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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Fall Fluff

It is always such fun to begin the annual Fall Fluff isn't it?

Getting the front porch ready to greet each visitor...

Pumpkins, hedge apples, mini pumpkins and dried gourds.

And even Frank the Scarecrow is delighted to be of use once again..guarding 
a pretty pot of mums!!

Then it's inside to fluff a bit as well. The mantle needed some Autumn themed goodies...

Here is a closer look at the little cast iron squirrel under an cloche. He even has his very own acorn!

Swap out some fabric and accessories for a more Fall like feel...and yes.
 Henry is also very Autumn colored don't you think?

Our foyer with a few Autumn fabrics and decor added...burgundy plaid Wellies are a must!

Oh, the  darker areas you see on the walls are where I am beginning to try my hand at faux peeling plaster.
I am slow but hopefully it will be done before Winter's end! *grin* Either that or we call the painters back who just finished the outside of our house!

The dining room table got fluffed as well...corn, mini pumpkins, 
wooden fruit and pumpkins and bittersweet.

A few more areas to finish and then we will be adding some Halloween fun as well. 
Are you busy doing your Fall Fluff too?


Jo said...

Your place is looking great- I haven't done any decorating I need to get cracking before my son comes home in Nov -

Stacey said...

Everything looks so pretty! From the front porch and in through the house you've welcomed fall. :)

bj said...

I love all your fall fluff, Susie Q..everything looks so pretty. Love your cute.:)

PEA said...

Make sure you come by my blog today to enter my birthday giveaway and see your princess costume! hehe Will be back later to catch up on your posts:-) xoxo

Lisa Pogue said...

Your Fall Fluff looks great!! As much as Fall is NOT my season, it is the best season to decorate!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Susie, It looks wonderful. Everything is so welcoming. At this point I am usually decked out top to bottom for Halloween but this year I am skipping it. Just too much. I love looking at everyone else's decor though!

Pamela said...

you have the decorator gene. Curious, did your mom decorate when you were young?

My mom didn't have normal decorations, much less seasonal. She just got by as best as she could with what little we had.

I AM going to put up the flying ghost on the front porch. AND.. I purchased one of those beautiful mum pots that have the fall colors for the front porch. Thats about it! I should hire you. heh heh

Pamela said...
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