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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Alison Boon said...

Happy happy birthday. What a fabulous tour of NY. I love the bear, thank you so much.

Neabear said...

Oh my goodness (in Shirley Temple voice)! What a party and I am plumb worn out. But boy it was sure fun! You are so clever. 52 huh? I'll be 52 in December. Hope I have as much fun as you did. Oh I already did, just now with you. Duh....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Susie Q, Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for inviting me. I loved it.

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to You!


Anonymous said...

susie q, happpppy birrrrrthday to yooooouuuuu! and thank you for the great trip through new york. I AM STUFFED! what food! what sights! my aching feet! i hope you have a wonderful year and lovely memories of your day. bill is the man! jkj

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Bunny Lady! I have it on good authority that BD was trying to find us, but we moved so fast he was always one step behind. What a great birthday party! I've never been to one as nice as yours. Thanks Bill, for footing the bill for all this. Susie, I think you should keep him. He's more priceless than anything at Tiffany's. Thanks for inviting me to go along. Now to nap for about a week. :) xxoo

Sara said...

That was so cute and creative! I love your blog, thanks for the tour of NYC. Oh and happy belated birthday Susie Q!!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Susie! What a great party and tour of New York!

Smilingsal said...

Happy Birthday, Susie Q! I'm tired now, so I'm taking a nap.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Susie Q
Happy Birthday to You!

Thank you for taking me on your birthday trip to NYC! I had a ball. My birthday is coming up next should come to Asheville and we can have a cake for the two of us!

Gretchen said...

And here I thought I wouldn't enjoy NYC--too crowded. Not at all! Had a super visit with you, Sue.

Happy, happy b'day, my friend. I'm delighted that you're not one of THOSE women who stop having b'days and don't celebrate themselves. You are amazing and one great broad with which to zoom around the city. xxxooogretchen

Sheila said...

That was a parteeee!
You sure know how to celebrate Miss Sue!
The food, the theatre, the food, the park, the food, the shopping, the food...What a great time.
You deserve all of this and more dear lady, I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are. I will be thinking of you..
big hugs
xo (52 times!)

Bonnie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSIE!!!!! Thank you so much for inviting me along with you. I have never been to NY and thoroughly enjoyed it with you and the ladies. But boy do my feet hurt. Your Bill is a doll for taking care of everything and making sure everyone had a souvenir. Sorry we lost Brian...I wonder what could have happened. I don't think I will every have such an enjoyable day as I've had with you. Thanks again for inviting me and enjoy the rest of your birthday wishes.

Melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday Sue!! Wow...I'm exhausted just from celebrating with you on your blog! :) I hope you enjoy your day!

Andi said...

Have a happy Happy Birthday dear sweet Sue! You had me at "Jimmy Choo's"...I'm so in NYC celebrating every moment with you. I do believe we should all get together there and do this "for real" next year on your birthday. Well okay, Bill doesn't have to spring for it all...we could go dutch!

Love and Hugs to You, Andi

Beverly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. It looks stupendous!

That Bill is quite a guy!!!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday to you Susie Q! Thanks for all the pictures of your fabulous party. What fun!

sheila from life @ #17 said...

why, thanks so much for sharing your birthday with us all :)

Happy Birthday, You Wild Woman :)


Manuela said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Susie Q! That was such fun! I'm so stuffed though! I'll have to work out extra hard tomorrow, but it was worth it!



*Jilly* said...

Happy Birthday sweet Susie-Q!
I loved the tour..
I am so excited for you..I know you are having a blast:)


P.S. I love the icon..cute..cute..cute!

nikkicrumpet said...

Happy Birthday Susie...but boy oh boy did we ever EAT A LOT!!! How do you stay so thin with all that chowing down! Great post!!!!

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday. I just hit my 52nd in September. But alas didn't do anything as wonderful as you did. I envy you......

But glad you had a great time.


Kathleen Grace said...

