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Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't These Just Scream Autumn?

Okay, maybe they don't *scream* it but they do yell it out loudly! Aren't these down right purty?
All these products (and oh so many more sweet treasures) can be found at Victorian Trading Company. I got my catalog in the mail today and am in love with several things. Seriously, I do not need one more Fall related item...really...but *might*
An extra candle or two if the power were to go out...and if said candle was held in one of these adorable squirrel thingamabobs, well, all the better!

So this is not *exactly* shouting Autumn *specifically* but wouldn't it be spiffy filled with dried grasses, hydrangeas and a mini pumpkin or two? And it could always be used to walk down to the corner grocery store to pick up a pot or two of mums right? (And no, ma'am, you do NOT need to point out that my *corner grocer* is 3 miles away. If I had this, oh so English, oh so chic, cart...well... I am betting I COULD walk there. Stop laughing. I could. Really! Well, I COULD walk out to the car so I could drive to the store...and look how cute I would be with this cart IN the store. Hmpf.

This wreath would look glorious on our front door...or back door. Or on the bathroom door. The Basement door. The doggie door... the car door... And no one can ever have enough throws, quilts and other snugly, oh let's get cozy on the couch, watch a movie & drink hot chocolate because it's Fall, items.

Maybe it is just me, but I think my back and legs would not ache quite as much from working in my yard (yesterday, for 6 sweaty hours! Argh...) if I had been wearing these gorgeous Wellies!
And my morning Metamucil would taste ever so much sweeter in one of these glasses...
To see the other products that Victorian Trading Company has to offer, just click on their name and you will be whisked away. Have fun looking!
And have a wonderful weekend. Smile often, be good to yourselves and embrace this
very special season!
Love and Autumnal Hugs.
Susie Q


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oooo ... those Wellington's are spectacular. Every girl needs a pair of those by their back door, just in case. The squirrels are cute too. Come Autumn, we're waiting on you. xxoo

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

You know something Sue...I had to scroll back up and have a look at the name of the catalog. Yep, that's one I am yet to receive.

Do I dare send for one??? Since J retired, we tend to spend close to a week at a time at the lake. Naturally, we stop the mail. As J approaches the car, after picking up the mail at the post office, I hear him muttering about trees etc.
Because I do so many orders online and rarely shop stores, these days, we get lots of catalogs. This one looks like one I could really enjoy, though. I wonder, if J would notice if just one more arrives at our house!

I love that wicker cart...oh my! Yes I do!

Have a wonderful weekend.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi Susie Q, I love all the things you posted, esp that basket. Reminds me of living in a small european village & shopping for food chic, like you said...well we can dream.
Stop over to my post about pearls, there's something for you.
Take care, DebraK

sheila from life @ #17 said...

well, just thank you very much, Mizzzzz Enabler Person You...

Sheila said...

I love autumn things. It's my favorite time of year!

salmagundi said...

My VT Company catalog hasn't arrived yet. I'll be checking the mailbox. Have a great weekend. Sally

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Susie,
I love those little squirrel votive holders. I've not seen any like that before. Love the basket too!

Anonymous said...

I love the fall things,but the boots are a must. I have been looking for some I really like.Im just not sure what print I it is never cold here =(

Andi said...

Love the Wellies!!! And yes, I can hear Autumn screaming all the way to hot sunny Florida!!!

Love and Autumnal Hugs to You too Sweet Sue!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty items indeed. I love those little squirrel candles. I especially liked the expresso machine I saw when I hit the link but oh that price...

Kathleen Grace said...

I love the basket, the boots the wreath and the glasses!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the new header...m...

Terri said...

Yeah, I'll take an order of each of have good taste!

Manuela said...

I get that catalog too! Some things in that catalog are a little strange though - I'm not so loving the clothes. They used to have scary looking models (they're much better now).

The Wellies are cute (Target has cute ones too)! I've always wanted one of those basket thingies and love the wreath!

Thanks for stopping by - it's taken me too long to drop by here but I'm trying to cut back on how much time I spend blogging (some days not successfully).



Anonymous said...

pretty, pretty pretties!! are you getting some of everything? jkj

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Now, I have to go check out that French Market Basket....I love it!

Sheila said...

Luv theose wellies..!
When I lived in the UK, they were a staple in my
This is always a lovely catalog, each season is always represented so beautifully.
Fess up, what did you buy...?

Rosemary said...

Pretty things Susie!!
Another shopping experience!!
Love those squirrels!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

-Jennifer said...

i think you taught me not to fall behind on blog reading after trying to catch up with you...I assume someone left you a not so nice comment??

Mom2fur said...

Cool stuff! I really luv the skwerlies!

Laume said...

I love those wellies AND those glasses. Thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it so I can "windows" shop. Ha! Except, I don't have Windows, I have a Mac. But still, good pun, huh.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I LOVE that wicker cart!! Lots of pretty things - love the Wellies too!


Janet said...

I love that catalog and often get a Christmas gift or two from them. Their fall items are always the best.