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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Day To Dear Terri!

Happy Birthday to sweet Terri at Lakewood Manor! Please join me in wishing her a special day! I hope she will forgive me for letting you in on a little secret...she is 49 today! For those of us who are, shall we say *older*, do drop her a comment to tell her how wonderful being in your 50s can be! Have a great day Terri! May this be a year filled with happiness and love, warm moments that make blissful memories and thousands of hugs. Don't forget about my little giveaway! Just leave a comment (or two) in the next 2 days! Have a sweet weekend!


Terri and Bob said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much!

Janet said...


Thanks so much for stopping by with "cloche tips". I know I will have fun with experimenting. Like I don't have other less fun things to accomplish :>).


Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosemary said...

Happy Birtday to Terri!

Missy's Blog said...

Hey Susie Q ... I am sooooo excited. I'm at my MIL's house in Florida and she has high speed internet and I can view your blog!! Yippeee!! I plan to use this next week catching up on blogs that I never get to visit! Take care!

T*mmy said...

I popped over to wish her a happy birthday!

How nice about the are just too sweet!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Happy birthday Terri. We have something in common...the 17th is MY birthday too!!!

Hope you had a great day!!

Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday, Terri!
Regarding being in your 50s--go back! Go back while you still can!!!

(Just kidding! May this ending of a decade be only the start of many great things!)

justabeachkat said...

Isn't Terri a sweetheart?! I left her a message and linked to her on my blog too.


purple cucumbers folk art said...

Will be giving this painting away in a drawing on Dec .10th darlings along with 7 prints,that will be 8 drawings,1 orginal and 7 prints,so come leave y'alls blog for the drawing,it had some papers from magazine and vintage mica.

The Decorated House said...

Hello Dear Sue!
I hope things are slowing down a bit for you and that you are remembering to take care of YOU!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week!

Jolene George said...

Terri deserves a happy birthday!

smilnsigh said...

I don't think I'd better pop in on the Birthday Girl. If we should tell her how great her 50's will be, somehow I don't think she needs to hear from *Ol' Nana* here, in her 70's. -giggles-

Hope you are continuing to rest up. Rest up isn't the word. De-compress from stress, is more like what I wish for you. :-)