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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus...BOO!

Now, are any of these a Santa you want to see coming
down YOUR chimney on Christmas Eve?

Oh now this is just terrible! Santa is
 creeping up to these two poor,
unsuspecting little darlings, ready to
 pounce and scream, "BOO!"
That chair is gonna need a real good cleanin'...

Yikes! I think Santa just smacked the heck 
outta that poor little fella
with those straw thingamajigs. Look at his
 face...heck, it scared me!
Am I the only one who is suddenly thinking
"So THAT'S what happened to Rasputin"?

*Insert Scary Muzak* You are all under 
my will do
as I are powerless to object...

Okay, this guy needs no caption. 
The face says it all...I think I saw him on
 an episode of MSNBC's Lock Up - San Quentin.
 *shiver* Nothing
says Happy Holidays more than hiring paroled
ax murderers to play Santa. Okay, now *I* am gonna have nightmares...just
exactly what is he gonna do with those switches huh?

Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
 Right Santa?

I can not repeat what this Santa is actually thinking...
nope. This is a family friendly blog after all.

Santa needs to go a little bit 
easier on the make up...

You know? Something tells me that 
is NOT that is Mrs. Claus...

Santa needs meds...lots and lots of meds. 
Buckets full of meds.

9*1*1!! Help! Can you hear me? 
Can you hear me NOW? I need assistance...I am
 being held captive by a deranged 
man in a red suit! HELP!

 What about a pack of Camels for the little ones? 
And I never saw a child
who didn't get all excited over a can 
of Prince Albert tobacco!
Whoo Hoo!

Ah, when I was but a tyke nothing would make 
my eyes shine brighter
 than opening up a carton of cigarettes
 on Christmas morning! Thank you Santa!
   How about a Pall Mall for the kiddies?
After all, it's for their health right? 
Protects from the dreaded throat itch!

Now we KNOW the economy is bad.
 Santa had to hock the sleigh
and all 8 reindeer. Gee but it's gonna
 take him a long, long time to deliver all those 
presents via the subway.

 I don't know about you but I need to go
 and watch Miracle On 34th Street immediately!


Just a little pre-holiday silliness!

Susie Q


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Some scary Santas and children in this post, Sue! :0)

I never understood why a parent would want a photo of their child/children screaming on Santa's babies!

Thanks for the chuckle!



Shelia said...

You silly little one! I loved this post! Those scary Santies snaps are a hoot! :) Throat scratch? :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cottage Rose said...

TeeHee,,,I am so laughing right now,,, you crack me up,, girl..loved loved loved the photos.... poor kids... thanks for sharing...


Lynilu said...

What a fun collection of photos! Thank you for sharing them, and especially with your delightful repartee!