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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now, Tacky I GET!

You Are a Bright Christmas Tree
For you, the holidays are all about fun and seasonal favorites. You are into all things Christmas, even if they're a little tacky.
Lost, no I didn't get that one so much but me tacky? THAT I get! A minimalist I am not! Especially during holiday seasons! Bring on the glitter Ma, pass me that extra set of lights Pa and get outta my way!


Mary Isabella said...

I love it all. AWESOME!!! mary

Rosemary said...

I love glitter and the more lights the better.

Sandra Evertson said...

What a great photo of Santa swinging around!
Sandra Evertson

Gretchen said...

Well, according to the quiz, I'm a traditional Christmas tree. :) However, we just purchased enough lights to illuminate Seattle and surrounds, along with a Charlie Brown and Snoopy blow up decoration (sounds tawdry, doesn't it?!)--to go with the blow up Santa and the light-up polar bear. We'd be even more if it weren't for the vandals who came last year and kicked in our angel, moose, and deer. We refuse to be bitter, but it is a shame. Still...I say, as long as our hearts are in the right place, what's too much glitter?

Tammy said...

How fun!

And I was just catching up with you a bit...yay for It's a Wonderful Life!

I fell in love with that movie one of the first times they showed it on TV...before it became almost overdone every year. It completely moved me...and it's not only one of my favorite Christmas movies, but one of my all-time favorite movies ever!

And I just saw on your comment tonight that you were watching those same Andy Hardy movies on are truly a gal after my own heart, Susie! :)

I love your new Christmas look- so pretty...(and I don't think it's tacky one bit!) ;)

Terri said...

I think that test is screwy, because it said I was bright and tacky too! Never mind! Glad you are back on line.
God bless.

Jafabrit said...

I am a traditional tree lol! that was fun.

Janet said...

I am traditional too, but I want to be just a touch flamboyant. Couldn't we all use just a touch??

the feathered nest said...

That was fun - I'm a traditional Christas tree.

Now to catch up on your other posts!


T*mmy said...

The test said I was a Minimal Tree~to quote "You're not a total Scrooge, but you feel no need to go overboard at Christmas.
Less is more, and your Christmas reflects refined quality"

I don't know if this is true because, I've kinda gone overboard this me anyway!

Have a great Monday Miz Susie Q! =)

Mom2fur said...

I'm a traditional tree, and that sounds about right. I love real trees and dread the day I'll have to break down and get a fake one. Even if they do look pretty nice!

Scrappy Moments said...

You Are a Cranberry and Popcorn Strung Tree

Christmas is all about showcasing your creative talents.
From cookies to nicely wrapped presents, your unique creations impress everyone.

Thank You for The fun Blog quiz :)


Cheryl Wray said...

I absolutely LOVE your new collage of Christmas photos up above!!!! Just gorgeous!!!!

Melissa said...

If you can't be glitzy at Christmas, then when can you be?

Sandi McBride said...

Ah's a blast being tacky! Me and my red sweater present...not a thing wrong with it! The lights are so beautiful, the more the better...lots of glitter, too!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

LOL! I took that test and I am the cranberry and popcorn tree....well maybe 15 years ago, but I have progressed....havn't I? I thought I did.........hmmmm maybe I didn't lol

Andi said...

Too cute!!! I'll have to give this a try as well.

NAME: CIELO said...

Love it all... Hi cute Sucie Q; just passing by to say hi—cielo.

Good to see you again...

Cottage Contessa said...

LOL! I took the quiz and I am tacky too! I do so strive to be elegant and tasteful, but it doesn't turn out that way. Guess I'll just have to throw tinsel to the wind and embrace my tackiness! lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Sharon Kay said...

I am a tree full of roses and victorian decorations. I will go visit your friend and find out a little about her corner of the wotld. Have a good Monday and be back soon..............Sharon K

Strawberry Lane said...

Now, I'm with you on this decorating business. Nearly all the boxes in the attic are ... Christmas stuff. Yep, have to use it all.

But as for my community ... brace yourself. I'll soon be posting photos of "Christmas Tacky".

They hire people with giant ladders and they cover everything from the rooftops to the ground, including all trees and bright lights that flash and move around.

Is it a competition to see who has the largest light bill? People drive for miles to see these displays.

I honestly drive out of my way to avoid being blinded.

Now, I'll admit, some are really pretty ... like mine.

Time to go unpack those boxes.