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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kipper Speaks...

...'n shakes, 'n sits,'n lays down, 'n...well, my Mom says I am really
talented dudes! 'Course I'm too, too modest to say that but SHE can right?
Gosh but it has been too long since'n I wrote you huh dudes?
It is awfully hard for a little dude to do all this typin' and spellin',
especially with no thumbs!
Since my Mom has been really, really, really busy 'n all, I decided to give her a break and do a post for her! Aw gee. That's just the kinda little dude I am 'n all. Mom has been takin' care a my Gram, seein' Grace play softball, babysittin', takin' pictures for people, keepin' the house free a monsters 'n goin' places dog dudes can't go.
But the old folks DID take me to Ritter's on Dog Night 'n I KNEW you would wanna share it with me. Right dude type people?
This is me 'n my old man dude but you already knew that huh? I was wearin' my "My people went to Disney World and all they got me was this lousy bandanna!" bandanna with Pluto on it. It is cute 'n all but sheesh! It really WAS all they got me when they went to Disney World!!
This is my Sissy and my new friend Miss Sue. I can 'member her name easy dudes 'cause it is my Mom's name too. ('Cept'n I just call my Mom, Mom) Miss Sue is really nice and pretty and I liked that she went with us. My Mom met Miss Sue here in bloggy world which is NOT like Disney World but maybe better says Mom! Miss Sue 'n my Mom got some kinda sundae called a turtle but I didn't see any turtle 'n if'n I did I wouldn't EAT it!
My Sissy got a sundae that had dirt
'n worms in it! Really dudes! 'N she ate it! Even I don't eat dirt...okay, so I did once but I was only little dudes! Gee whiz...
I want ya to see some of the cool dog type dude peeps that were at Ritter's!
This little dude came over to see me so's I let him pet me 'n all.
That is just the kinda dog dude I am 'n all.
This cool dude is Frankie. Frankie's dad dog dude was a Black Labrador and his mom dog dude was a Basset Hound so's Frankie looks like this! I think he looks perfect just the way he is right dudes?
Rrrrrrrr...that's ALL folks!
'N that's all for ME too dudes! I'll be back in June with more stuff from Ritter's Dog Night!
Till then, be good dudes!
Love 'N Tail Wags,


Allidink said...

Aw. How sweet :) Cute doggy pictures! Fun little tale :)

All the best,

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Precious. I hope your Mom is feeling better. Prayers for her. have a great weekend...m...

Bonnie said...

Hey Kipper,
My dogs would love something like Ritters to go to. We do have a Bark in the Park twice a year here that my dogs enjoy. I'll have to take some pictures at the next one and send them to you, so you can see all the Florida dog 'dudes.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Love that sweet talking pooch! Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Sweet Kipper! I am always so happy when you get to do a post! You always have the neatest friends along (2 legged and 4 legged...)wonderful photos of all the pals at Dog Night! Hope your Mom is getting some rest and I know she's missing us...but we are sure glad to see you!
"Aunt" Sandi

justabeachkat said...

Thanks Kipper for an update. You're one handsome and lucky pooch!

Sue...your photos are amazing girlfriend!! It's been hectic around my house so I haven't been by much lately. I'm so sorry your Mom had a "sinking spell", but it sounds like she's doing much better. Praise God!


wendy said...

Wow! So much to catch up on. That's amazing that you are having your photos published in the local paper ... and did we ever find the leprechaun head thief? Maybe leprechauns stole them?

And mother of the year? The TV spot couldn't have been any clearer. I'm SURE Brian Dennehy saw that spot.

And your mother fainted, but is good now. Good. I'm glad.

Your photos of the gardens, restaurants, lorikeets, nay, pooping lorikeets, and the old woman in the shoe and the fairy house WERE my favorites .. except I also really loved that arch in the garden ... sigh ... so many fabulous photos, and always such entertaining writing.

Happy Birthday to Bill with the blue frosting fingertip, how wonderful to have real geese weather vanes, and how wonderful to be having such fun decorating your home with spring flowers ... it looks super.

We are feeling blessed, but not in the way we expected ... looks like we are moving so we are quite consumed with house hunting and getting things in order for a move.

Say a little prayer that we find a house that's right for us. We HAVE found one that is pretty amazing AND affordable! What a blessing. Just have to make the down payment happen, and we have a few options that look like at least one of them could happen.

Sorry that I've been ever so scarce as a blog visitor. I very much look forward to the time when things have settled down and I can return to a leisurely blog reader again.

Happy happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Love love love!!!


Jill said...

I am loving all the puppy pics.
Cute post!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Kip, dude! I love it when you get to do a post. Really enjoyed all the pictures of the doggy dudes and dudettes you met when you went to Ritter's. You're such a righteous dude that you even make friends with the human types and they all love you. Hope your Gram is doing well ... give her some lovin' ok? Oh, and love that red bandana you were wearing. You're such a rockin' dude! :) xxoo

-Jennifer aka Jen, Mom, Momma said...

see you in June Kipper.

Sue-hope your Mom is doing okay

Amy said...

I have five dogs and a litter on the way- dog lover to say the least...and these photos were wonderful!! So many sweet furry faces!! And its funny, my last name is Kippernes..almost like your dog...:-)) hihihi...

Sheila said...

Sue, your photography is AMAZING! Those pictures are just gorgeous. Did you take those at Ritter's? They look like they were taken at a professional dog portrait studio! WOW. You should consider doing that for a part-time job. People would pay lots of money for those pictures of their precious pets! You have a real talent there! :)

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