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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Note From A Silly Billy

Or, should I say, a very, very bad husband. NO worries...Susie is fine! I am not writing because she is ill but to let you know where she has been! We had guests from Germany arrive early Tuesday so she has been swamped with cooking and entertaining and chauffeuring. On this note, when she gets back online, ask her to tell the story of her "Silly Billy" (IE Bad, very bad) husband. A little hint? I had the wrong day for the arrival of our friends. Yep. They arrived one day earlier than she expected and while Dan and I were away for a few hours. She tells this much better than I so I will let her do the honors. Needless to say, I should be doing penance for years for this one! I hope all is well with you. My girl is always talking about each of you and adores you all. I thank you for all the love and friendship you show my Susie. I will now slink off into the sunset (Even if it is before sunrise!) where all bad husbands go. Cheers! Bill (AKA Silly, Bad, Very Bad, Billy)


Bobbi said...

Dear Husband: Buy Flowers. Lots Of Them. NOW.
Never mind, a good woman like that will (probably!) forgive you! We look forward to hearing her version of the story!!! Bobbi

PAT said...

You are a Silly Billy! Looking forward to hearing the story.

A great weekend to all!


Sugar Bear said...

Well that sounds like a good story!

Gretchen said...

Your wife is a saint. sounds like despite this faux pas, you're not so bad yourself. Of course big sparkly gifts never hurt anything...;)

Rosemary said...

That was kind of bad!!
I'm sure she forgives you though.
Tell her hi for me, and you all have a great weekend!!

Meggie said...

OMG! What a fiasco!! Since I'm upset if guests arrive 30 minutes early, I would have been severely bonkers! Can't wait to read Susie's version of events. I'm sure you (Bill) will think of something small and very shiny to get you out of the doghouse.

PEA said...

Oh my....what are you doing out of the doghouse already??? hehe I can just imagine how shocked she was to have her guests arriving a day early...can't wait to hear her tell of it! lol xox

sea mystery said...

As much as she tells us that she loves you ... I think you'll be forgiven in short order, Bill. I also think she will be buying you a calendar and a nice marking pen soon. :) Just sayin'. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord I would have killed you Mr. Bill.i hope Susie Q recovers soon.

Cottage Rose said...

Awwww how sweet of you to post for her, but then again you should be. haha. I think you should make her a wonderful dinner for two and then do the cleaning up. She will love it. But wait till your company is gone. Oh and bring her, her favorite flowers and beautiful music and lots of candle light. She will forgive you then.


justabeachkat said...

Oh, you bad bad boy! Remember ~ Diamonds are a girl's best friend!


Mom2fur said...

Awww, I'm sure she'll forgive you!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh Silly Billy, I hope you're still not in the dog house! But oh my, I would need tons of chocolate to make up for that whopper! A day early? I don't usually start my cleaning tornado until the day before! The dust bunnies would have welcomed them in while I had fainted dead away at the sight of my early guests!

You do have chocolate, don't you?

Sandi McBride said...

Oh, and Silly Billy...candy...Lady Godiva's I'm a lovely lock box to keep under lock and key...and tell her I have an award for her when she's on Friday's post...she'll find it!

-Jennifer said...

Uh oh, Bill's in the dog house, eh Sue?

Rue said...

Oh my! Buy her something she's been asking for that is ridiculously expensive! Tickets to see Brian maybe??

rue :)

FHL said... are in trouble! Good thing she obviously loves you a whole whole lot :o)

Sue, I hope you are having a fabulous time with your friends!!!

Sending a hug :o)

Shelia said...

You bad bad hubby. Sounds like something my Mr. Precious might just do! We love Susie and tell her when she comes back to visit me - I have an award for her.
Be sweeties,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

this is the best story!! i canNOT imagine how this went. how/when did the guest bath get prepped? was your hair clean? the dust was probably still out!!! good grief, this is such a nightmare but OBVIOUSLY, everyone coped lovingly. what a wonderful husband/wife team. kudos! jkj

Alice said...

Jewelry always does wonders in these situations. :) I can't wait to read Susie's account of what transpired.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh Dear Bill.....I can not wait to hear Sue's side of the story! Tell her we are waiting with grins on our faces...and BTW - you really do NEED to take a trip to the NC mountains - Asheville/Hendersonville area. Kent and I really truly want to meet all of you!

Lallee said...

Is this where the movie title Kill Bill originated? LOL

Jolene George said...

Oh yes! I want to hear her tell about this one...after she is done being a wonderful host of course.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

OK I read what happened before I read this.........and since my husband wouldn't even know where to start to post on my blog....I say forgive this man! lol! Any husband who can sign on and admit to his wrong doing to throngs of female readers is aces in my book!!

Firefly Nights said...

I read the story before I got to this post. "Silly" doesn't even begin to cover what you did. If you are still allowed to sleep in your own bed, consider yourself VERY lucky. The magnitude of this type of faux pas is like a 9.2 earthquake. Grovel, man, grovel.