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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Smile Is Waiting... hop on over and see today's post by Cassie at Mockingbird Hill! Get yourself a big wide grin!
I will admit I am so far behind now I may never catch up! I am visiting you all as I can and enjoying myself immensely. I have missed out on so much! Still, I have yet to get to some of your special blog homes and I just hate that! Please know I am thinking about all of you even when I do not get the time to leave a comment. I think that is the only way I can catch up properly! I will be by to see you all, of that I promise!Gosh, do I ever need a cuppa!
I think I may have hit that proverbial wall of *argh* tonight. The last 3 weeks have caught up with me and I am going to admit I am only human. Yes, hard to believe isn't it? Try not to be too upset. *snicker* Between the ever growing laundry Vesuvius that may erupt at any moment, chasing all the dust bunnies that have been rapidly multiplying in my absence *passionate little devils aren't they?*, vacuuming up all the hair that 2 dogs and 2 cats can produce, cleaning up after one messy gen- xer who has been developing software AND using my cups and glasses as petri dishes *what IS that stuff?*, one 9 year old perpetual motion machine who has 278,965 art projects left unfinished in her room, one overwhelmed 51 year old husband who finally gave up on the bedrooms in an attempt to keep the bathrooms from being closed down by the board of health AND unpacking the suitcases before someone *meaning ME* breaks a leg after falling over them for the 45,872 time...whew...I am tired. Pooped. Then there is tomorrow where I will need to get my mother to her eye appointment, one more doctor appointment and the hairdresser, run to the grocery *ARGH! Thanksgiving in in LESS than a week!*, pick up my nephew at his school, take another crack at cleaning and laundry, take Henry to the vet for his annual check up, fix dinner and then take Grace to a Girl Scout function. Just last month someone asked me I ever get bored being a *stay at home mom*. Bored?? Oh PLEASE give me bored! I crave boredom! But please do not think I am complaining! I promise you I am not. Okay, maybe just a little. OKAY! A LOT but reality I am GLAD to have all of this laundry. It means my family is well clothed. Uh huh, the housework took a back seat to my mother's recovery but just the fact that I HAVE so much housework means I HAVE a house to live in. And what is a little dust compared to my Mother's smile? Dan's amateur science experiments just mean he was in his room, drinking coffee so he could keep at his work. And yes, that means he is well employed as well as in college. Grace's art work is beautiful and worth far more than a picture perfect room. Besides, I doubt that HGTV will be showcasing it any time soon anyway darn 'em. The still packed suitcases? They represent a delicious trip with friends that will be locked in our memories forever. I will just try to overlook my stubbed toe. The pet hair? We HAVE pets! And we loved having Mom's doggie here with us. Wouldn't trade these faithful companions for anything in the world but I am still hoping this new "FURminator" tool works! The overwhelmed husband? Well, he took over my duties here, after working hard all day, so I could be with my mother. So he was a little overwhelmed. He kept the house standing, the pets alive and my treasured blog friends informed. And he did it all while looking pretty darned cute. Blessings...blessings can be found everywhere can't they? As we head into Thanksgiving week, I am very mindful of all I have in my life. And I never forget for one second how blessed I am to have all of you. Have a sweet Friday dear friends.


wendster said...

HI Suzie Q!!!
My hubby just walked in and wants his lap top back! I just got caught up again on your blog. Loved the photos (wow! Niagara falls and those little blowy things ... what are they called? You blow on them and they are PIN WHEELS yeah ... they are!), loved the goodie bag photos, loved loved loved all of the everything!
I miss you!
I have been thinking of you!
Just wanted to say hi!

justabeachkat said...

Hi there!

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay behind too. It's driving me crazy. I can't seem to stay on top of everything lately. I've sure enjoyed catching up with you tonight though....lots of wonderful photos. It's good to have you back.

Take your will get caught up. I will too. Soon, I hope.

Hugs sweet friend,

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Sue! That is such a lovely sweet post! I'm happy that you are happy! When you get a chance, stop by my blog, I have a little something for you....
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
You will get to everything soon.
Don't try to do it all.
I was way behind after the wedding, but I finally caught up.
Slowly but surely.
I loved your post!!

Janet said...

Another great post and I know you will visit me when you can. I am still struggling a bit, but am determined to post most days. It is the quantity vs. quality dilemma.

Happy laundry and vacuuming!

Anonymous said...

Susie, I know it has to be hard.I know that if anyone can do all that and still stand strong it is you! You are one strong lady. Have a blessed weekend.

Sugar Bear said...

Sue this is such a sweet and meaningful post! Take it easy if you can - try to give yourself a little time even if it is only an hour - to relax and do nothing!

the feathered nest said...

Suzie Q, lovely post. The same thoughts run through my mind all the time. This morning it was 24 degrees here in Atlanta but my house was snug and warm and I was soo grateful for that!

I'm behind in lots of things too and some things will just have to stay that way! I just can't do everything! :)

Take care,

Cheryl Wray said...

What a PERFECT way to describe the laundy. My big pile is EXACTLY like aMount Vesuvius!!! LOL

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week away!!!! We have had an incredibly busy week and the weekend will also be very busy, but I'm looking forward toMonday. The kids are out of school for the week and I hope to relax just a little bit!

Hope you get everything done!!!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Susie, when you get done there, could you pop over here? I gave up on the dust bunnies shortly after I gave up on Mac wiping the sand and grass off his is never ending, am I wrong????? WELL????? Hope your Mom is well, and never fear...the work will always be there waiting for you...have I depressed you? I hope not! So good to have you back where you belong...da da laaa...that's a theme song isn't it?

Sheila said...

The other stuff can wait..your Mom is getting better, the kids are happy, Bill is helping, sounds like everything is under control..!
Have a great weekend..!

Jolene George said...

It's just so good to "see" you Sue. Don't fret about being behind. It seems everyone is so busy these days.
I really enjoyed seeing all of your niagra photos. Would love to see that in person one day, but your pictures capture it beautifully.
Love you!

T*mmy said...

Loved your friends was too funny!

Time chrunchies here too! But, I said hang it all I'm going on Blog!

Have a great evening!

Valerie said...

i'm behind, too. Brendan perloined the laptop all.freaking.week. and i've been going through withdrawls!!

it sounds like Niagra was relaxing for you - yippee! and SO glad momma is healing nicely! you totally made me well up when you said 'is there anything sweeter than your mother's smile?' big ol' hugs from my home to yours, sweetie1

Andi said...

My sweet are indeed a blessing to me! I really miss you when you're away from blogland.

We do all have so much to be grateful for this holiday season and everyday!!!

Love and Hugs to You, Andi

Anonymous said...

To my special new friend,
I have been keeping up on your blog and I am so sorry you have been having a very difficult time. Taking care of our parents is very rewarding but mood draining. You will need to take a day for yourself and just do for yourself...Think about it seriously. It will help. Take a long afternoon nap. You deserve it.


LivingTheLife said...

Miss Susie dear...
You may be behind on some "chores" and such...but honey are right on in the "blessings" department. You got it so right girl...your priorties are in perfect order...and your wisdom is something everyone should be so blessed to learn.

Blessings to you and your family for a very heartwarming Thanksgiving. With your mom on the mend...I know your heart is bubbling with thanks.