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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Little Delay...

I am so sorry I have been delayed, AWOL so to speak, in posting and visiting this week. I ran off with Brian Dennehy to Acapulco and we are....huh? Okay, so I didn't run off with Brian Dennehy. Bill would probably not approve and who would finish my Fall decorating if I did? Besides, with my bad knees, I don't run at all. More like I amble. Slowly. Of course we won't think about how Mr. D has NO interest in running anywhere with moi but let's not belabor that point shall we? Ahem...
I have been trying to finish decorating and cleaning and fluffing and we have had out of state relatives visiting! It was a sweet surprise and we are enjoying it immensely!
Oh, and our Miss Grace had a tumble on the school playground that required a trip to the ER. She is doing FINE so no worries but the poor girl was scrapped and battered something awful!
Dan took a trip to Pittsburgh and had a lovely time and we are planning to spend a weekend there in November. Meggie?? How would you like to meet!? *Susie Q is clapping her hands in glee at the prospect!*
Bill stained the front porch and it looks *mahvelous* if he does say so himself. We added the burgundy Mums, pumpkins and all manner of Fall delights to the re-done porch. Yippe! Autumn is here! (Have I said that enough of late?)
We actually got rain this week after a 6 week dry spell. The temperatures are soooo perfect and
my beloved cool, cloudy, drizzly days are finally a reality once again. Heck, the cloudier it is outside, the harder to see every speck of dust *IN*side right?
Kipper is counting down the days until Ritter's Dog Nite next Monday...the cats remain non-plussed about it all.
My brother and sis in law are hosting a cook out for all the family tonight at their house as this the last night our relatives are here. *sniff* Hamburgers and potato salad and chocolate cake! Whoo Hoo!
And one last note....Penny and Brad B., one of the couples who were in China with us 4 years ago, received their 2nd daughter's referral this morning! We adore Penny and Brad and are so happy for them! This wait was a long one and, I know, frustrating. Their sweet Olivia will be the best big sister and this new angel will be coming into a most loving and truly remarkable family!
Blessings to them all!
I hope your week is going along smoothly and that your have had many opportunities to smile and giggle. I send my love to you all.
As always,
Susie Q


-Jennifer said...

OMG, I'm the 1st poster today, WOO HOOOO!!
Okay, what does AWOL mean? Sounds familiar but can't figure it out.

Missy's Blog said...

Loved reading this post and the sunflower picture is SO pretty!

Andi said...

Meggie? I want to know all about her!!! Do tell!!!

Janet said...

Congratulations to Penny and Brad; they must be ecstatic. Such a long wait for such a precious gift. Glad Grace is OK, but the scraps and the humiliation must be assuaged somehow...perhaps ice cream?

Hope you get to meet Meggie and remember if you ever get up this way, I am always available, pathetic, but true!


nikkicrumpet said... sound VERY busy and life sounds like a whirlwind around your place. No wonder you've been delayed posting!

Mockingbird Hill said...

Give that Ms. Grace a big hug from all of us...and help her make up some fabulous story to tell when she's all grown up and needs to tell about those "battle scars"! HA!!

PEA said...

Well it's no wonder you haven't had time to post or've really been busy!! Such a shame you hadn't taken off with Brian, though! hehe We'd have missed you too much anyway:-)

Oh dear, poor Grace, glad to hear that she wasn't seriously hurt with that tumble she took but I can imagine she'd be sore for a while. Big hugs to her!!

Hope you had a great time at your brother's place...the menu sounded just perfect:-) xoxo

Sheila said...

Tell Kipper I'm looking forward to his post with all those fantastic pictures of his doggie friends at ice cream night!
Poor Grace...give her gentle hugs from me!

PAT said...

Hope Grace is all better soon! Enjoy your company!

Bonnie said...

What a busy, busy woman. Not a dull moment at your place. From Doggy nights, to battle scars, to new siblings. Busy, busy, busy.

Anonymous said...

I hope Grace is on the mend soon. I enjoyed reading your post. I hope you will post a picture of your front porch. It sounds so pretty all decked out in it's autumn finery.

Gretchen said...

Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement of late. You're always a breath of fresh air, but I know you've been thinking and praying about us, and I'm so grateful. Things are looking up.

Back to you...:)

Love your blog face, Su. Fanceeeey.

Also, I can only imagine how adorable your house looks, smells, and feels with each changing season. h-o-m-e.


Melissa said...

Hope Grace is healing nicely, and I'm sure your little corner of the world is looking just divine these days!

Jeanie said...

I read backwards! Now I know the rest of the story!

Beautiful images,as always!

Tracee said...

We adopted Lilliput back in 2002 at the ripe old age of 6 1/2 months. Your Grace is beautiful!

We live in western PA...closer to Pittsburgh than Erie.

Love your photos...