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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poor, Poor Pitiful Poster

Ah, romance! February is the month to celebrate love!
These are images I took of my great grandparent's wedding certificate.
Yes, yes. I am the original poor, pitiful poster/blogger of late. I truly do apologize for it. I have so many ideas for posts and am so behind...behind in both my posting and my commenting at YOUR blogs! I do hope you can forgive me...I always feel just terribly about it. This week has just been jam packed with this, that and the other just not enough time to visit everyone AND leave comments as I love to do.
I do hope you are all having a good week...Valentine's Day just crept right up on us didn't it? As I have been visiting all of you, I have so been enjoying all the sweet and pretty decor in your homes...all dedicated to the most romantic of holidays! We are having a little get together Saturday night, a casual Valentine party for some very special friends. Grace is already getting ready! The kid loves a good party!
Tomorrow I am volunteering at Grace's class Valentine party and what's not to love about a school party? Okay, so it gets loud and rowdy (31 4th graders hopped on sugar!) but that is all part of the fun right? RIGHT?
I am off, in a bit, to attend the teacher's conference for this quarter...Bill will meet me at Grace's school and
then we will all have dinner at a near by Mexican place we just discovered.
Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show this week? Of course, I never choose the winning dogs (My choice this year was the Golden Retriever and he only made 2nd in his group) but was so in love with last year's top dog, that sweet little Beagle! I hope this year's winner will be just as great an ambassador for dogs as his predecessor! He was a cutie...
We love to see their names...both the *Paper names* and the ones they use in their *Real* lives!
I thought the story behind the little terrier called "Chip" was cute. His *Daddy* had won some money in a Poker game and gave it to his *Mama* to get the dog she so wanted! Thus, "Chip" as in Poker Chip! Fun huh?
Oh those Pedigree commercials. Some are so adorable but some are so sad that I can not watch anymore. Those little faces behind the cage doors...I always think what would have happened to our Kipper had I not have found him at the shelter that lucky day 8 years ago.
Mom and I had lunch today after running a few errands. The wind was howling and now the rain has moved in. We have been in the 50s and 6os since last weekend but the cold is returning...all thanks to Henry's groundhog friend! *smile*
If you think about it, could you say a little prayer for my doggie niece Casey? I know most of you are animal lovers and understand how much I love our family's pets. Casey ran after a squirrel on Sunday and ended up falling on a tree limb that had come down in their yard. She never really *complained* or seemed injured until later. She ended up at the Emergency Vet's office late Sunday afternoon where it was discovered she had punctured a deep hole in her chest. Just a few centimeters over and we would have lost her. She is home and feeling more like herself now...she has 2 sets of stitches inside and a row of staples out. Bless her heart...she is a klutz much like her Auntie Sue! Casey is one of the most loving dogs I have ever been blessed to know. Gentle and loving but wow. She out "Marley's" Marley of book and film fame! Casey is found, more often than not, doing something she shouldn' destroying my brother's cell phone, digging craters in the back yard, stealing fish from the pond or just generally being silly & naughty. She is 15 months old and I hear that Labs take a while to calm down! Bless her...she is a handful but oh so sweet. She looks at me with those big brown eyes and I melt. Not a barker at all, so gentle with my nephew and just loves all of us...I pray she will heal quickly. I visited her Monday and today, letting her out and trying to make sure she gets a drink and stretches her legs. What is it about a protective head cone that makes a dog look so comical? I KNOW it is there because she was hurt but it is still hard NOT to chuckle. I promised Casey I wouldn't embarrasses her so!
I will do a little catch up on the blog soon..till then please know how often I think of each one of you. I am so blessed by your friendship and support and love.
Happy Wednesday!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Sue said...

Sue, you'll have to let me know what Mexican restaurant you visit and tell me if you liked it. I am a transplant from New Mexico and always on the look-out for a decent place to eat a good enchilada or sopaipilla. Of course, northern NM cuisine is so different than what is served in area restaurants. I use real dried and fresh NM chile peppers to prepare my dishes, not the processed chili powder that most places use. And no ground beef, either- steak in my red and green chile,tacos, and enchiladas! Notice the difference in the spelling of chile( i versus e at the end of the word) It's a NM thing! Love reading your blog. Trying to figure out how to start my own. Take care. Sue from Dayton

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oh poor Casey! I will say prayers for quick healing. And don't you ever worry if you haven't been around lately, we still love you sweet bunny lady. Seems you have your hands full with life and that's good. Better to have a busy life than none at all. You go girl! xxoo

Rosemary said...

Hi there Susie,
You are so interesting for sure!!
Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!
ps I haven't had much time to blog lately!!

Smilingsal said...

Hoping that Casey will recover.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry about sweet Casey and hope the healing process is successful. As a lab mom, I feel your brother's pain! Our current lab, Polly, is really a very good girl (she'll be 4 in June), but her predecessor, Ellie, a lab/golden mix (supposedly) was truly the dog from you know where! We loved her dearly and lost her much too soon at 3 1/2 due to cancer, but whoa, she wore us out with her naughtiness. She was compelled to be bad. Casey has another year or so before puppydom is past and all I can say is be consistent, be patient, and find ways to encourage wanted behavior as well as discouraging unwanted behavior.

