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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Seasonal Delights

One of the best things about the Christmas season is all the sweet delights
we all get to enjoy! This week we were able to experience a few...

Bill, Grace, Mom, my brother Jim and I went to see (and experience!) 
The Trans Siberian Orchestra. Wow! If you have yet to see them, go! 
This year's Christmas show is total sensory overload! In the best way!

Then the Anheuser~Busch Clydesdale Team came to town!
They are going around the nation,
 to military bases, to say thank you to servicemen 
and women, past and present, this holiday season.

We went to the annual tree lighting/Christmas party on base and
were able to get up close and personal with these
gorgeous animals!

Our nephew Brady loved them... did Mom and Grace!


It surely IS just that isn't it!

We also went to our local dinner theater to see, "It's A Wonderful Life".
Such a good production capped off with their traditional singing of "O Holy Night".
The young man who performs this is phenomenal! 
Grace and I were reduced to tears of joy!

Here is Grace getting to meet  Dustin Ferris after the show!
 He also plays Clarence the Angel and does a bang up job!
Hearing him sing was worth the price of admission alone!

So many more holiday delights to come in the next 2 weeks!
This season is proving to be a joy for us and I hope, for you too!

Susie Q

1 comment:

Debby said...

You are so busy. You get to see some really neat plays, concerts, and etc. And you have way too much fun eating out, hah.
Are you in Florida?