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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A few Ideas From HGTV

Having trouble choosing a tree theme this year? Well here are a few ideas from the good folks at HGTV! Which would YOU choose? Me? Definitely the Country Christmas tree...that is so me.
Hmm...but the Simple & Modern one is me too...or, maybe the White Christmas one. How about a Simple, White, Modern, Country Christmas tree? Uh huh. That would be me. Which one is more like YOU? Anyone feel all glitzy and glamorous?
A Country Christmas Tree
Pick a tree that is the right size for your room. It's perfectly acceptable to have a tree that touches your ceiling, and it's definitely the most important decoration of the Christmas season. To give your tree a designer's touch, focus your decorations down to a single color scheme. Designer Monica Pedersen uses a combination of gold ornaments and white Christmas lights to give her tree a classic look. A few faux flowers blossoms around the tree take it to the next level, and wide ribbon in a deep rustic color tops off the tree.
A Winter Wonderland Tree
Mix trendy with classic for the holidays. Designer Lauren Lake combines white lights with a stylish metallic scheme. When stringing up the lights, start at the top so that you have easy access to the electrical outlet at the end of the wire. Pick a variety of ornaments with different shapes, sizes, and textures. For her tree, Lauren uses silver, gold and pearlescent baubles with sequined ornaments, teardrop shapes, glitter-covered pinecones, and striking gold stars. To make it even more interesting, try adding a floral element with fake white poinsettias and hydrangeas. A bright metallic bow at the top of the tree is a real showstopper, and a little bit of spray snow on the tips of the branches adds a fresh, frosty feel.
A Glitz & Glamour Tree
Go all out this season with an over-the-top white Christmas tree. For the foundation of his tree, Sparkle Josh sprays snow on the branches and adds simple white Christmas lights. Pinecones distributed throughout the tree give it an organic feel, while gold leaf garlands, mirrored ornaments and white feathery fronds add a fantasy allure. White orchid blossoms and feathered reeds add volume to the tree and act as a topper. For the final touch, weave two glittery ribbons between boughs all around your tree.
A Nature Inspired Tree
Natural is the way to go for the holidays. Designer Genevieve Gorder uses both traditional Christmas lights and lights with large, spherical bulbs to give the tree some variety and really make it sparkle. To achieve this woodsy look, adds clumps of moss, berries, colorful decorative birds and other woodland creatures, like miniature fawn. Top it all off with a colored starfish to really bring home the organic theme.
A Simple & Modern Tree
While many people want to fill their trees with colorful decorations and sparkly ornaments, sometimes it's just nice to let the natural beauty of the Christmas tree come through. Designer John Gidding decorates a simple Christmas tress with large white light bulbs and simple decorations. On that note..we are just beginning to add a little holiday cheer around out house. Gotta get busy and git 'er done! Love to you all! Susie Q


salmagundi said...

None of these trees speak to me. I like a tree that is full of previous Christmas memories. Our big tree has basically been the same for 50 years, with just more memories added on. Enjoyed looking at these trees, however. Sally

Smilingsal said...

Although these trees would suit some, I didn't connect to any of them. My tree contains memories--so some of the ornaments are pieces of what some would call "junk." I see them as beautiful handmade with love. It's loaded with many different colors because when a child makes an ornament, they don't adhere to a color scheme. I guess we Sallys think alike!

becca watson said...

I like the winter wonderland tree. I try to keep my tree very simple, a few bows here a few snowmen there..

Terri and Bob said...

I like them all! Loved the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I like the first one. So pretty..

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I am more simple and like the first tree the best. I will be sharing pictures of my tree from last year as soon as I can get them downloaded from the discs that I had developed. Work is a Bear right now and I am so tired when I get home. Thanks for this lovely post. xxoo

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I've never seen anything like that "glitz & glamor" tree! Whoa! That's a lot of tree for one house. :-)

Fun post!

Lisa said...

I like the nature tree. The glamour tree reminds me of Pamela Anderson for some reason. Maybe it needs a bra?

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
I have a huge collection of ornaments, but I don't use all of them every year. I change it up a bit according to my mood. This year I did a much more simple tree. With some antique ornaments.
Thanks for sharing the trees.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I think I am a country/winter/modern just looking at those trees. Throw in a little vintage and that would be my tree!

Kathleen Grace said...

i would have to choose the country Christmas tree as my favorite. I guess I'm just a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas trees and this one is a beauty:>)

Janet said...

I liked Monica's tree and Genevieve's tree although neither one is "perfect" in my eyes. They are just too perfect, if you know what I mean!! Sparkle Josh's tree is too bizarre for words...reminds me of Christmas in Vegas, or what I imagine Christmas in Vegas would look like.


Carolyn said...

Great ideas. Don't you just love HGTV!

I love that little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing all those trees. They are all beautiful. They are all too fancy for me. I just have a small one with a mish mash of ornaments I've collected over the years and some the kids have made.

Anonymous said...

I would have all of these except the one that looks like a fight in an ostrich pound! Sorry if any of you plan on doing this but it's awful!

That's even more 'more is more' than mine!