Laurie S.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

You've been missed.. life does get in the way doesn't it? I'll pray for Casey. I watched the show last night.. wasn't Stump just the cutest thing? We have a my heart was extremely pleased another one Remember to take care of you.. I'm sure the little ones party is going to be fun... hugs ~lynne~

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Susie....please don't apologize or kick yourself for lack of visiting other blogs. We all have busy lives and they all me I am VERY behind.

I just came from a blog where the owner lambasted others for not returning comments and it really surprised me....


Sue said...

Hi Sue...Oh, we used to do the class parties when daughter was in grade school, even the Boss would tag was alot of fun...Westminster show I thought the Giant Schnauser (that's not how you spell it!!) should have won...He looked like a statue when he stood, just beautiful...daughter took Miss Baby and has some great pictures on her blog...

Nancy said...

Sue, here's hoping for a quick recovery for Casey. We had a golden who used to decide if the pain was worth the gain. She would jump through the invisible fence to go the neighbors horse pasture to roll in the "road apples". It didn't matter how high the voltage on the fence was, she would run through, shake her head and head for the hills. I do miss her, but not the messy return home.

Melanie said...

I've watched the Westminster Dog Shows before. I always giggle at the poodles. I just can't imagine the money that is put into some of those dogs! But such well-behaved dogs they are! Always enjoy your posts! ((Hugs))

The Decorated House, Donna Courtney said...

Hello Sweet Sue!
I just had the best visit. I've seen talking animals, pictures of your home and Grace's new and beautiful redo, snow and lots more.
It was good to see you.

nikkicrumpet said...

Sometimes it's just hard to keep up and get everything else done. We totally understand. I missed the dog show...I love watching them and I'm hoping to catch it in reruns.

Pamela said...

they look so pitiful in those head cones.

Casey is well loved. That is the healing touch.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hey there...beautiful wedding cert. I will pray for Casey...we are lab owners and I LOVE them. She will more than likely calm down...ours is 3 now and you can't ask for a better dog. Poor sweetie....cherry

Holly said...

I love the marriage certificate! My mom has a large framed certificate that is her grandparents on her dad's side. I love the detail in pictures and the writing on these old precious heirlooms!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Susie

I know exactly how you feel! I have been having trouble keeping up with everything this winter...I don't know why? As long as it's all good things ..enjoy enjoy!

Hope Casey heals quickly --poor
baby. :-(

Enjoy the Valentine party in Grace's class!

Hugs, Pat

Shelia said...

Hi Susie Qness! Oh, it's okay! We all get busy at times! Saying prayers for Casey!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Carolyn said...

My heart goes out to any animal that is hurt - poor casey ! And so lucky that the injury was where it happened - i hope that she recovers soon !
I hope you have a lurved up valentines weekend Susie !

Deb said...

Poor Casey - sending Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!

Mom2fur said...

Well, first, you sure are right about the wind we've had. Wasn't it crazy yesterday?
Shadow and I love watching Dog Shows. He just stares at the screen, wags his tail, and whines as if to say, "I can see them, why can't I play with them?"
I hope you have a Happy Valentine's day, too! I'm going to make spritz cookies with my cookie gun and the disc that makes a heart shape. I have red and pink sprinkles I bought after the holiday last year to use!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

An early Happy Valentines Day Sue!

I hate to be the bearer of "bad" news. Molly is probably only about 85% Lab. She was 6 years old on Sept. 11. She is still a baby puppy. The yellow Lab (about the same age) who moved in, across the field, last fall, has fallen in love with Molly and Molly has fallen in love with him. King's family was gone last Saturday, so he wandered over here. J left the garage door up for him, since his family was late getting home. Anyway....long story too long. These two fabulous Labradors are babies and we wonder if they will remain babies. Labs do slow a bit, but they are still pups for many years. And they absolutely LOVE!

Jeanie said...

I know I'll be going through a bad blogging period when I have my surgery next month -- sometimes life gets in the way, and those of us who love to visit will patiently check in till we see more lovely images and hear delightfully fun stories.

I love the idea of sharing Valentine's Day with friends! Have a lovely one!

-Jennifer said...

Aww...poor baby.

I am here visiting!!

Mockingbird Hill said...

Get Well Wishes to Casey...& Happy Valentine's Day to you guys!!


Sheila said...

I'm sure you had fun at Grace's room party at school. Boy how I miss those days! The goodies, the crafts, games, and passing out the cards... Tony and Lisa miss it too.
Hope you have fun at your Valentine get-together tonight!
I felt so sorry to hear of Casey's accident in the yard. Poor thing! :( You KNOW I am an animal-lover, and I'm sending positive healing thoughts his way! Sounds like she's on the way to recovery and in good hands. Thanks goodness it wasn't worse.
Well you have a GREAT Valentines day! Love to you all! :)