Happy Birthday Susie! Well don't you know how to throw a party! New York, cupcakes, shopping! Hope you had a really great day:>)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sue! What a fun day, I loved it all, my first time to NYC and I had a blast! Ate too much, but hey, had to help you celebrate your day, I hope I have a birhtday just like yours when I turn 52! Hugs and love fellow Sue!!

PEA said...

Omigosh, I'm SOOOOO full...all that wonderful food! hehe Happy Birthday dearest Sue, you sure know how to have a party! Woohoo! I've always wanted to go to New York and now I have....thanks to Brian for paying for everything, he really is a nice guy, isn't he! Such a shame he couldn't be with us all day...but...ummmm....such a nice gift he did give you!! LOL Awwww poor SusieQ!! Love ya birthday girl:-) xoxox

Pamela said...

oh my, you sure know how to throw a party girl.

( Sorry that I didn't get a present wrapped..... how about something Brian Dennehy hee hee?)

Happy 52nd!!!

Terri and Bob said...

LOL I had such a ball! Please thank Bill, especially for the Jimmy Choos, I have always wanted some! You planned a most wonderful party! Happy birthday sweet friend!

Cherdecor said...

Happy Birthday! That was a fun party!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Happy Birthday, Wild Woman! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!! (I'd kidnap Big Brian and bring him to you all gift wrapped!)


Lisa said...

Whew, I'm tired, I'll have to take the rest of the week off after that birthday party!!! I think I spent too much time in Tiffany's! Have a wonderful 52nd year!!!

Cecile said...

Happy Birthday To You Susie Q!!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us your trip looked like so much fun and "High Tea" you are one special chick:))

salmagundi said...

The food was yummy, the scenery and architecture was wonderful, the shopping marvelous, and the tour guide and her generous husband were THE BEST! Happy birthday!! I loved being in my
50s - all grown up, but the body was still young enough to cooperate! Sally

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Sue! What a fun post! And I loved the tour of NYC! What beautiful pictures, and I loved celebrating your special day with you! Hope it was an extra-special! I'm stuffed after all of those delicious goodies! haha - Loved every minute of it! :)

Naturegirl said...

Susie what a birthday bash it was!
Wishing you the happiest birthday!
hugs NG

Valerie said...

happiest of happy birthdays my friend!!

that was an amazing whirlwind tour! you do have some mad photo skills and i feel like i really was there!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I wish you the happiest of Birthdays.....m...

dana said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Oh, your NYC tour brings back memories of a trip I took with two buddies there a few years ago. We were celebrating my 49th! We had 3 days and nights to fit in as much as posssible---and we did. Your photos were a feast to my much older eyes---thank you. Dana

Deb said...

What a fabulous celebration :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay....that has got to be about the FUNNEST birthays I've ever experienced!!!! I loved it all!!! (I seriously want some of that pizza and those cupcakes!!) Now if could only get to NYC for REAL; I've never been and would LOVE to!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Missy's Blog said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Ms. Susie Q ... look at all that we get to do while we are celebrating your birthday!

I've never been to New York City before ... thanks for inviting us along!

Andi said...

I just want you to know it was Cheryl Wray's idea to jump on the bed! She said something about getting a picture to post on her blog and that you knew it was a tradition! Who am I to break a "tradition"!!!

Rosemary said...

Wow Susie!!
Happy Happy Birthday a day late!!
Didn't realize it was your birthday, but what a party!!!
Thanks for sharing your birthday!!
Loved it!
PS, I was 52 in June, so you know we are in the same club!!
October is a great month for a birthday!!

Janet said...

Wow, what a fun and tiring day that was. I am just beginning to recover from the excitement. I loved my room ( the first one you showed) and all the great food. Now where to go for brunch today before my train ride back home??

Hope you had a great day; your little something has made it to my car and the post office should be the next stop!


Rue said...

Happy Birthday sweet Susie Q!!!!!

I'm sorry I'm late, but even though I wrote it down I missed the big day. Forgive me??

