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Monday, September 29, 2008

Late September Sunshine

One of our favorite spots to visit, in any season, is Cox Arboretum, part of the Dayton, Ohio Metro Parks system.
But I do so love to visit in the Fall when the air feels crisp and the sky is clear.
Each year, in late September, the Kettering Hospital Garlic Festival is held on the Arboretum's grounds. It's always a fun way to spend a day. The air is heavy with the wonderful smells of garlic cooking in oh so many ways. There are craft booths filled with all manner of treasures, children's activities and, of course, the park is the perfect place to walk and enjoy nature. Bill, Grace, Grace's buddy Erin and I spent a few sweet hours here, walking, nibbling, people watching and listening to some great bands. The perfect way to say goodbye to September and hello to Autumn.
Grace and Erin
Erin, Bill and Grace
More bulbs of garlic than you can imagine! Alfresco wine tasting
You say potato and I say potahto... What DOES purple taste like? Just floating Reflections of September A wedding was held in the park today and I was able to chat a bit with the happy couple. They encouraged me to snap a few informal photos as their photographer set up shots.
Talented Artists
The fruits of the season
The beauty of this wonderful park...
I hope your weekend was a lovely one. I wish each one of you a week filled with smiles, fulfillment, family, friends and sweet Autumn delights!
Love and hugs,
Susie Q


Mary said...

That is such a lovely park! It looks like a fun festival, too. I'm looking forward to a few really crisp fall days. It was rainy and muggy here all weekend. :(

Beautiful pics, as always, Sue!

Carolyn said...

We went to Carriage Hills Old Time Country Fair. That was a good time too!

Great weather we had!

Connie said...

You've changed your template to a fall one! How delightful, my sweet autumn chick!!! LOL

Janet said...


I wish we had such festivals here. Everywhere in blogdom people are attending fall fairs and we have no such thing. You would think in New England....never mind!! I hope you bought those blue and white chicken/rooster plates. They are screaming your name and mine!!


salmagundi said...

What a wonderful day for your family. There is nothing better than an outing on a beautiful day in the Fall!! Sally

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a lovely park! I have never been to a garlic festival, but I would love to someday. Great pictures as always!

Andi said...

Oh my gosh...did you buy that redware plate with the pineapple??? I do believe it's screaming my name!!!

Love all your pictures but that one did catch my eye immediately!!! And I love the turtles floating on the log...too cute.

The new fall look is nice on your blog.

Terri said...

We passed a Hindu wedding the other day! It was at a local hotel, though. I wish I could have "crashed it" and taken some photos. Don't you love the beautiful Indian wedding clothing and ceremony? Gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

Great photos. I so miss the fall. I am from New England originally and I remember fall festivals. Janet I don't know where in New England you live, but I have family in the Haverhill area in Massachusetts and they are always talking about fall festivals they go to. Most of them evolve around the apple orchards. I hope you find some.

Sheila said...

Looks and sounds absolutely divine! I love places like this. Your pictures are wonderful.

Gretchen said...

What happened to Grace over the summer?!!! She totally changed into a young lady. Don't you just hate that. LOL? She's gorgeous and all, but the time goes so fast! Great pictures. Waiting for a SuzyQ coffee table book. Seriously.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. All the encouragement of my blog buddies is so amazing and appreciated. xxxooo

PEA said...

Such delightful pictures and how I would have loved going to that Garlic Festival with you...I love stuff like that:-) We have an annual Garlic Festival here too but ours is held at the beginning of summer. They even serve garlic pancakes! Ew! lol Pumpkins aren't ready here yet but will be in another week or two. I'll be going to a pumpkin farm in about 3 weeks and I can't wait:-) Love ya. xoxo

Laume said...

Your post was so lovely and relaxing, I think my blood pressure just went down a few points!

Lisa said...

How fun. All of your pics are great. But the impromtu snap of the wedding couple wins my heart. I wish you could send that to them. Those are the best pics, not the ones the photog takes.

Mockingbird Hill said...

Every picture better than the one before...beautiful Susie!

Kathleen Grace said...

Ahhhhh...:>)your pictures capture all the bright beauty of Autumn Susie!

Alice said...

I really need to read the captions before engaging my brain. I thought those potatoes were garlic cloves. How wonderfully unusual. That description on the bag is intriguing. And then I see...potatoes, not garlic. Duh. :)

-Jennifer said...

Great photo opps there.

So, did the happy couple encourage you or did you beg them? Just teasing you, LOL.

How far from Columbus are you? My SIL is in there, will be until her baby arrives. Been having difficulties. I know the hospital is an hour from their house.

Thanks for your comments Sue!

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

Gorgeous pictures! It looks like a fantastic time and who doesn't love garlic?? ;)

Wonderful tribute to Mr. Newman.

love and hugs,

Jeanie said...

LOVE those pumpkins! What a grand time -- I would be absolutely wild about a garlic festival! I'm afraid I would buy way too much! Beautiful photos and it loks like the loveliest day!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

You have truly captured a lot of the beauty of Fall! What a special setting for the shot of Erin and Grace. Beautiful! :-) Rosie

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon. My dh loves garlic, so he would have enjoyed the garlicfest!!

salmagundi said...

Please stop by my blog as I have an award for you, if you would like to accept it. I always so enjoy your pictures and inspirational writing!! Sally

Susie said...

Well blogger just ate my comment so I'll try again!
Looks like such a delightful park and a wonderful way to spend a fall day.
The garlic festival looks like such fun. We have one here in CA ( south of us) that's held in the summer. They even have garlic ice cream..
Hard to believe that today is the end of Sept!

Smilingsal said...

It's my first visit but not my last.
Come visit me.

Meggie said...

I remember hearing about the Garlic Fest last year around this time...such a cool event! Not many like it, I'm betting. Great photos, Susie Q. Thanks for taking me along on your outing.

Sandi McBride said...

How beautiful, your fall is fully flung! We're just starting to get the color change but leaves are falling and tomorrow when I awaken it will be in the forties....chilly...I love the scare crow couple...I think I'll try to make a pair for the back porch...

Donna said...

What a wonderful festival! Love all your photos!


nikkicrumpet said...

The photography is spectacular!!! I bet the bride and groom would love to see that photo. The park is so beautiful...the whole post just made me smile!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend the day!The park is beautiful! I have never been to a garlic festival. It looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a lovely evening.