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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Politics As Usual? Oh Boy!

I have been emailed several times of late, all asking the same question. Why don't I make any mention of politics on my blog? I guess folks assume that I have talked about many things here and, as someone who DOES have opinions, should be proud to discuss who I am solidly behind in this Presidential race. I have posted about how I never intended this blog to get into the *messier* subjects....IE religion, sex, money, politics...NOT because I do not THINK...not because I do not CARE. I choose to NOT post about it because, well, life is scary enough and we all need a respite. I had hopes that this blog would, for the most part, provide a breather for the ills of the world. Besides, when it comes to this election,
aren't you already tired of "politics as usual"? We have been slammed from both sides of the aisle, over and over again. Some regale us with truths, some with half truths, some with exaggerations and yes, even downright lies. The venom that is oft spewed between people is sickening. I have seen such a rash of fact *twisting* from both parties of late that Chubby Checker should ask for royalties. Please visit Fact to look up the truth that is often difficult to find these days. This web site is non-partisan and approved by members of both the Democrat and Republican party. All four of the candidates have been taken to task here. Are there partisan politics being played in the media? Of course there are. ON BOTH sides of the aisle I might add. But there are journalists with integrity and intelligence that are doing their best to remain fair and balanced. Yes, I do have friends and acquaintances in the local and national media but I know them well enough to trust and believe what they tell me. Listen carefully, read everything you can get your hands on. The Internet can be used for good. You can receive most of the major newspapers in the world from your own comfy chair. You can visit all the radio and television news sources with the click of your mouse.
Yes, there are unmitigated lies on some Internet spots. I have enough faith in most people to know they can sort out the differences between fact and partisan flurry.
I have been asked, privately, why I, as a retired military wife, will not take a stand one way or another. (It is assumed that, as a military family, we will vote in a certain way...and that assumption has come from supporters of BOTH parties.)
Away from my computer, I have. I have volunteered for my candidates of choice, I have attended rallies for BOTH parties. If anyone watched ABC news this week, you saw Charlie Gibson broadcasting here in Dayton on the banks of the Great Miami River. Two of my dearest friends in the world were there and, even though I was unable to attend, they took MY heart with them. We folks in the Midwest have strong opinions just like folks all across the US.
I hope to be at 2 rallies this week (Isn't it fun to be living in a battleground state? *smile*). Uh huh. Rallies for BOTH parties. I talk to people. I listen to people. I listen to each word that the 4 candidates utter. I have done my research and read everything I can get my chubby, little hands on. Then I, as you do, have to look into my heart and vote my conscience. Neither party is above using tricks and smears. Neither party holds the mantle for Christian love and goodness. Neither party is without wrong doing.
Uh huh. Politics as usual.
I suppose that the implication is there that I am, somehow, a coward who will not air my views
on blog. A coward no. I have absolutely NO
problem entering a discussion with anyone. If any one reading this would like to email me about anything, I am more than willing to chat. But my blog is not the place.
I know that many are using their blogs to make their views known. I have no problem with this fact. It is THEIR blog, THEIR choice. And I respect and love them for this.
I only ask that MY choice be respected as well. It is a fact that some do not visit me as they once did. It was made clear that they did not *respect* my choice of candidate. Hmm....the last time I checked, I have never posted about MY choice. But you know? Even if I had posted my decision, and if anyone turned their back because of that, it is THEIR problem not mine.
My husband served this country with distinction for 27 years. He did so to protect the ideals of America, the rights we all share. One of those sacred rights is to pick an election year candidate and back him or her all the way. It is my prayer that we, as civilized people, can accept, with kindness and respect , those whose ideals differ from ours. One is not UN-Christian because they lean one way or another. One is not UN-educated when they choose one way or another.
One is not UN-American if they vote for one candidate over another. We all must make the most informed vote we can and do it with our hearts and minds open. We must be respectfully open to those who disagree with us. When we are not, it lessens us as human beings.
I realize that even this post will turn some away. I am sorry to see that happen but I have had this on my heart for days now. As I wander around the blog community, I read all manner of posts about this candidate or that issue. Some I agree with and some I vehemently disagree with. Some I feel quite neutral about. But I will not judge a person by this and only this. If I have come to care about a sister or brother blogger, their choice of candidates does not lessen how I feel about them as a person. Sadly, I have discovered that a few have turned away from me due to their assumptions and it is, only an assumption. I have no illusions that this post won't
anger some as well.
It is only my opinion (and we all know how much weight that carries) that this election is turning decidedly more venomous. Not only among the 2 parties involved but between citizens as well. We, as a nation, have nothing to gain from either party going more negative.
Neither of these candidates for President are without flaws. In my opinion, either one would
bring special qualities with him into the White House. But we can choose just one of them for President.
I want to hear what a candidate is going to TRY to do to for this nation in the next 4 years.
Please do not assault my intelligence with half truth stories of who said what, who did what, who knows who, who watches NBC and who watches CBS. Who loves strawberry ice cream and who loves Rainbow Sherbert. Who cares? Tell me what your plan is...tell me what YOU stand for.
I don't want to roll around in the mud with either party. It is messy and dirty and I hate doing laundry.
Neither party has a monopoly on truth, an unsullied past, a love of family, high morals, religious ideals, and love of country.
As I said several posts ago, PLEASE vote. PLEASE care. I would much rather listen to those who are passionate about their candidates and ideals than those who remain apathetic. Apathy is the true enemy here.
And that is all I will say about that....
I am Susie Q and I approved this post.


salmagundi said...