I so enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of my favorite cities :)

Next time we go, let's remember to eat at Patsy's. It was one of Sinatra's favorite restaurants and their fried mozzarella is to die for. Who doesn't love a little cheese??? not me ;)

Happy Birthday Again!!!!


smilnsigh said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!!

And you just keep on blogging exactly as you want to!!! You don't have to do 'what I do.' Nor do I have to do, 'what you do.' Of course!!! Sorry for any offense.

And as to home/hearth, after writing this...I'm on my way to compose a "T. T. entry." I have a {to be unfulfilled} wish, to live as she did. :-)

Couldn't access my e-mail addy? I can NEVER click on any e-mail addy link, anywhere on the Net... and make it work. Perhaps 'my long time malady' this way, is spppppppreading! Eeeeek...

warrrmmm at yahoo dot com


Belated Birthday hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Shelia said...

Hey, Ms. Susieness!! Oh, I've enjoyed partaying with you! I love New York and I loved your birthday party! Happy Birthday!! The accomodations were very nice, not to mention the birthday food! Woo Hoo!! Happy Birthday!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sharon Kay said...

Happy Birthday Susie Q....I am so glad I could make it to your birthday party in New York City. I was there in September for 5 days and just like you had a wonderful time. I saw places that I did not see when I was there, so thanks for taking me along. I also went to the Today show and loved seeing every one on the show. They were so nice and shook hands with every one. Oh I forgot to tell you, but while I was there I had a date with

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I'm a day late even though I have your birthday marked on my calendar that hangs right over my desk! What a maroon I can be!! BUT anyway HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday dearest Susie Q! What a magnificent day in NYC that was!!!
I was there for my 50th birthday and then the following 2 years after that I met some friends there for a long weekend. I can see there are definitely places I need to go back and see or taste!
Have you ever been to Mo Pitkin's? Deep fried mac and cheese.
You throw a major celebration my friend and that Bill, what a generous guy he is!! Tell him thanks for everything!
Love and hugs,

Sandi McBride said...

Oh my GOD I'm exhausted Suze...that's the best party I've ever ever been to...I am beat...and you know that crazy man from the subway grabbed my bottle of champers somewhere along 52 St.! I knew my bag felt light. Darn drunks! Oh, excuse my hiccups...Mr. D...did you ever catch him? I mean catch up with him? Wasn't the Today show fun? Why didn't we go to the Millionaire show and try to get on as contestants? YOU DID? Why you sneaky girl! Well, gonna slip off these ruby red slippers, slip out of my sweater and jeans and into the nice silk wrapper I see Mac standing there holding out for me...thanks for the fun hon! Happy Birthday...

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Susie!! I had a ball in New York, those Gray's Papaya dogs were the best, gotta have that kraut..And Bill, what a guy...has he gotten his credit card bilL yet?? Manolo's for 48 ladies, what's that cost?? Hope you have a wonderful day.....Sue.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Happy B-day to you!
Love NY.....glad we could tag along and be pampered with you!
Karla & Karrie

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Birthday!! Sure was a fabulous party!!

Shelia said...

Susie Q, you've been Boo-ed! Come to my site and see what you get!
Happy Halloween,
Shelia ;)

Jill said...

Just stopping by to say hello and Happy Birthday. I found you through another blog I follow and I am happy I found yours! Very entertaining! NYC.. a place dear to my heart!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Happy (belated!) Birthday, Suzy!

Boy, I'm whipped and full as a tick, but I sure had a great time....I think! Whew!! You sure know how to throw a party, girl! ;o)

Hope you had a great time, I know I did.

Love and hugs,


Terri said...

Happy Birthday!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Suzie! I SO enjoyed the trip to NY!


-Jennifer said...

Well that was one heck of a party and I gained another 10 lbs, LOL.

Hope you had a great day, Em's birthday was yesterday :)

Jewelgirl said...

