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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well Now...

Brian! Leave those ladies alone and get back to my Christmas cards! NOW!
Oh you silly would seem that many of you think Brian Dennehy will stop by to console you just because it was not your name Grace pulled from the glass turkey. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now it seems that Brian himself has left a comment to tell our Janet at Housepeepers that it is actually Pamela at The Dust Can Wait he will be consoling. (Does anyone think that our Pamela may be a very silly lady?) Oh but I am so afraid that he will be unable to do that as he is here helping me do my Christmas Cards. I have him addressing the envelopes just now but he will soon be moving on to stamping. Just thought you would want to know...hmmm.... Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Sugar Bear said...

Can Brian come by and help me with my cards next LOL!?

PAT said...

I could sure use Brian at my house, to address cards and a help out with a few other things. Guess I'll just enlist the Moose!

I finally went to the doctor today. Should have last week, but refused to, since I was up to here, with wedding work! The wedding was Saturday. Today, I am finally medicated with extra special antibiotics and decongestants. I'm resting tonight...the decorating begins tomorrow!!:-)

Some of the wedding photos are at the back porch. It was a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Sue and Family!


Jolene George said...

LOL! Tell Brian I am seriously behind on my cards, so when he is done helping you, I could really use some help with this mess of cards. He'll enjoy the sunshine and lingering heat we've got going on here. :o)

Janet said...

Well, I did try to at least make you feel a little guilty, but as they say "no harm, no foul". Brian does look great in the picture. My favorite Hollywood guy was Robert Urich and he had to go and die. So unfair, and I can't seem to replace him.

Happy Thanksgiving,

PS. You have an e-mail from me re: a recipe swap.

justabeachkat said...

Give him a kiss and hug from little ole me!

Hope your Thanksgiving is, fun, filled with love and many happy memory making moments.


Pamela said...

so... you were never fooled eh?
I thought it would make you pause for just a moment.