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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Words To Live By

Kat at Just a Beach Kat and Meggie at Meggie's Stuff both had a fun meme that was a new one for me. I knew it would take a bit of thought but it looked like fun! Here are the meme rules: 1. Write your own six word memoir 2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like 3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere 4. Tag five more blogs with links 5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!
Here's my six word memoir: Photo: Irish Blogs I.E. "Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First!" Photo: NovaNews I do believe these are words to live by and I have tried my best to do so. These words have served me well over the years...hmm...served...serve...service...HEY! Can I get a little service over here? Chocolate! Get me chocolate! And hurry!
I tag
Andi , Janet , Sandi , Tammy and Valerie And heck. Anyone who would like to play along! I would love to see what you come up with! Love and hugs, Susie Q


BittersweetPunkin said...

Holy have been posting like a fiend..or I am a real or the other!! I have to catch up the cake..and your music!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I love the music and this is a great post!!!!


Janet said...

Ya know when I read Meggies I thought oh, that would be simple, "Life is short, eat dessert first". Drat, now you used it *and* tagged me :>). I will think of something else, but let's face it, it *will* involve food in some way!


Mockingbird Hill said...

I didn't know that this was some kind of quote...I assumed it was FACT!! ;)


Gretchen said...

What a great memoir. I love it on so many levels. xxooogretchen

Tammy said...

Second tag...I can't come up with I guess third tag is charm...hmmm?

Loved yours!!!!!

justabeachkat said...

Oh Susie Q! I love how you think girl! Great job.


Meggie said...

SusieQ: I should have guessed your memoir would involve food in some way. You are tooo much! Since I usually don't have anyone else to cook for, I often eat something sweet instead of a whole meal. Thanks for playing along. Wasn't this a fun one?