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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Little Bit Of This And A Whole Lot Of That

Gee, has it been 3 days since I was last here? It must be old age. I have no idea what happens to the days anymore! I hope you are all well and warm and happy. It is snowing here...again...but the accumulation amounts are going down, which is a GOOD thing. It does look so pretty though...just soft, fluffy bits of cotton floating down from Heaven. We had a busy weekend with volunteer activities and church, movies with friends and errands. We really enjoyed seeing "Michael Clayton" and didn't George Clooney look smashing at the Oscars? Almost Cary Grant-ish but then, No one does Cary Grant better than Cary himself! I miss that man. My buddy *T*, Mom and I had a girl's afternoon out which included seeing the movie, "Vantage Point". *T* is a huge Matthew Fox fan and my Mom has a wee bit of a crush on one Mr. Dennis Quaid. Let us just say that the 3 of us have been known to appreciate a nice looking gentleman and this movie had lots of nice looking men. Ahem... It was a thrill ride of a movie, loads of action and not at all *gory*. Ala The Jason Bourne films. Good triumphed over evil and the best men won... On this *gory* note, has anyone seen "Let There Be Blood" or "No Country For Old Men"? I realize that violence plays a part in many films, a vehicle with which to relate a story. But does violence need to be of the stomach churning, *gory* variety? Do I sound like a wimp? Probably, but even though I would like to see the characters portrayed by brilliant actors like Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day Lewis, I have stayed away due to the graphic nature of the violence that many reviewers spoke about. Okay, I AM a wimp. That said, I read an interview with actress Reece Witherspoon today that I enjoyed. She was discussing the films she has had the best time working in and the ones she is now helping to create. She wants to provide movie goers more uplifting and joyful experiences. To paraphrase Ms. Witherspoon, what is wrong with offering the public films with a sweet message, one where the boy kisses the girl at the end and the conclusion has everyone living happily ever after? Two of her more recent films are now among my favorites, "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Just Like Heaven". Both are ever so dear romantic comedies, girl hugs boy and all ends charmingly. What's so wrong with that? The large numbers of patrons sitting in the theaters which feature such films must not think there is a single thing to object about in a lovely romantic comedy! And darn it, men like them too. Even when they don't like to admit it! Life is hard enough for many, do we really need to plunk down $9 to be reminded how awful it can be? Alright, alright, enough whining from me but heck. Is Hollywood listening? This year's Oscars did not do well in the ratings. Most folks I have spoken with did not see the *Best* Picture winner. I would love to hear from anyone who DID see it and give me their review. I love a finely crafted, well acted film and would love to be able to see this one. Can anyone fill me in or am I destined to be a sorry wimp forever? Like I said, I DO realize that violence in many films is warranted, no one goes to see a Western and expect the gun slingers to use bubble blowers but does it need to be shown as graphically as it was in many of the nominated films last year? Just my two pennies and we all know they are not worth a whole heck of a lot! Bill gave me a dozen yellow roses for Valentine's Day and they are just about at their end. I always take photos of my flowers so I can enjoy them awhile longer... Bill usually buys me yellow roses as he knows they are my favorites. Yellow roses and pretty together. Gracie made her own Mardi Gras mask and wanted to show it off a bit! The next day, a very naughty Henry the cat decided it was a toy. Poor, pink feathers will never be the same... I never did post this picture of my mother and daughter on Chinese New Year. We went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant with Mom, our buddy *T*, and one of Grace's best friends, *Miss E* and her parents. We had a lovely time and I thought my special "ladies in red" looked beautiful! I wanted to show you this precious box and lovely tussie mussie made with the loving hands of our fellow blogger, Rosemary! Rosemary, at RosesPetiteMaison , is a blessing! Rosemary makes the sweetest boxes and tussie mussies! You must take a peek! She is a real talent and the dearest lady. I purchased these delights through dear Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage. Both her blog and her extraordinary shop are a feast for your eyes. We spent a great deal of last week baby sitting our neighbor's precious Toy Fox Terriers. I got this shot of Grace with Elliot under the fur babies' Mama's coffee table!
This is Olivia & Grace.
This is Grace with Elliot...Oh, and yes, their Mama is a HUGE fan of Law and Order SVU!
Little puppy dog paws in the snow... I hope your Tuesday is a sweet one. I am off to do a bit of cleaning and dog walking and laundry! Take care and remember to smile! Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Esther Sunday said...

Thanks for the updates! Hey, Viggo Mortensen lives in my county! Yep. Makes me practically related to him, don't you think? He works out at our local health club. I am sure he has checked out my bottom a time or two. (Wishful thinking here!) Love, Esther

Tammy said...

Trying to smile but snowshowers up this way have a way of draggin' me down...I know, maybe I need to see sweet Reece Witherspoon in a movie...yeah...popcorn and chocolate and a good flick...thanks for the idea!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Alas I see no photos!!
I agree about the violence in movies...I didn't see those movies for that reason. I guess I am one of those who like to leave the theater feeling uplifted and dreamy. I'm a sap, I admit it!

Say, did you ever get the mirror? I tracked it and it said delivered but I just want to be sure.

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Suzy... Youve been tagged by me to participate in a meme labeled "7 Weird or Random Facts About Me"...come visit my blog for the rules..xxxooo Ruth

Janet said...

