoy them. I'm getting better and better every day and will be back to full posting soon I hope. xxoo

Rosemary said...

Great photos!
Do visit soon.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

I'm finally back from my blog vacation and having fun catching up with everyone. I KNOW what you mean about being seems I can never catch up.

Your photos are amazing and just gorgeous.


Sue said...

Hey lady....You *Are* one of those talneted photographers!! Your pictures are wonderful...I loved the third one down but then got farhter down and they are all fabulous...It's not easy taking good pictures at night...You did good....and let's not forget...
Happy Mother's Day!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Susie Q! Great photos...I like the one with the beam of light coming from the window up top...very cool!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Sue!

Great evenig you had...your photos are dynamite!!!
Black and white shows detail without distraction....

Thanks for stopping by The Katillac Shack!!!!You should send your address to receive the giveaway from Oliver!

Brenda said...

What wonderful shots you managed to capture!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Wow! beautiful pictures, I love the light ray shining through the window just stunning. What a special evening you had. I really enjoyed your pictures.
Have a great day,

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

One of the challenges (of many) as a new blogger was teaching myself to use my camera. I really wanted to learn, but I had one huge obstacle in my way. My camera is actually my hubs and he purchased it to capture landscape photos (in sunlight) to use in his paintings. All my needs are for closeup shots to zoom into the fine details. Well, when you zoom in (indoors) on my/his camera it creates a blurred image.
I was determined to make it work.
I've taken such inspiration from professional photographers as yourself. I'm learning from your perspective. I've come a long way.
Now I'm ready to take off the training wheels and try a new camera. Someday I hope to be like you...riding a 12 speed, LOL!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

Sweet wishes,

FHL said...

Oh Sue, I wish I lived closer and could beg a photo class off of you! Your pictures are all so amazing. Mine, well they are point and shoot....and when I try to go manual I usually end up deleting 70% of what I take. It's a sad life for my little camera!