Eloquently said, as usual. You always manage to say so well what I've been thinking. Thank you, Sue!! Sally

Kathleen Grace said...

Amen Sue! I am rather dissapointed in our choices to tell the truth. I wish one of them DID have the monopoly on truth and decency so I could feel good about voting for them! Politics as usual? I'm afraid it will end eith the same old problems either way.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey You Go Girl..... I am with you all the way. and I vote for you. ha ha I don't get into discussions for the same reason as you. I also care, but that is not why I started blogging. Oh and I approve of you post too. ha ha


PAT said...

Well said, Sue. I don't want to use my blog as a soap box. You know, I only wanted happy things written in my blog. I've only veered from that a time or two and intend to keep it the way it is. My vote is my business and I don't think I should have to tell anyone how I vote.

You would have to do something pretty dastardly to get me to abandon you!

Smilingsal said...

I have worked very hard to steer clear of politics on my blog. I will vote, as I always do.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I try to keep my blog a happy place as well! I figure there's enough negativity and controversary in the world; I want people to have a place to go for a break from all that, not add to it!

justabeachkat said...

You go girl!


Connie said...

Nope, my blog isn't the place for politics either, sweetpea! I have a definite opinion and will keep it to myself in the voting booth. MY blog is for decorating and living beautifully and it shall stay that way. Hubs is retired USMC also..... I just wanna have funNNnnN and I DO!! LOL

Lisa said...

Scared, Scared I said, that's about all I can say. I love your stance. I appreciate people who do their research and don't just rely on what they hear on TV. One sin is as bad as the next...

Cheryl Wray said...

Amen said, sister!!! I am absolutely with you in everything you said. In my latest post, my answer to a meme question of what a "current hate" is right now was that I hated that certain people have told me that I "should" vote for a certain candidate because of a particular "label" they have put upon me. I have had conversations with seemingly rational people--friends of mine--who think that I could support a specific candidate, I must have lost my mind (and my intelligence...which, I assure you, I'm still holding on to). I think it's ridiculous how people get so ugly and partisan about it all. You are right...both candidates have things to say and both would bring something special to the White House. If that were not true, they wouldn't have made it thus far. I also have avoided talking politics on my blog. Most people who "know" me could probably guess who I might be voting for, but it is still a "secret vote" in this country the last time I checked. I'm not planning on telling the world via my blog.

I LOVED this post. Thank you, sweet Sue!

nikkicrumpet said...

I agree...everyone has the right to voice...or NOT to voice their opinion. I have blogger friends that are voting opposite me. I have a hard time understanding their reasoning. But it doesn't change the fact that I think of them as friends. One of the things that makes this country great is our freedom to disagree with each other...and our right to choose. I just hope everyone educates themselves and then chooses based on their personal beliefs...but at least take the time to arm yourself with knowledge before you pull the lever!

Gretchen said...

Puuurrrfectly stated. I vote for you. xxxooogretchen

Jim Rittenhouse said...

I put my political thoughts in my journal, but your comments here are perfectly appropriate. I know that you think about what's going on, you've got a good heart and a smart mind. More power to you!

Jolene George said...

This is such a well written post. You certainly have a way with words and you are appreciated by so many.

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL Sue, I had to come back on and comment that you inspired to make my "one political post" on my blog. Thanks for your wonderful post.

Janet said...

Good job, Susie Q. I think there ought to be a law that candidates can only speak about themselves. Nothing good or bad can be said about their oponent. That should stop a lot of nonsense and make the political "season" a lot more bearable.

sign me independent,


JafaBrit's Art said...

What really disturbs me is the hypocrisy and guilt by association game. I tend to focus on art on my blog, but this last week I just needed to say something about the lies,hypocrisy, and propaganda.

Manuela said...

Well said! I'm so turned off by the latest round of nastiness that I've totally stopped watching any political coverage.


Hooked on Houses said...

It's always nice to find a calm, rational voice in the storm. Thanks for speaking up and not giving the usual knee-jerk political statements you hear from so many people.

It's been fun getting so much attention from the candidates in our battleground state, hasn't it? -Julia :-)

Rue said...

Can I elect you for president Sue? ;)

Love you for being you!

Jeanie said...

Excellent post -- well said, and important to say so. I'm glad you listed -- I've put that on my blog, too, but as things ramp up and the negatives and debates kick in, it probably deserves another plus.

LivingTheLife said...

Well said, my dear friend! There isn't anything I can think of you doing that would cause me to quit coming by for a goodness...I consider you a friend...a family member of sorts...I hope I never judge what goes on in others lives...there's WAY too much of that going on already! Not hear...not in my "feel good" world would I ever want to stir up negativity...just as I never see or read anything negative on your site....hmmmm...maybe that's why I keep coming back to read again and again.

Love what you you and yours.


-Jennifer said...

I think our choices are tough, I am kinda torn, not sure who I will vote for. I honestly, only want to see change....change for the better~so whose going to do this for our country? Beats me!!

Susan said...

And HOORAY for pushing independent research. I've done mine and made a decision. I've passed my research information sites on to friends and family if they ask...I do have a question though...can we just spanke ALL of them and send them home and start over?

Anita said...

WOOO HOOO- I'd vote for you, Susie Q! Like my Mom said, politics and religion conversations are just asking for it Anita. Not at dinner. Or bloggin, in my opinion.


Pat said...

I've read and enjoyed all your poats between this one and the last one I commented on, but I had to give you a BIG hearty APPLAUSE for this one! WELL SAID and SO TRUE!! Thanks!

GOD said...
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