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Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Home Just Made For The Holidays

I wanted to share just a few pictures with
 you of a home that truly has the Christmas spirit! 

I think you will agree with me that it is so much fun!

From the living each sweet bedroom...
this special place just shouts, "Welcome! Come in and have fun!"

The homeowner has the most magical collection of dolls, children's books and old toys.

Paper dolls of all kinds...

I just knew you would enjoy taking this little tour with me!

Isn't this a fun time of year? We have already enjoyed a few parties and holiday open houses and  last Friday evening we saw "It's A Wonderful Life" at a local dinner theater. It was a wonderful production! Tonight we are going to hear The Trans Siberian Orchestra perform! What a thrill that will be!

I hope your part of the world is well and that you are finding plenty to smile about today.

  Wishing you all a sweet weekend...

Susie Q


Pamela said...

when I used the link from facebook it won't let me comment. However, I went directly from google and now I can.

Anyway -- decorating must be a gene that I don't have. Thats okay -- I can live vicariously through other's pictures.

Stacey said...

Susie, that is a wonderful house. I love all the toys mixed in there. It's nice to see someone who enjoys the season without taking the decor so seriously.

Have you seen Trans Siberian before? We have been once and absolutely loved it!