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Monday, August 03, 2009

Restaurant Week

It's Restaurant Week in the Dayton area again!
Twice a year many area restaurants offer an array
of their special dishes in a 3~4 course meal for only $20.09! Of course, next year it will be $20.10 but I digress...*smile*
It is a less expensive and fun way to try places you have yet to visit or re-visit an old favorite! And as an extra dividend, part of the restaurant's proceeds go to area charities!
Our first restaurant choice of the week...Carver's in Centerville.
At Carver's we (Bill, Mom, Grace, Dan and I each had a different meal, as is our tradition, so we could *sample* one anothers dishes! I had a sirloin strip so tender and so well seasoned and grilled it should have been illegal! Roasted veggies, a salad of field greens, goat cheese, tomato and other goodies in a pinot noir vinaigrette were other delicious elements of my meal (We each had a different salad or soup and different dessert and yes! We sample those too!). My feast ended with a yummy creme brulee. *sigh*
Last night saw our group, plus my friend Terri, at Coco's Bistro.
I began my meal with the crostini, topped with grilled tomato and garlic and dollops of goat cheese, it was then drizzled with balsamic vinegar. A salad of baby greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and crispy Asian noodles with yummy dressing followed, served with warm, crusty bread.
For my entree, I chose the New Mexico Shrimp and Pasta.
I ended the meal with a chocolate mousse filled with chunks of chocolate and topped with dollops of creme fraiche and drizzled with melted dark chocolate.
It is always fun to dine out with family and friends...and we always enjoy Restaurant Week! Looking forward to the next one!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Sandi McBride said...

Oh Suze, how many belt holes did Bill have to loosen to? And you mean they went up a penny? Inflation, by God! Wish I could be there!!!

Shelia said...

HI Susie! Oh, everything looks and sounds so yummy! Hey, I do love to eat and I would have loved to have been there too! Your family is just precious!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

dana said...

It was so much fun "catching up" on your recent posts! My summer has been crazy and blogging/visiting has certainly suffered! :)
The Restaurant Week sounds like an awesome way to explore new places at reasonable prices. It appears you and yours did just that.
I loved the homes you pictured on a recent post....they all had such charm.
I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Dana

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful idea for the restaurants to do that! Your meals sound so wonderful. Next year I am heading to Dayton for restaurant week!

salmagundi said...

Yum, yum!! Hope you took a bite for me. Here in our little town, it is the same old thing - takeout pizza or a $6 Mexican food meal (which is good, I'm not complaining). I do like to go to the city once in awhile, though. Have a great week. Sally

Melanie said...

What a fun thing to do - sample different dishes! A nice idea. The music on your site is so familiar and I'm trying to place it. What is the name of it? Hope you're having a great day!

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Sounds like so much fun. Bet you had a great time. Connie

Bonnie said...

I remember you blogging about that last time they had a restaurant week. I think all cities should be like Dayton. So much going on and so many things to do. And the meal...yum, yum, YUM! And how nice to all share so everyone gets a sample of good eats.

SmilingSally said...

I like this idea. I know several cities do this in the summer time. I'll have to look into it here to see if we can get this deal.

Connie said...

Yeah, chick rabbit, but did th' Kip get any of the leftovers, hmmmmm??!! I didn't see a spot for HIM at th' table, ya know!

nikkicrumpet said...

Whoa...restarant week sounds like fun. But I would have gained a gazillion pounds! It's good to be back on your blog. I'd say I missed you but seems like you've been around the whole time I was gone hehehehe

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

I'm sitting here eating a bowl of Cherrios while reading this ~~wishing it were suppertime! What a fun event to be in on. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi and for becoming a follower. I truly look forward to getting to know you! :)


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Oh my goodness, what heavenly meals!. Cream Brulee is just one of my favorite desserts.
Gary and I have been on Weight Watchers so we have been cooking a lot at home. But soon we will return to eating out but with better portion control. What a fun thing to have a "Restaurant Week". This is the first I have heard of it.
So now that I am so hungry I will go back to eating my 1 point english muffin.
A wonderful post.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Ooh, restaurant week sounds like fun to me! Maybe I need to make a drive up to Dayton for the next one...and then walk back to burn the calories off. Ha.

Hope you're having a good week! :-)