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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Foto Friday

Ah, another Friday! I missed posting a photo last week so need a little catch up huh?
I hope you will indulge me for continuing to play Jason's Brown's ballad Someone To Fall Back On, even during Fun Friday. I am so in love with him and his music now and this song, in particular, is on my lips all day. So, for just a little will remain at the top of my play list.
Now, Fun Fotos!

Since I was unable to post last week, here is the Foto I WOULD have offered up. I present, me, my dear friend P and her brother D. No, not a recent picture but I have not changed a bit. OKAY! It is P who has not changed a bit...and I have changed a *little*. OKAY! (Gee you guys are strict!) I have changed A LOT!

This was taken in 1973 at the 1950/1960's Dance that we, the members of the Wilbur Wright Drill Team, put together. What fun it all was...and yes, P has not changed a bit. *I* have. Happy??

A Fun Foto from 1998. I HAVE changed since then yes and I like THIS part of the change. My hair is totally different, my glasses, etc. I LIKE that change. Some of the others? Not so much but let's not dwell on those shall we? SHALL we?? Ahem.

This is me with Gary Sinise. Yes, THAT Gary Sinise. And yes he has changed too but all for the better right? I hate that about men. Why IS that? They get more sexy and distinguished and I get, um, okay. Let's move on shall we?

I was part of a group that held a fundraiser for The Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. Gary and 2 friends & fellow actors, Terry Kinney and Jeff Perry co-founded this amazing place as teenagers in the 70's. In the years since, the Steppenwolf has received unprecedented national and international recognition from media, theater critics, and audiences alike. While Steppenwolf continues to live up to its many accolades, the company has never lost sight of its original vision. Today Steppenwolf remains committed to producing dynamic and exciting theater. Often called "In your face" style theater...dynamic and sometimes wild, The Steppenwolf served as the career *stepping stone* for fantastic, well known actors such as John Malkovitch, John Mahoney, Joan Allen, Laurie Metcalf, Austin Pendleton, Gary Cole, Kathryn Erbe, Glenne Headley and, of course, Kinney, Perry and Sinise. Each remains a part of The Steppenwolf and, along side the other extremely gifted members of the ensemble, continue doing some amazing work there.

I can never say enough about Gary Sinise. He is a true gentleman and an actor of immense talent. The gang at The Steppenwolf were such a joy and so welcoming. I will never forget them.

It was a fantastic weekend of glorious theatrical performances, raising money for this phenomenal theater, laughter, fun and friends. Daniel and Bill were with me there and also enjoyed their Steppenwolf weekend in Chicago. The memories made that weekend will never fade.

I hope your weekend will be a sweet good to others but never forget to be kind to your self as well. You deserve that!

Love and Hugs,

Susie Q


Connie said...

I've never heard of the man you mention - Gary Sinise, but you sure are a cutie pie, sweetpea! We ALL change. Bigger FEET(!), deeper wrinkles(!), bigger...uh, bra size(!) and such. I'm not sporting bat wing arms and they used to be so long and THIN!! Wowser, chickee, you're bringing back memories. I guess I just go eat worms now.......

Connie said...

I mean *NOW* not *NOT*!! See, I can't type anymore either.....or proofread for that matter!!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, so how is this fair? Brian, Gene and now GARY? What, are you magic or something? Hows about wrinkle that little nose of yours and send me some of that luck! And you changed're better lookin' a fine could you not see it?

Sheila said...

Gary Sinese and the Lt. Dan Band were right here in a town near me yesterday! They were playing a concert called "Rockin' for the Troops 2008. I wanted to go to it, but I was busy and couldn't go. But I was thinking of you! I remember when I met you through the Monty Python forum in 1998 you were telling me all about Gary Sinese and I remember that picture! Brought back memories!! :)

Lallee said...

So fun to see the back when photos. You look adorable in both. Gary Sinise--I think very highly of him as a person and how he has honored our troops. He won my acting kudos in Forrest Gump and I've enjoyed him ever since.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I'm confused??? That's you with Gary Sinise? That looks like it could be your mother! You look so much younger and hipper now...and that was 10 years ago??? I want to know your secret!