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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stick What To Who? Or Is It Whom?

This was a bit from our Mama P's recent post, "Stick It": So who does it for you? (Okay, Susie Q, I know you'd stick your husband under a bus for Brian Dennehy.) But other than that wacky Rabbit Run Cottage woman - who makes your heart sing more than a Rudolph marathon? Oh dear Mama P! I could not be more shocked! Okay, I could but that would necessitate getting up and sticking my finger into an outlet and I am way too lazy to do that. I would never throw Bill under a bus after all, he is too big for me to lift him and toss. Push maybe but throw, never. Now *stick* under a bus I could handle. No lifting required right? Poor Billy. I do so love the guy. He has weathered this obsession I have...this teensy, tiny, little, small (Don't you just love redundancy?) love affair I have with Brian, for 33 years. Of course, Brian has no idea he is involved with me but a one sided affair has far fewer complications. No excitement but no problems either. My poor, sweet long suffering Billy has had a reoccurring dream for years that has me jumping into a cab with BD in NYC and taking off leaving him alone in Times Square. I would never do that sweetie! After all, you usually carry all the money when we travel and I would need you to pay the cabbie! Gee, you big silly! Now back to Mama P. This woman can write. Uh huh...w.r.i.t.e. She is a professional, gets paid to write and everything. And she is funny. Hysterical at times, deeply poignant the next. A loving wife and mom and dang diddly dang good writer. She is doing what I aspire to do and I am proud to know her. If you have never visited her, run on over and say howdy. Tell her that wacky cottage lady sent you. You will be glad you did.


smilnsigh said...

Wow! First comment on this entry!


smilnsigh said...

There, even if someone else is poised to hit 'Send,' I got mine in first! LOL! Who's silly? Me? Me? Me? Nahhhhhhh...

Anyway, I love your Christmas Holidays look on your blog and... Drum Roll please... It loads quickly! Now you know I am way too *sweet and poised and lady-like,* to ever say someone's blog doesn't load quickly. {Yup! Mari-Nanci is all those *marvy things*! Hehhhhh...}

But anyway, yours didn't load quickly. And now it does. :-)))

And yes, we all say we understand how bloggers can't get to commenting in all their zillions of beloved blogs, all the time. We say it. But do we really believe it?


I don't. I don't. I don't. I can't. I can't ever get to the point where I am totally relaxed with not being able to comment *everywhere* and *every day*. Sooo, I just give up. On this part I mean, on the being relaxed with it.

'Cause we all have to do it, some times... Not be able to comment as much as we'd like, I mean. 'Tis life.

Maybe {if I could needlepoint} if I put 'Blogging Without Obligation' on a pillow, I'd get it. But thankfully, I can't needlepoint. ,-)


the feathered nest said...

Very funny! I'll go visit her blog after here.

To answer her question - Luke on the Gilmore Girls - not the guy that plays Luke - but Luke and only when he has his baseball cap on! ;-)


Alice said...

I think we all got a pretty good idea about your Bill a few weeks ago when your mother was ill. Nope, no buses for him.

Karen said...

Your Bill is a keeper, as is my Joe - - - BUT - - - - on the off chance that mine is no longer with me . . .

1. John Mellencamp
2. Keanu Reeves
3. Sam Elliott
4. Jimmy Smits

(Raul Julia was always my No. 1, may he rest in peace.)

Thanks for sharing your life with us - love your home and decorations and writting - and now, off to check out Mama P!

Karen in DE

Mom2fur said...

You know with me, it's Vincent D'Onofrio. There's something about these guys, huh? My husband walks by the TV and says, "Hmmmph...I see your boyfriend is on again." I told him he should be lucky I like a guy like Vincent and not some pretty boy. (My husband is handsome, but he ain't no pretty boy.)
But he's a lot stronger than me, so it would take something a little more subtle than a bus 'accident' to get rid of him. He likes my cooking (she says, and thinks of arsenic as she laughs evilly!)--hey, I'm just kidding! I think Vincent is cool, but my Mike is mine 100%. 27 years married this Thursday! Like your Billy, I don't think Mike has anything to worry about!

