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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Year of The Tiger

Last weekend we attended the annual FCC Chinese New year event! We always have lots of fun and Grace's BFF, Miss K, usually attends with us! The girls enjoy the festivities and I enjoy watching all the beautiful, happy chidlren!

This lovely lady is my friend Lisa! She and I were in a women's group
together and how sweet it was to see her and her new daughter. Smiles do not get prettier than this!
More to come here...and I will be making my way around bloggy world to see all of you!

I hope you are all happy, well and staying warm!
We have lots of snow and getting 6-8 more inches today! It's a good things
 I love the white stuff huh? *laugh*

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


salmagundi said...

I remember your post last year about the party and thinking I had never seen such a beautiful bunch of little girls. This year is no exception; and, best of all, Grace is just getting prettier!! Take care, Sally

Lynilu said...

What beautiful children, all of them! Very sweet pictures, Sue. :)

Janet said...

What beautiful, happy children, just precious.

SaraG said...

All of your pictures are just amazing, but the fifth one is incredible!
You have great talent Sue!!!
Take care

Jeanie said...

First of all, this photo of the beautiful child with the beaded cap may be one of the most incredibly perfect photos/portraits I've ever seen. It takes my breath away.

And second, happy new year!

Sue said...

Sally stole my exact words...I have never seen such of beautiful bunch of little girls in my life...Ofcourse leading the ladies our own Miss Grace...The picture of the little one with the beautiful headpiece was stunning...

~Sheila~ said...

What lovely young ladies..!
They seem to be having a thoroughly good time.
Grace looks so grown up.
She is beautiful Sue..!!

Wendster said...

Those are terrific pictures, Suuu Z Q!

Sorry I've been so scarce! I've rented the house that must have been used in "The Money Pit". At least the roof (rainy leaks) and the plumbing (from hell!!!) appear to be in complete working order now. Whew!

I'll make an effort to get around more often.

I love ya!


Wendster said...

OK. I just got all caught up with all of THIS page's posts, anyways, and commented on all of them but one, which I am posting here:

PLEASE DON'T QUIT BLOGGING!!! Your posts are the uber coolest EVER! I know you'd have an easier time believing me (about loving your blog) if I visited more often, anad I apologize for that. I got too wrapped up in me and my own "stuff". Lately my time has been devoured by home repairs and battles with rain flooding (yes really flooding!) my room. I apologize for not being here for you more. That's on me and I own it.

Second, I just want to say GOOD FOR YOU for posting your opinion on blessings and SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE WHO PUT YOU DOWN FOR IT! It ticks me off BIG TIME when people can find the time to criticize you for your opinions and SKIP THE PRIMARY COMMANDMENT which is LOVE ONE ANOTHER. The first and greatest commandment, according to scripture. I'm glad to hear you say that MOST of the letter writers did so lovingly. But shame on those who didn't.

Suuu zzz q ... you are so loving and kind, how could anyone put you down? I've never known you to say a mean word in all of our blogging time together. It hurts me when people hurt you.

So knock it off, critics.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion in blogland.

And now I am off of my soap box.

I love you Suzi Q!!!


Mom2fur said...

I agree with salmagundi...Grace just keeps getting prettier! I love all the pictures and the colorful costumes.
Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

What lovely photos to share! They really capture youth and innocence and what being a child is all about! Have a lovely day, my friend.