Happy belated Birthday! You really
have great pictures of a wonderful
city! Have a great time and Enjoy!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh my Lord, I must put my feet up after that celebration!
Susie Q, what a birthday blast! I've always wanted to go to NY and I must say, it was even better than I expected!
Give yourself a b-day hug for me!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Darn it, late for the Birthday Bus!

Happy belated birthday! Too bad Brian D. couldn't keep up with all of you spring chickens, it was sure nice of him to foot the bill though ~

Lucy said...

Thanks so much for 'hopping' over to my blog. I love new people. And you have a very cool blog. I've been to NY a couple of times with neither time was long enough. So much I want to see there. Come back anytime!!

FHL said...

Happy Birthday Susie!!! And please thank Bill for providing such a fun trip for me *wink* D's still jeolous that he wasn't able to go and have a Gray's Papaya....he loves that place :o)


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Heya Susie Q
Boy have just returned from your birthday bash, I lagged behind abit (well I did have to fly in from Australia & Bill must have forgotten about the time difference) but hey had the best of times. Nearly caught up to you at the Plaza, they were going to charge me for all the damage you girls did in that room! especially the bed, how many were jumping on it???? Anyway am a first timer to your blog & cannot think of a better time to come on over & visit you, Ive had to change my pants (wetting them from laughter)
Thanks heaps for a great time, am now a follower of yours, but must away the jet lag has caught up to me.

Ooooooooh by the way you will never guess who was on the flight home with me, yes siree, it was good ol' Brian sitting right next to me. Boy guy is a bit of a wreck at the moment, mumbling something about his crazed number 1 fan (he keeps refering to the movie Misery & said he simply had to leave the country).
Anyway Susie Q, he is in good hands with me, Im looking after him for you.
Thank Bill for all the great food, pressies etc, he's one of a kind.
Have a great day

Lyn xxoxoxoxo

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

What a party, what a tour! So glad you took us along...I haven't been in NY city in several years & now I really want to go back! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Are you following me? Brian, Take care, DebraK

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Happy Birthday to a sweeeeeet sweeeeeet friend!!! Wow! I am beat, aren't you? That was THE BEST birthday celebration! Hey, have to tell you that you couldn't find me cause I snuck off to find Mr. Selleck - heard he was staying down the hall.

Mirabelle chocolate? THE BEST!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh, oh, my side!!!! I need stitches!!!!!!!!

M ^..^

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Sue, this has to be the most rockin' birthday party I've ever been to! What a fun way to celebrate. Thanks for bringing us all along with you on your trip to the Big Apple. (I'm cracking up over that photo of Brian Dennehy.)

Here's to a wonderful birthday and an amazing year to come. You deserve it!! -Julia :-)

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday sweet "young thang"! What a party!

I haven't been by in awhile. Between our trips, my getting the flu and all my company for the breast cancer walk, my life has been pretty c-r-a-z-y!!! Everyone has gone now though and my house is quiet (thank you Lord!). BUT...I'm desperatly trying to get caught up and it's been fun seeing what all you've been doing.


Meggie said...

OMG! I can't believe I missed the party! My apologies, SusieQ! Your pics of the Big Apple are fabulous! I LOVE my bracelet from Tiffany's...thanks, Bill. Hope your birthday was a grand one.'re a youngster...and still getting better!

Jeanie said...

This is fabulous! Happy belated! I feel like I was there -- I really do! What a grand time! I can't begin to say which was most fun for ME -- all of it! (Even the treats!) And the play. And the Boss. And the Today gang. And every minute!

Strawberry Lane said...

A very Happy late Birthday, Susie Q!
Thanks for taking everyone on this birthday bash in NYC! What a great time and how nice, a lovely gift from Tiffany from Bill. Please thank him! Sure loved the trip!

kayla said...

very nice blog some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia.

Michelle said...

I'm so far behind I missed this wonderful birthday bash in NYC!! :) Hope you had a very nice 52nd birthday! Belated birthday wishes from me!