Strawberry Lane said...

What a jolly good Merry Christmas you have! You just put me in the Christmas spirt!

I notice our neighborhood is already lining their red ribbons up their Palm trees.

For a mid-west girl ... that is really annoying. Where are the lush evergreens that I knew as a kid? Just a little homesick here.

As usual, your blog is so witty. Love every word.

And as for locating husbands under a bus, I'll just say that one more gate being left open around here and that just might happen.

In the meantime, I'll keep him.

Many cheers !

Rosemary said...

You are one funny lady!!
Love ya,

T*mmy said...

You never know, Mr. D may know all about you. If you did a blog search on his name, every post you've ever written that mentioned him is all there for him to see!

Have a great day! =)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh...SUSIE!!! You and Mr. D are just too much. He doesn't know it...but you are. And Bill...OH Bill, what a guy you are.

Sue, if you don't mind my saying so, I think Bill is MUCH better for you anyway. I mean, really...your name would sound kinda funny having Denehey (or however you spell it) as your last. Sounds a bit too "movie starish". Oh, but I guess that's the point, huh? :-)

I can't be too hard on you though. I've got a few "movie starish" kinda guys out there too that I'd be willing to heave Mr. Bibbs under a train for. YES, I said train...he may survive being hit by a bus :-D. Then like Lucy, I'd have a lot of splainin to do! HAHAHA

Mama P said...

Ah, you are too kind. And second only to Eric Bana for me is... Bill! Love him. He sounds like a doll. Congrats on a great shag... errrr... SNAG.

Mama P said...

PS: How kind of you to comment at Babycenter. Oh, the stories I could tell you... Let's just say I appreciate it sooooo much.

Sandi McBride said...

Wacky? Well, maybe a little...but I thought we agreed I saw Brian was several posts ago, I'm sure I'm right...please don't throw Bill under a bus, he did such a splendid job of "stand in" whilst your mom was ill...I quite took a fancy to him...

Jolene George said...

Momma P sounds like she's every bit as entertaining as you are. Too funny! Good thing Bill knows how loved he is.
I love all the beautiful holiday things you've posted and the walk down memory lane with the old films that are treasures to all of us.
Your thankgiving looks simply wonderful!

BittersweetPunkin said...

How funny that you have that silly lamp in your side bar...we just watched A Christmas Story tonight!!

Mary said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm getting into my Christmas films Watched White Christmas the other day and am planning Its a wonderful Life while I'm sewing later!! Nothing else for it at this time of the year!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Susie, I just love your humor. Thanks for making me smile. xoxo Lynn

Pamela said...

Jeff Bridges.
Especially when he played that naked Starman!!!

Boy SQ, your crush on BD is becoming a legend in cyberspace!!!

LivingTheLife said...

Loved this post...too we all know your affection for one Mr. "make my heart start beating again"...Brian Dennehey...but we also, know your admiration, dedication and all out love for one very lucky Mr. Bill...however, I really "get" your affection for BD...he's so ruggedly tough...but gentle...ok...I'm going to have to stop with this talk...or I'll be dialing 911 for a defibulator...but another one out there...or 2 that "flick my bic" as they used to say is...

A very rugged, smooth...slow talking Sam Elliott...but I hear he's married to the lovely Katherine Ross??? Is that her name??...well...not important...really...


I always loved Michael Landon...loved his hair, face, smile...but most of all his laugh...infectious he was.

There are many, many more...but I suppose the point is...even if they were to EVER notice me...I'm going to stick with my one and slow talkin, thoughtful, easy going, sexy legged, side-ways grinnin...hunk of a one and only..."Stud Muffin"...but thanks for allowing me to dream...a little!