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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cassie, Sweet Cassie....

....talented Cassie, creative Cassie, generous Cassie! Yes, I know I have lots of catching up to do don't I? So, here goes and even if some of you are already decorating for the Christmas holidays, I will let you all in on a glorious Halloween package that arrived from Cassie at Mockingbird Hill. I was lucky enough to win her Halloween Giveaway and was it a WOW! Now, Cassie is such a talent and does she ever love that holiday that falls in late October! No, I do not mean MY birthday you big sillies (although I am petitioning the federal government to have it declared a national holiday if you would like to sign the form. Ahem)...I am talking about Halloween and was this box filled to the brim with oodles of treats! You KNOW you are in for something delightful when the box itself has been painted, decoupaged and is a true piece of art all by itself! I must tell you that we saved the box and will keep it until it turns to dust! It is just phenomenal! Everything was sweetly wrapped and just so pretty! Is this pillow not THE most fun thing you have ever seen for Halloween? I mean, this will be a holiday family heirloom! Both Dan and Grace LOVED this as did Bill and I! And this was the FIRST thing I unwrapped! Whoa! There were 4 bags with the coolest candles and all done up just so. I told you Cassie was special! How about these boxes?? Handmade and filled with the most wicked delights! And ooh those black roses... I LOVED these...old game letters that spelled appropriately spooky words as well as an old set of dice and a skeleton key! Oh Mummy darling! BOO! And this was not even all! Blogger is being cranky and not allowing me to post all the photos but believe me, fantastic is not a big enough word to describe it all. Thank you dear Cassie for giving me, well, ALL of us a huge lift and loads of smiles! Please pay Cassie a visit if you have yet to meet her. She is funny, beautiful, talented and an all around great lady. More soon! Love to you all....


Sandi McBride said...

Oh Cassie, I love it all...did I tell you that I adore Ravens and Crows? They make such wonderful neighbors...they clean up after me by the compost and talk to me when I'm in the garden...yes, I love them...and your halloween decorations.

Janet said...


I thought my box from Cassie was special with it painting and polka dots, but yours is even better!! No, I am not jealous, just statin' a fact. I have never been a big Halloween decorator, but my box has been put away until next year when I will be decorating with the best (you). Cassie is a special girl and...Realtor extraordinaire.

Andi said...

Cassie is the Best!!! My box was wonderful too...all painted and special.

Love your things!!!

Mockingbird Hill said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


I'm so glad you had fun getting into everything...the pillow is one of my most favorite things!

It was such fun to put all of that together...and so nice to send it to you!