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Monday, February 04, 2008

This And That And Brian Dennehy

I want to apologize for not being able to visit as much this week. This will be one of those hectic ones I am afraid! Grace and I did not get home until after 7 club and sewing class on Mondays. Tomorrow evening I have a board meeting at church (I know, I know, I volunteered. What was *I* thinking! But what were THEY thinking? They asked ME to be secretary!) and Wednesday we are going to see the Hannah Montana concert/movie. Grace decided tonight that she MUST see it since "everyone I know is going Mom! Pleeeeaaaaassssseeee?" Heaven forbid she be the only 10 year old NOT to see it. Oh the shame. The horror. The senseless embarrassment. And my sweet, little nephew has been SO ill with a stomach virus. He is just now beginning to mend and my sis in law has come down with the same thing. If you think about it, I would so appreciate a quick prayer that they all recover soon. Speaking of prayers, I want to warmly thank our dear Gretchen for her sweet messages and constant prayer on behalf of our military friends, The Burrells. You may remember when I asked that prayers be said on behalf of Chris. He has been at Walter Reed for several weeks now, being treated for wounds received in Iraq. You can send Chris a message or see some recent family pictures by visiting his space on Caring Bridge. Chris is experiencing horrendous phantom pains (His left leg was amputated) and they were so strong yesterday that he missed watching the Super Bowl. His precious Mom, sweet Debbie, has never left his side. She is still sleeping in his room and has been his constant companion since he arrived back stateside. His Dad Mike is never far away and his brother and sister come as often as they can. He gets many visits from friends and family and a few celebrities as well. These have included football and baseball players, the Secretary of State and a few Generals thrown in for good measure! Just recently Chris was visited by singer Stevie Nicks, actor Jeff Daniels and actor Jon Voight. I am sure these visits were a great diversion from physical therapy and discomfort. My busy days aside, I have had a terrible time getting ON the computer since our Henry has decided it is THE place to sleep. Uh huh. The keyboard makes an excellent mattress. Good for the back (or, in HIS case, the tummy) don'tcha know.
Henry? Get off please...
Are you listening to me Henry?
Oooh...don't you turn away when I am speaking to you Henry...
One last note...I just saw this auction on ebay. A vintage movie wardrobe place has a uniform shirt worn by one Mr. Dennehy. It's from a television film and yes. I want it. I crave it. It is one of the only things I do not have for my actual piece of *clothing* wardrobe. I have a watch and two lapel pins but no clothing. As you can guess, I was pretty excited until my husband gave me that, "Are you out of your living, loving mind Susie?" look. Sheesh...after all, it is ONLY $300.00. I just do not understand this man at all. Hmpf. I wonder if he has anything I can pilfer and sell on ebay....oh. You don't think that is such a great idea? Aw, not YOU too! Gee whiz...okay. Let's see how much change is in the jar...1,2,5 pennies...3 nickels...OOH! There's a quarter...that makes 45 cents right? Getting closer to that $300 all the time!
auction on ebay I will be visiting everyone this week I promise. Please know I think of you all and send lots of love and hugs. I hope your week is filled with smiles! Susie Q


Melissa said...

I hadn't even thought about buying tickets for Anna Marie to see the film (even though she's been begging me for weeks) but after reading a couple of other blog posts, I'm afraid I might be too late!

Love the cat on the keyboard!

Sandi McBride said...

I hope you and Gracie have loads of fun at the movie...I'm not sure I would enjoy such, but who knows, there's a little girl in all of us! Did you get the shirt or were you "talked out of it"? Heading over to Caring Bridge (isn't that just the most wonderful site? It was so great when our nephew was injured...I'm glad Chris is a fighter! Brush up on those secretarial skills now,

Alice said...

No bids yet on the shirt. I say go for it! A few years ago I bought a gallery flier for about $400. My husband was okay with that even though he didn't understand why I'd want it. Today it hangs behind archival glass behind my computer and I am happy each time I look up and see it.

Holly said...

Hi Susie Q!!!
I have to update my blog info for you. It's redesigned and ready to go!!!
The old one still comes up on your list.
I am going to shoot an e-mail to Chris and thank him for fighting for our country...God bless that boy!!!
xxxooo Ruth

BittersweetPunkin said... are so funny! My cat likes to sit between me and the computer screen....or jump in my chair when I get up for a refill...
Have a great day!