Call me crazy (many have and have lived to tell about it), but there were no pictures!! Enjoyed he post anyway. I stopped going to movies 30 years ago when I saw Walking Tall, Deliverance and one of the Dirty Harry movies in what seemed like rapid succession. Way too much violence...I just hate it. If there needs to be violence just hint at it please, the same with graphic sexuality. We don't need to see the whole act to get the drift. Okay, done now :)


joan said...

First I want to tell you that I love how you have decorated your blog for St. Patricks Day--looks great. And I totally agree with you about the movie thing. I loved those two Reese movies and wish Hollywood would make more of them. And what great photos of your daughter. I think we all are waiting for Spring. Take care.

Andi said...

Wonderful pictures Sue. Love the one of your ladies in red!

I adore what my hubby refers to as "chick flicks"...boy meets girl and they live happily ever after!!! My kind of story! Gene thinks a movie has to have Clint Eastwood in it to be worthwhile!!!

Your snow looks's supposed to turn a little chilly here the 50's!!! I know...I know.

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie!!
Thanks for mentioning me and my work, and Jennifer's website. You are a sweetie. Glad you like your box and tussie mussie.
I did not see the best picture. Not really my kind of movie.
I actually said the night of the Oscars, that George, looked like Cary Grant. Like old Hollywood.
I love those 2 movies you mentione with Reese Witherspoon. I am a romantic comedy girl.
Have a nice evening and keep warm.
Oh I forgot to tell you that I couldn't view your pictures. Just little x's.

Sheila said...

Sue, lots of red x's here instead of pictures. Tho' I can see Grace with the pup, how sweet. I've been doggy sitting too.
I'm with you on the movie thing. I like escapism, and happy ever after, so I must be a wimp too. That's okay, we aren't alone I'm sure..

Kari & Kijsa said...

Ohhhh...the photos are showing up :(.......just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all of the sweet birthday truly made my day!

smiles, kari (& kijsa)

Valerie said...

i watched the Oscars - it is my one high-holy-don't-bother-me-unless-the-cat-and-or-apartment-is-on-fire night.

i wasn't crazy about the show, and haven't seen any of the movies.

but George Clooney is quite yummy.

Dawn Bibbs said...

So, THAT's what you've been up to lately? :-) I LOVE those yellow roses. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I didn't get ANYTHING for Valentines day. So if you don't mind, I'm gonna share your flowers :-).

LOVE the picture of Grace and Elliot under the table. Too cute!

Take care, my friend.

Tara said...

I enjoyed catching up on your news! Saw Michael Clayton as well and thought that was a good movie--nice to hear about all you are up to!

Meggie said...

Hey SusieQ: I am such a sap for a good "happily ever after" movie where boy meets girl, girl gets boy, you know the ones. I have my own copy of Sweet Home Alabama and have seen it no less than 10 times. The other one I'll have to check out. The only movie mentioned at the Oscars that I saw was Juno which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nice shot of your Mom and Grace.

Melissa said...

I haven't seen any of the movies (except Ratatoullie - I think that was the last movie I saw at the theater!) I feel the same way I do when I go to my book club meeting and they ask what I've been reading - usually lots of Dr. Seuss and Dora the Explorer!

I guess I shouldn't tell your mom that when Mr. Quaid was in Memphis filming Great Balls of Fire, he dated the real estate agent that found him a place to stay. She was a friend of my parents!

Missy's Blog said...

I am SO dang excited ... I was finally able to get into your blog Sue!!!

I am going to get caught up on my Susie Q happenings!!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Sue! I agree with you about the movie violence. I always wonder what it says about people who think that going and seeing someone killed in bloody, gorey ways is "entertainment", ick. By the way, your photos are not coming through, just the little boxes with x in them.

Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE the picture of Grace and your mother it tells so much history.

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh yes I also love that irish saying at the top of your blog

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to take a peek at your goings on. I agree with you completely and didn't watch any of the Oscars. I know I can always catch the highlights and dresses on the news shows next day! Although the one exception is I did see Juno and it touched me far more than I expected. Lovely, lovely script and great acting. I'm almost certain you will like it.

P.S. Thanks to you, I made my first purchase on Etsy! Whimsytwo has lovely things and I persevered until I got through the purchase. Can't wait to hang the pears in my kiwi dining room!

-Jennifer said...

i couldn't see any of your pictures

Gretchen said...

I feel the same way about the movies this year. Too gory for me to really relish going to see them, much less paying a sitter so I could. The only one I saw--and loved--was Atonement. That's it. I still watched it all because it's tradition, and I think Jon Stewart did quite well.

Love the picture of your ladies in red. That's a framer.

Your floweres were beautiful and look to have lasted quite a while--unusual for roses.

Gotta run and pick up the kitchen and decide what to feed "these people" . xxoxoogretchen

justabeachkat said...

We saw Vantage Point last night and loved it (I actually posted about it last night.). We both loved it. What a "edge of your seat" movie, right?! So good.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

George is A plus plus, and your daughter, mother and doggie are precious. B. xo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: Rosemary makes the prettiest things and Jennifer is a sweetheart, too!!! xo Becky