Janet said...

Calvin actually prefers the mousepad....something about the word "mouse" I guess. Of course his pleasure is at its peak when I am trying to use the mouse and he settles on the pad!! Go figure:)


PS. I have about $20 in change I can donate.

Sugar Bear said...

I don't get this whole Hannah Montana thing but then again I don't have kids. I hope that some of the visitors are helping Chris keep his spirits up.

The shirt - look in the cushions for more change! Hubby and I always put our loose change in containers and when we get enough cash it in and buy something for the house. We were recently able to buy an area rug using our loose change!


Cherdecor said...

What is it about key boards that cats like? Ha! Ha! So funny!

Sheila said...

My cat Oscar always liked to get between me and the computer screen, silly kitties.
Never volunteer for anything Sue, your DH is a military man, didn't he teach you
Christopher has a long road ahead of him, but he has such a loving network and family and friends, like you, surrounding him, he will be fine.
As a mother I can't imagine what his mother is going through as well.
love and hugs

smilnsigh said...

I'd missed that before but I put the Caring Bridge link in my Fav. Places now.

Thank you.


Terri and Bob said...

I really had a powerful feeling about your military friend. His suffering is so hard to bear. I am praying for both him and his sweet mom. I am glad he is getting some perks but I wish the circumstances were different.

Thanks for your sooo sweet comments on my blog. You have no idea how they helped me on that particular day.

-Jennifer said...

Henry sure has nerve doesn't he?
How on earth did you find that shirt on eBay?? Unless you were searchging for BD!

Tammy said...

Prayers for all you've mentioned in this post!

I hope Grace has fun at the concert...I hear it is every young girls dream!

Have fun *watching* the aution...LOL!

Mary Isabella said...

I hope you and your sweet daughter have loads of fun. You are making memories. I stopped while I was typing to prar for you and all you mentioned. Please know I have placed their names at the feet of our Lord....Smiles to you my friend..Mary

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Susie!

I know you guys a swamped with tons of things going on - incuding the shirt off Brians back......

But! I have given you an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend. I have prayed,but wasn't able to get on the site.
Now what were you gonna do with that shirt? Sleep in it?=)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Susie Q, Have a great week. What's up with they person starting the bid at $300.00? If he had started it at $9.99 there would have been a bidding frenzy and it would probably gone a lot higher. As it is I would be glad to send you all my laundry money to bid on it. xo Lynn

Chris is on my prayer list.

Valerie said...

can't say that Elvis has laid across our keyboard.

prayers for Chris, what a brave man.

how was Hannah? hmmmmm?! thankfully, you've avoided therapy for years by taking her.

LivingTheLife said...

Ok...what we need to do here...for you and BD...cos I just know in my heart of hearts he WANTS you to HAVE that shirt...we should take up a collection from each of your blogging buddies...I say you have if all could donate $1.00 to $5.00 to the your loose change...and don't forget to check in all your unused purses and coat pockets...then you just MIGHT have enough $$$ to buy that new Night Shirt...ummmm....I mean piece of Cinematic History...yes...that sounds much better...doncha think? I'll be glad to donate 10% of the that would be $30.00 right...lets get those bids and donations started!

I am sending up prayers for your sweet nephew and his family along with Chris and his family...I'll also head on over to the caring bridge site.


Meggie said...

Gee SusieQ, blogging should be fun and done when you have time enough to enjoy it. We all know and understand your responsibilities of being an active wife and Mom. We "ain't" goin' anywhere. We'll be here waiting for ya when you get to us. Fear not! My kitty, Butch, likes to plop in front of my computer also...what is it with those fickle felines? Enjoy Hannah Montana. I'm glad Grace is getting to go.

justabeachkat said...

Hi there Miss Suzy Q! I haven't been by in a week or's been busy around my house too. It looks like you've been a busy girl too. No problem...we all get busy from time to time.


Gretchen said...

You are sweet to thank me for praying, but it's truly the least I can do.

Sorry about the $300 shirt. ;)

And...leave poor Henry alone. He can sleep whereever he darn well pleases. Hmph. :)


Pamela said...

It's probably been washed. naw.